Saturday, June 27, 2009

French Manicure At A High Price

A month or 2 back I read an article about CVS and how they are one of the leading offenders of overcharging customers due to pricing errors. Ironically that very same day I noticed I was overcharged for 2 of the 4 items I was purchasing. I laughed and asked for the cashier to change them and she did, no problem.

However-they cashier next to her started complaining about the article saying that they were understaffed and we (the consumer) expected them to change everything on the racks...I shook my head as I walked out for two reasons. First, I hate when workers complain in front of customers. Maybe that's my Disney training, but I just think it's unprofessional and unacceptable. Second, I found it funny that the pricing errors were being put on the customer...we want prices that are right so we're causing all of the extra work which in turn is causing more errors.

Um...OK crazy lady. Whatev.

Fast forward to last night. I canceled all of my plans so I could stay in, relax and think. After dinner I decided I wanted a little pick me up in the form of new nail polish. (Hey, it's cheap and pretty and it makes me feel good to have freshly painted nails.) Over to CVS I went.

After surveying my options I decided on somewhat of a novelty buy-Sally Hanson's French Manicure Kit...with a white tip pen instead of polish. I thought it'd be easier for me to do on my own and it was cheaper to get the kit than just the pen alone. One thing is important to note: I like light pink as my top coat on french manicures. Why is this important? Because I had to search for it-there were 3 rows of these kits, all clearly marked $9.99 (with the barcode and the product name, mind you) but only 1 had the pink...and it was all the way in the back. So I had to take about 4 off of one prong to get my pink and then put them all back.

I'm at the register now, paying for my snack and my polish. Just as I'm about to swipe my debit card I notice that the polish rang up at $10.99. No big deal-I just asked her to switch the price because it was marked $9.99.

Blank stare. Pause. "No. $10.99."

I'll say it again..."They are marked $9.99 over there. I'm sure of it. Could you please check?"

Blank stare. Pause. "$10.99"

Now I'm about to throw out a WTF?! Instead, I told her that while I know that it RANG UP as $10.99, it's clearly marked on the rack (all 3 of them) as $9.99 and could she please walk over there to see.

Again with the blank stare. Seriously-what does she not get? But this time, she walked over and after a minute or so (way too long for where it was located) she came over and said, "Someone put them in the wrong place."

Blank stare.

But this time, I gave her a blank stare back. Finally she said it again and shrugged and then punched in $9.99.

I don't know why but I felt the need to tell her that there were 11 of them on 3 racks, clearly marked (I knew the amount because I had to go through them.). Again she stated they were in the wrong place and handed me the receipt.

This is what really irks me. It was $1. They've recently been investigated and found guilty of charging prices that are different than what they are marked. And, most importantly-SHE SAW THAT THEY WERE $9.99!! Why is it that she felt the need to make up an excuse-and not even a valid one? The barcode matched, the description was the same...clearly, the error was in the computer/register and NOT the location of the product.

$10.99 my ass CVS girl! People, check your receipts...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Moonwalker or Molester?

I spent a lot of time in the car today and of course almost every station was playing back to back Michael Jackson music. It might just be my age, but every time a song came on, it reminded me of something growing up. Many of the callers felt the same way too-caller after caller reminisced about it. I'm not sure I can think of any other artist that would evoke such memories for so many people.

After I started hearing the same songs duplicated I switched to a talk radio station that I often listened to when I was employed (because that was when I was in the car the most). Overall, the station is conservative and republican-2 things I am not-which is why I enjoy listening. Hearing them speak sometimes makes me angry and it then gets me thinking, and I like that my brain starts working because of it. Anyway-I expected them to hate on Michael today and they did. The first host couldn't get past the "child molester" label. His thought was that those allegations usurp any and all other accomplishments that Jackson has and that instead of "King of Pop" we should be referring to him as "Child Molester, who also happened to be a brilliant artist." He argued that Jackson's behavior ruined families and hurt the lives of several boys and we should not exonerate him simply because he could sing.

While I don't disagree that his actions were immoral and disgusting, I do have to say that I put Jackson in the same category as The Beatles or even Elvis. He influenced so many of today's artists and changed the way we listened to music. He could dance and he did things on stage we had never really seen before. Man, was he cool. In elementary school a girl friend of mine was so in love with him that her mother faked a letter from Michael and included a single glove. She refused to take it off for weeks, even when the weather was super hot. I don't know...he may not have been a good person toward the end, but he sure as hell was a talented and historical musician.

The last thing I heard the DJ say was about OJ Simpson. He also was never convicted of his crime and yet, when he dies, he'll almost definitely be remembered as the guy who killed his wife and ran away in a Bronco. His football career will be an afterthought.

Maybe that's because he didn't contribute enough to the game to be remembered as an athlete...

The last thing I will say is that I do think the media over analyzes things and milks stories about celebrities. And I do think that in a couple of days I will be sick of hearing about him and his death. In the meantime though, I'll listen to his music, remember my childhood and smile. I'm sick of hearing about the economy anyway...

Healing, Thinking, Action...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dead Flowers

I don't like who I've become over these last 6 (almost 7) months. I'm negative and sad and just not really interested in anything. This morning as I was driving mindlessly around the block for 2 hours (yeah, you read it right-2 hours to find a parking spot) I realized that I am not happy with even one part of my life right now and that makes me really, really sad. I have to change things-I don't know what that means, but this life is not the one I want and I need to find the one I do.

I started a private blog for myself to write things that I don't want anyone else to read-hopefully that will help get my thoughts in order so that I can come up with a plan. It may be drastic or it may just mean little changes along the way-I have no idea. Hopefully acknowledging this will be the beginning of something good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Having someone to wander with was fantastic. No real agenda, sunshine and good company...can't really get much better than that.

Watching a game from the Green Monster pretty much rocks. Even when it's raining.

Getting a secret text message from someone who notices you are being left out of the group is a good feeling.

Knowing you've nailed an interview is also a good feeling. (Not so good when you learn that it didn't matter though.)

Sleeping on twin mattresses on the floor is kind of like camping. Though I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis, it's kind of fun for a day or 2.

Saloon doors are not good for bathroom stalls.

Seeing a man walk by in a powder blue suit and top hat is hysterical.

I never would have thought that buying 1 Christmas present would result in me receiving so much pleasure.

It may have been raining, but sitting on the porch reading in the dim light was relaxing. Especially when you're with someone you feel comfortable enough with that you don't have use small talk to fill every single minute of the day.

I learned that when you have to pee in a different building than where you are sleeping, you don't have to go as much in the middle of the night. But when you do it's nice to have an escort. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I've Been Up 2

I've been on a pseudo vacation this last week. It started with a visitor on Tuesday and ended today when I had to leave the beach for personal cheffing. Overall, I think it was a nice, relaxing time and I enjoyed seeing someone I don't get to spend a lot of time with anymore.

Wednesday was supposed to be sunny & I was thrilled to wake up to see it to be true. The day was spent walking around Boston, have coffee in Copley Square & reading by the fountains (which is where the photo below came from), around Boston Common (where we watched a street performer take forever to set up) and ended with lunch at Faneuil Hall. While I've done all of these things before, it was the first time (as a Bostonian) that I've had company to do this with, and I have to say, it was a very, very good day for me. I'm glad I took that photo to remind me of it.

Thursday we went to the Red Sox game where we had standing room tickets on the Green Monster. Very, very cool and it was a lot of fun except for the fact that the game was stopped short by rain. We waited it out for a couple of hours but eventually left because I had an appointment the next day...

An interview. An actual interview which I nailed. I walked away feeling like I got the job. The recruiter seemed to think I got the job too. The feedback I got from the employer was that I nailed the interview-I had excellent questions, great answers & presented myself very well. However...over the weekend a former employee (who actually did the job I interviewed for) moved back to Boston, called the company and asked if they had anything open....and so, I am still unemployed.

I'm really upset about it. The job would have been perfect-it paid well and wasn't hard and it was close to the family I cook for. I know it must not be meant to be-but right now, it sure does suck. Especially because I know that if that girl didn't come back, I'd have a job right now.

Saturday we went back to CT where I got a haircut from my favorite stylist. I had her take off 3 inches, not because I wanted my hair shorter, but because I needed her to fix a bad haircut I got in still hadn't corrected itself and it was driving me mad. I told her I didn't care if she had to take off 5 inches-I just needed it done with! I think it came out fine. Saturday also included dinner at Olive Garden (our waitress was soooo slow) and saw The Hangover. Funny movie.

Sunday my sisters and I cooked for my sisters and I shopped for the food and I basically cooked. It was supposed to be a sisterly effort but somehow I ended up doing most of it-which is OK, just funny. After lunch we sat around and watched a movie on the porch as a family. Then I was off to the beach.

Some might think that the rain would have made 2 1/2 days at the beach seem like hell & I have to admit that I was worried I'd go stir crazy being that I sometimes can't sit still. However, it was such a relaxing time. My favorite part was reading on the porch at night. It's a good feeling sitting there knowing you don't have anything to worry about at that very minute and that all you have to do is finish your book.

Overall, I think it was a good week and I am so grateful to have had excellent company. Of course, now that I am home, my apartment feels extra empty and it's weird not having someone keeping me company.