Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's a cold, gray day here in Boston and of course it's the one day I have to go downtown. The good news is that I'm going to meet with 2 new recruiters. It's been a while since I've met with new people and at this point, I'll take anyone I can get! I'm hoping though that they actually have jobs coming in and that they didn't just bait me with one that has already been filled like so many of the others I've met with have done.

The worst part about today will be walking around in heels. I could bring sneakers but then I'd have to store them in a big ol' bag and well, I'm just not going to do that.

In any case, have a great day today!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yet again I find myself not wanting to blog. Is this a sign? Do I want to stop blogging? Probably not, but you'll have to bear with me as I might not be around for a while. Then again, maybe I will be...who knows?

My Florida trip was actually quite fun even though, as I mentioned before, it rained all day, everyday. We had 2 days with 2 hours each at the pool without rain. The other days we'd have to deal with sprinkles and then a huge downpour. It's funny, but I went to Florida and LOST my tan...

The rain was good for one thing, though and that was the number of people that opted not to go to Disney. We were able to visit all 4 parks and saw most of the big ticket attractions too. The exceptions were Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain because they were both closed due to the weather. I'm sad I didn't get to go on them, but happy that I was there anyway. I also did not get to see Spectro Magic with is my all time favorite thing. I am a little sad but hopefully I can go back sometime soon and see it. But again, we pretty much walked onto all of the rides without having to wait because no one else was brave enough (or stupid enough) to venture out in the pouring rain. We had poncho's and wore flip flops so it wasn't so bad...just a little chilly.

One night we went to see a magic comedy show at Wonder Works. Even though it's been around for a long time I've never actually been in there. My sisters and I attempted to visit in 2000 but while ringing us up the cashier charged my credit card $2000. I was so angry that we just left. In any case, we went to this magic comedy show because we thought it would be something that Rye Bread would enjoy and would also be good for adults. I was secretly worried that it would be cheesy, especially when we walked into the place. I was very happily surprised. This was, without a doubt, the best magic comedy show I've ever seen. Tony Brent is hysterical. I can't count the number of times I heard Rye Bread's uncontrollable laughter-and best of all, the rest of us were cracking up too. This show is perfect for people of all ages-it was the perfect choice and it became my favorite thing on vacation. Yes, it passed our Disney days! (Only b/c it was raining though.)

After the show we got to go into the actual Wonder Works museum. We played around for a couple of hours before making our way up to the laser tag area...which, by the way, I WON! We weren't just playing with each other either-there were others in the game and I kicked butt!! It was very fun and a great way to end the night.

The rest of our vacation was spent waiting out the rain, sitting under the pool bar awning (and partaking in its drinks) wondering when we'd get to hop back into the pools and hot tubs. Thankfully we all had a pretty good attitude (overall) about the rain and opted to make the best of what we had which was no doubt why we had a good time.

Now I am all unpacked and back to the arduous process of finding a job. It's getting down to brass tacks now and if I don't find something soon, I'll have trouble paying bills. Luckily I do have 2 appointments with more recruiters (ugh) which hopefully will result in actual interviews with employers. If I don't get into see them, I'll have to resort to temp to perm work and drop my health insurance for a while...which will hurt come tax time as I'll get charged a penalty. Anyway, I'm hoping it won't come to that...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back 2 Life

I'm back from Florida and for the most part it was a great vacation. In spite of the record breaking (really) rainfall and gray skies I had a really nice time. My camera broke on the 2nd day (due to the rain) and so I only have a few pictures now-I have to wait for my sisters to post the others up on Facebook before I can share anything.

I'm way too tired to recap now, but here are the photos I have....

Boston, during take off.
One of the many pools at the resort. Rye Bread and I played in that waterfall for a couple of hours before the rain.

Clouds moving in.
Which lead to us walking back like this. You can't see how hard it was storming, but trust me, it was bad! (Everyday!!)

I collect these little guys every time I visit Florida. I usually only buy one, but since I haven't been in a few years (and it's always so hard to decide which to choose) I bought 5. From left to right-The Frog Prince, A Happy Snail, A Tall Giraffe (In honor of our safari), A Silly Dog and A Little Duck (b/c we helped rescue a little duck from the pool and also, because he's cute.)

Last photo, Rye Bread at the Animal Kingdom. This was taken with my phone, so the colors aren't nearly as vivid as they were in real life-her eyes popped even more than usual with the paint on.

More in the coming days....