Friday, December 18, 2009

I Was Grumpy. Now I Am Not.

I was NOT in a good place yesterday. This time though, I wasn't sad. Instead, I was frustrated and grumpy for some reason. The morning started out with really horrible dreams. I am still having flashbacks of the faces I saw, which is not pleasant. I also felt like I was running late all day long. During lunch I went to Trader Joe's to pick up all of the wine for the party tonight and on the way I got lost. On the way back, I got stuck in traffic. So my 1 hour lunch turned into 2 hours. I felt horrible. The people on the roads were pissing me off and I was cold and tired and my back hurt and all I wanted to do was come home to clean, cook and sleep.

I planned on going shopping after cooking last night then going home to bake. The Mom did not come downstairs until 8:30 however and therefore I got home at 9pm. No shopping. Also, no heat. Incidentally, had just posted a headline that last night was the coldest night so far and it was likely to be close to 0 degrees. I could see my breath inside the apartment. Also, my oven would not heat up properly and I spilled water in the flourless chocolate cake batter. It looks OK but I'm not sure how it will taste. I'll have to test it to see if it's OK just in case I have to bake another one quickly.

My chicken mixture for one appetizer doesn't taste like it normally does and my duck is still frozen. It just seems like the universe is trying to stop this party. I really hope it goes off without a hitch and that everyone loves the food.

So I am sorry I did not visit or post much yesterday. I just simply was in a bitchy mood and needed to keep to myself. I'll post some pictures of the setup later on if I get the chance. I'm taking a 1/2 day so I can prepare so hopefully I'll get some up.


Linda said...

No heat in this cold? That's just not right! Hope it's back on for you now!

I'm sure your party is going to be just lovely so take a deep breath and relax and remember that you don't have to be perfect, people love you for who you are and I have no doubt you'll be the best hostess ever! Sometimes we're so hard on ourselves we forget our good qualities and you, my dear, have many. Sip a glass of that wine you got while you're prepping and you'll be fine!

LceeL said...

I'm glad you're not grumpy - but Jeez. And don't apologize for the "not visit not post" day. We ALL have them.

Stay warm. Stay fed. Know you are loved.

Bond said...

Hi has me covered and I am traveling so I shut The Couch down until the beginning of the year..

Merry Christmas to you and I know next year you will have that special person to decorate with...

Lois Grebowski said...

Two buck chuck? enjoy a glass for me. HUGS!

Jamie said...

We believe in your creative genius even when the weather doesn't cooperate. Have a wonderful party.