Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Day! (Thank God)

This morning I am running around the city where the cafe is. I have to talk to the health inspector, the building inspector and hopefully the fire chief. Then I have to go over to the cafe and pick up some paperwork that I requested *and* try to negotiate the seller down by $5K. It shouldn't be a deal breaker (at least I hope not) but I need that $5K to open. If he can't accept that then I can't buy the place. Seems a shame for only $5K. Anyone know a small time investor who wants to invest in a cafe? :)

I woke up to an email from my father saying that while in NY my mom talked to an uncle of mine who told her that cafes are failing. Last night when my father told her that we were going ahead with the sale my mom said that she is now against loaning me the money. Therefore, I have no cafe and nothing good going on in my life right now. It was what was keeping me sane, keeping my life together. Apparently next year will be the year that we can try, he said.

I won't hold my breath.

After those errands I get to play with Lois! I'm delivering her the 5 lemon cakes that she's giving away on her blog. I am super excited to see her pretty face today-she's got a way about her that just makes people smile. It'll be a good day.

Cross your fingers for me today-this could be the day that makes or breaks the cafe deal...and I really, really want this one.

Today I am most grateful for friends who have been there for me over the last couple of days. I've needed to be talked down from a couple of ledges (symbolic ones-not real ones!) and I'm not sure I could be this strong without them. I am still missing a very large part of my heart and am missing a dear friend, but I'm hoping that once the healing is done our paths will cross again and we can be friends once more.

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so loved over these last few days...


Lois Grebowski said...

Oh Mag, I have a great big hug waiting for you.

I'm not sure about your uncle, but are they failing in NY or does he have info on all of the US?

Just helping to provide a counterpoint for ya. Mind you, Boston is an entirely different market compared to NY.

Just my two cents....

maryt/theteach said...

Mags, I hope it all works out for you! You deserve the cafe you want. And when I come up to Boston to visit my nephew we'll visit you! :)

Kat said...

It is heartbreaking to hear that for now you can't go ahead with the cafe. I'll play the lottery tonight - should I win you can have a million or two. In the meantime please don't give up on your dream. Hugs (o)

Travis said...

I'm sorry. But look at this as an opportunity if you can. Keep doing research. Maybe cafes are failing in parts of NY, but in Boston they are doing well.

Stick with it. Just imagine how well prepared you're going to be when you finally get your place!

katherine. said...

I am in agreement with those who say continue the research. Maybe call your uncle yourself and find out where he gets his data...or if it is just his impression.

Out here...on the other side of the world...the places that are failing are ones that grew too big during the better economy. The small mom and pop places are doing okay. Not great..but still okay.

It seems you are planning a smaller operation and with what seems to be amazing cooking ability (Linda is the only person I have met who has eaten your food....but from what I have read it is amazing...) I think in the right location you have a great chance of success.

yeah. call your uncle and get the exact info from him.