Saturday, June 27, 2009

French Manicure At A High Price

A month or 2 back I read an article about CVS and how they are one of the leading offenders of overcharging customers due to pricing errors. Ironically that very same day I noticed I was overcharged for 2 of the 4 items I was purchasing. I laughed and asked for the cashier to change them and she did, no problem.

However-they cashier next to her started complaining about the article saying that they were understaffed and we (the consumer) expected them to change everything on the racks...I shook my head as I walked out for two reasons. First, I hate when workers complain in front of customers. Maybe that's my Disney training, but I just think it's unprofessional and unacceptable. Second, I found it funny that the pricing errors were being put on the customer...we want prices that are right so we're causing all of the extra work which in turn is causing more errors.

Um...OK crazy lady. Whatev.

Fast forward to last night. I canceled all of my plans so I could stay in, relax and think. After dinner I decided I wanted a little pick me up in the form of new nail polish. (Hey, it's cheap and pretty and it makes me feel good to have freshly painted nails.) Over to CVS I went.

After surveying my options I decided on somewhat of a novelty buy-Sally Hanson's French Manicure Kit...with a white tip pen instead of polish. I thought it'd be easier for me to do on my own and it was cheaper to get the kit than just the pen alone. One thing is important to note: I like light pink as my top coat on french manicures. Why is this important? Because I had to search for it-there were 3 rows of these kits, all clearly marked $9.99 (with the barcode and the product name, mind you) but only 1 had the pink...and it was all the way in the back. So I had to take about 4 off of one prong to get my pink and then put them all back.

I'm at the register now, paying for my snack and my polish. Just as I'm about to swipe my debit card I notice that the polish rang up at $10.99. No big deal-I just asked her to switch the price because it was marked $9.99.

Blank stare. Pause. "No. $10.99."

I'll say it again..."They are marked $9.99 over there. I'm sure of it. Could you please check?"

Blank stare. Pause. "$10.99"

Now I'm about to throw out a WTF?! Instead, I told her that while I know that it RANG UP as $10.99, it's clearly marked on the rack (all 3 of them) as $9.99 and could she please walk over there to see.

Again with the blank stare. Seriously-what does she not get? But this time, she walked over and after a minute or so (way too long for where it was located) she came over and said, "Someone put them in the wrong place."

Blank stare.

But this time, I gave her a blank stare back. Finally she said it again and shrugged and then punched in $9.99.

I don't know why but I felt the need to tell her that there were 11 of them on 3 racks, clearly marked (I knew the amount because I had to go through them.). Again she stated they were in the wrong place and handed me the receipt.

This is what really irks me. It was $1. They've recently been investigated and found guilty of charging prices that are different than what they are marked. And, most importantly-SHE SAW THAT THEY WERE $9.99!! Why is it that she felt the need to make up an excuse-and not even a valid one? The barcode matched, the description was the same...clearly, the error was in the computer/register and NOT the location of the product.

$10.99 my ass CVS girl! People, check your receipts...


silverneurotic said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I was about to go over there and pick some stuff up. I'll have to think twice now.

katherine. said...

oh great.

CVS just took over our three Longs Drugs stores where we shop once a week....

I'll start checking..thanks.

(let me know how the french tip pen works...)

Linda said...

I hadn't seen this article but I'll have to make sure to check any receipts at CVS. Lately I've taken to stopping at WalGreens instead as it's easier to get into and out of but I do like CVS for certain things.

As for that clerk, why is it that people seem to think it's okay to be rude to customers these days? What happened to courteous service? I just don't get it!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Mags- OK, so being in retail (and a company based out of CA where laws are wicked strict) we deal with these things really seriously. In fact we have a "zero tolerance" policy for pricing errors and fire people for multiple offenses. Where I am going with this is if you feel CVS still has pricing discrepancies you should seriously report them to the state. Major major impact to them, huge fines for each item, by store, by day. Also call their corporate office, its in Woonsocket, RI. They should know what store is not taking care of things. You have consumer rights protecting you.

Blond Across the Pond said...

Tell me how you like the Sally Hansen tip pen - I've been thinking about buying that set...for $9.99 ha!

Mags said...

Katherine & Denae: The white tip pen takes a little getting used to. It's not as easy as I thought. Sometimes it flows too fast and you're stuck with a huge mess. That being said, on the 3rd or 4th try, I ended up with an OK manicure. If you have a steady hand and can work with the hand you don't write with, I think you might like it.

Rick: Thanks! I think the next time I find a price difference I'll take action. It really does happen too often.

Lois Grebowski said...

That's just wrong. Whatever happened to customer service?

star8278 said...

Yikes, I am going to start watching my receipts very carefully. I never knew that about CVS. Wonder how many other places do it.

Mo said...

You can't get away with pricing errors in Michigan - we have state laws about it that are definitely in the customer's favor.
And yes, I echo what Rick said - if your CVS has multiple-errors over time, then it's time to report them.

Desert Songbird said...

Maybe that's why I shop at Walgreen's.