Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Saturday morning I woke up very tired and slightly hung over. I had a hair appointment, an eye doctor appointment and had to drive to CT for a holiday party. I wasn't looking forward to any of them. I had the foresight to cancel the hair appointment so I could sleep in a little bit and when I knew I couldn't *exactly* see straight so the eye appointment was out too...and luckily the party was canceled prior to me driving to CT. So Saturday I fed my hangover, drank lots of water and took a very long nap with my kitty. I was so very glad that I did not have to dress up and go to another party with lots of free wine.

When I finally got up from my nap, I still felt...icky. Knowing that we were due for a whopper of a snow storm, I headed out to buy a few items I needed. The cold air felt good and I bought some fast food for dinner which seemed to make me feel better. I feel good about the fact that I was able to find cheap but nice gifts for the people in my office and can officially say that I am done-even though I said that last week too.

Yesterday I woke up to LOTS of snow. And it was still snowing. And it continued to snow well into the day. All in all, I think we got about a foot and a half or so of powdery white snow. I kept waiting to shovel because I thought it would end, but it just didn't so around 1 o'clock I ventured out and cleaned up. I'm happy to say that one of the couples in the building hired a plow and the cost to me will only be $7/snow. That's well worth it. I'm not sure I could have handled shoveling all of that. Just my spot alone was hard work.

After I shoveled I came inside and heated up some tea, had a piece of rum cake and relaxed. I then went outside to bring the garbage out because today is trash day. It was dark out and I didn't feel like changing so I walked outside in my pajama's and fuzzy white robe with my snow boots. Normally I'd be OK with this considering the weather, however I discovered that living across the street from me is a very hot man who was shoveling his driveway. And of course my first encounter with him was in my fuzzy white robe, ponytail and snow boots. Oh, and snow that came up to my knees. That was sexy.

Besides shoveling I took another nap and made some beef stew. It was a lazy, snowed in weekend and though I always feel guilty relaxing like this, it was a very nice and needed change from the last month. I think you know I've just been going and going since I decided to move and now that the party is over, I'm just really looking forward to taking my time with the rest of the place. There are many goals I'm setting for myself for 2010 and I'm taking the next couple of weeks to gather my thoughts and hopefully close out this long, horrible year on a positive note.

It's a short week people-enjoy it!

Did you get any or much snow where you live? What are your plans for the holiday?


Lois Grebowski said...

I think the girls are coming over today. If so, we'll do Christmas with them today. I've got a bit of shopping to do. Costco run to get Anthony some pants, then over to BB&B for some stuff.

Bond said...

No snow... have a great Christmas

SilverNeurotic said...

Sometimes it's nice just have have a lazy day, especially when the weather is so bad.

Amazing Gracie said...

I've never had a snow day, although it snowed here - twice. We were told to come to work in the afternoon. A bunch of Californians trying to drive in wet, sloppy stuff. You know how they have ridiculous "storm watches" when it sprinkles. Sheesh.
I'm glad you had a day to unwind and rewind. I wish you the best with your new goals and have no doubt you'll find them all "doable."
Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!!!