Monday, September 14, 2009

The Loon

I work with a loon. She an older lady who seems very nice but also very eccentric. She talks non-stop about nothing and has ideas that don't make sense. Also, she's a horrible trainer.

This morning I went into work at my part time job thinking I'd be working with one person and realized that instead I was working with the loon. She started out by telling me that the manager I met last week is basically a fool and that she's a nice person but really kind of dumb. Um...OK. Thanks for that piece of info. She then took me through the entire store showing me how much she cleaned up. Thanks for THAT. Later in the day she asked me to check an inventory list and copy it into Word. But THEN she told me that I wasn't putting all of the inventory on the new sheet. But then...oh, never mind. She just wasn't making sense and at one point I just said, "You're not explaining this very well."

I probably should have been more pc about it-but she just doesn't shut up. Later I had to create a spreadsheet for her, which was pointless because we already had the same info on a typed list. *sigh*

The last thing we did before I left was rearrange 2 displays. I'm not sure we are allowed to do this. Thankfully I managed persuade the loon to NOT turn all of the toy boxes on their sides (and therefore covering up all of the pretty pictures that help sell them). The shelves were full and she kept bringing more out for me to stock. I finally had to tell her to stop and that she either needed to tell me what was being taken OFF the shelves or stop bringing me things. Her answer was basically that I should move everything from one side to the other and that it would all fit. I must have looked at her like she had 2 heads because she paused and said, "What!?!" Again I had to be blunt with her-I said something like, "Moving something from one side to the other doesn't create more space. You're not making sense." She listened. Thank God.

I work with her again tomorrow. God help me!


Kat said...

OH my, I am sorry you have to work with the loon. Let's hope you won't be stuck working with her all the time while you're there. Someone like that would make me want to scream (and maybe strangle her) not really but it sure is frustrating.

Lois Grebowski said...

yikes, a loon lady? oy. what fun. not.

Travis said...

Hang in there!