Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Again

I'm back from vacation...while I can't say it was a stress-free and totally relaxing vacation, there were a lot of fun times & many sunny beach filled days.

Highlights included:

Seafood night (always a hit) though the entire Westerly area seemed to be out of Steamers and therefore I still have not had any this summer. :(

Crystal clear water and mild enough waves for Rye Bread & I to play in them.

My tan.

Getting 3 books read.

Playing Catch Phrase with my family. (Even if it took a year to remind them of the rules & even though my Mom kept allowing partial answers. Turkey!)

Getting a (much needed) new sweatshirt.

Bumper cars (that seemed to stop right when I was about to really get someone!) with my sisters and Rye Bread.

Go Carts (even though the track was way too small and I felt sick afterward!).

Productive family talks.

Flounder fishing with my family on a calm, clear & perfect day on the ocean. (And everyone catching a fish) A crazy captain always helps too. (Poor kid with that "club" hand!) Do you want to swim home? :)

Getting to see my good friend Linda, eating the most amazing burger I ever had with her (Crunch Burger-I think they seasoned it with crack), winning $50 on penny slots and getting a kick ass birthday gift from her and the girls!

Listening to my dad and company play guitar (even if it was interrupted by a crazy person).

Knowing that my family is on my side.

Watching my niece and my dad make sand castles.

Finally not having to shower in the garage because the owner finished the bathroom upstairs. (That's huge!!)

Laughing with my Mom-something that rarely happens.

I was going to go to a concert tonight here in MA but I decided against it. I'm tired and no one wanted to go with me. Add that to the fact that it's supposed to storm tonight (it's an outside concert) and that I've got some research and thinking to do, I'm just in for the night. I am however going to have a nice dinner-though I don't know what that will be yet-because tomorrow I go back on my diet.

I hate when vacations end. Especially my beach vacations.