Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Toosdae ?'s

Have you checked out my Etsy store yet? If not, please take a few minutes to browse. I added a button on my sidebar too. I am also happy to take special requests, as long as it is shippable, I'll add it just for you.

Yesterday was rather depressing, I have to say. Having the holidays and family and friends around me until Sunday helped take my mind off of the fact that I don't have anywhere to go during the day, no way of earning a living right now. I've applied to every job on Craigslist, Monster and Career Builder but gotten no calls. The unemployment process is extremely confusing here in MA also-online it says I have not filed, but I'm registered, the phone system says I have filed but I can't talk to anyone personally until Wednesday (again) and I got something in the mail saying I'm pending. The health insurance line isn't accessible from my area-which means that my 860 area code on my cell phone is blocking it. I don't have any other phone. It's a great big cluster f&*%. But-I'm trying to stay optimistic even though it's getting harder. I'm not wired to be bored and I live in a well maintained apartment so there's not much to do in that regard.

Oh-and I got a letter from my former employer thanking me for my superior service and dedication in 2008. It enclosed a "congratulations" letter telling me how much my personal bonus was for the year. Um...it's great that I got 100% of my personal performance bonus, but weird that you'd send me a letter like that.

I did find a parking spot right in front of my building this afternoon though. That's a bonus of not working-I can "steal" the spots the employed people had!

So, now that I've rambled, here are this weeks questions. Hope you enjoy answering them as much as I will enjoy reading your responses!

1. Do you have a "Stupid Human Trick"? If so, what is it?

2. Do you "decorate" your refrigerator? If so, what's on it now?

3. If you had to gain 10 pounds for a movie role, what would you eat to do so?

1. Sadly, no. I don't have any stupid human tricks up my sleeve...

2. I usually stay away from magnets on my fridge, but I have 2 on there now. One says, "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" and the other is a Wren's Nest magnet. I also have a picture of an elephant that says "I Love You" that Rye Bread drew for me, and a picture of her one summer when she was little.

3. I think cheese and crackers. White cheddar cheese or blue cheese-or both. I could easily eat a whole block of cheese in one sitting and often have to restrain myself from doing so! Oh how I love cheese.


Anonymous said...

1. I have a couple stupid human tricks... I can recite the alphabet backwards (Z-A) faster than most people can say it forwards. I can also squirt spit, at will, out of the salivary gland under my tongue.

2. My fridge has a few photos stuck to it along with some multi colored chip clips.

3. I'd eat Ben and Jerry's icecream, pasta with cream sauce, and any and all Drakes snacks.

Asara Dragoness said...

(@Anonymous - 'round here we call that gleeking)

1. I can wiggle my ears..

2. Our fridge is a mass of magnets, photo drawings from Chuck E Cheese, and random artwork made by the kids.

3. I'd binge at all of my favorite restaurants, and make sure I had dessert with every meal, even breakfast! :)

Star8278 said...

1. Do you have a "Stupid Human Trick"? If so, what is it?

Um, does getting pregnant on the first try count? No? Ok, I guess the only other trick is to curl my tongue up. Oh and I can do the spock hand wavy thing.

2. Do you "decorate" your refrigerator? If so, what's on it now?
No, only thing is a blue dry erase board where I write all of our appointments and stuff. We also leave each other love notes on it.

3. If you had to gain 10 pounds for a movie role, what would you eat to do so?

McDonald's breakfast sandwhiches. I think it's working already.

Lois Grebowski said...

Bad typos... taht deletion was me...

1. I used to be able to tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue... Also put my foot behind my head. I know fer sure I can't do the foot thang anymore...

2. Fridge isn't decorated with the intent of it being decoration. I've got various drug company magnets and clips holding menus, assorted photos, etc.

3. The question is...what wouldn't I eat??? LOL!

There... that's more gooder!

Sarah Clapp said...

Hey Mags. I ordered your lemon friendship cake, and had to put in my address because that's what matched with my paypal account, but I left you a note. Could you please send it to my mom? I included the information in the note. I'll probably order from you again in about a week or so for a friends birthday! Thanks and good luck! I'm also on the verge of unemployment in the Boston area! YIKES!

Clancy In Idaho said...

1- I have a few tricks... I can sit indian style, but pull both of my feet on top of my knees. Then I can walk that way, waddling on my knees. I had a roommate in college that could do it too and we would have races. I can also pinch someone's hand between my shoulder blades and squeeze it til it hurts them. And I can do this weird thing with my voice... really hard to explain in a comment, but my kids want me to do it all the time cuz it's kindof funny.

2- I wouldn't exactly call it decoration, but my fridge has a lot of random stuff on it. A couple pictures my kids drew, lots of magnets, pictures of various family members, a whole pile of coupony things my kids have gotten from school for reaching reading goals, house plans for a house I really want to build... too much stuff! Now I want to go and de-clutter my fridge!

3- Bread of all sorts... fancy artisan sorts, not any old Wonder bread. And cheese danishes. YUM!

Linda said...

1. Stupid human tricks? Er, does getting out of bed in the morning without my back screaming at me count? No? Well, in that case I sadly have none!

2. There is way too much crap on my refrigerator but some of it is drawings by the girls so I can't really bring myself to toss it away. Heck, I even have a picture of Amanda when she was less than two on the fridge!

3. Sadly, I don't NEED to gain ten pounds as I've got more than enough for any "fat" movie role but were I of a thinner nature then I think I'd have to go the dessert route. Bread pudding comes to mind for some reason this morning!

Sorry to hear that you've gotten no calls from local employers yet and that you're probably going nuts pacing around your cute little apartment but I have high hopes that a great job will come to you soon.

Bond said...

AH the complexities of unemployment...it gets easier...trust me

1) Nope not me...

2) Nah...it is as naked as the day it was born

3) Lasagna, gnocchi, fusilli, get the picture?

I also added your store link to my sidebar...

Ivanhoe said...

Hang in there, Mags. This all shall pass :o)
1. No tricks that I know of.
2. I have a drawing from my godson and a few family picture holiday cards from friends on my fridge.

Ivanhoe said...

Hey! I forgot #3 :o)
I, too, have plenty of fatty tissues back up for a movie ;o) but I would have to have a pizza & ice cream every day.

Liz said...

1. I am double jointed so I can move my fingers back and forth at every joint. Kind of cool and gross all at the same time.

2. Well, we have many pictures of family members, a fridge poetry set (word magnets that you write your own phrases - can be very funny...especially when the poet is drunk) and a couple of fridge toys for our 2 year old daughter - alphabet, farm animals, etc.

3. Ice cream, pizza, chicken wings are the first things that come to mind.

BTW - the pictures on your etsy site are great...did you take them?

Mags said...

Anon: I know a few people who can recite the alphabet backwards (probably not as fast as you!) but only one person who can spit at will. :)

Asara: Wiggling your ears seems like it would be something easy to do-but no-it's not.

Star: Getting pregnant on the first try doesn't could because you were TRYING. ;) So, it's not stupid. And yup-McDonald's breakfast sandwiches will do it.

Lois: I don't even want to KNOW how you figured out you could put your foot behind your head...Ok. I lied! I do!! lol

Sarah: Thank you for your order! It should go out tomorrow and I've got your Mom's address. PS. I hope you don't get laid off.

Clancy: Somehow I knew you'd have a bunch of tricks. :)

Linda: I don't remember there being that much on your fridge, but then again, I wasn't really paying attention to it. That picture of Amanda is probably adorable!

Bond: Mmm...gnocchi. And thank you for adding my store to your sidebar!!

Ivana: Thank you for your order! It just came through. And thank you for the encouragement. AND thank you for answering question #3. lol

Liz! I love when you answer questions. :) The double jointed thing is gross. lol...but you're probably right-a little cool too. I took most of the pictures, but a few are stock photos until I have new orders-or until I make some for myself.

lala said...

I've never made lentil soup before. I know soaking beans is part of the process... That's about it... LOL But I will have to try it someday soon! It's the perfect weather for trying soups.

Anyway, questions!
1. No human tricks for me. I'm not flexible and I never learned to make myself burp.

2. I've got a ton of stuff on the fridge... Magnetic poetry, magazine pictures, photos of friends, a card someone mailed us, some wire magnets of buildings (eiffel tower, empire state building, etc), the gym class schedule, and a grocery list.

3. Mmmmm dairy and chocolate!!!

Marilyn said...

1. I can fold a butterfly out of a dollar bill, or any stray scrap of paper.

2. receipts

3. cheese. I'd like lots of different kinds but if I have to choose one... pepper jack.

Marilyn said...

I need to send a gift to my sister-in-law and I think I'll send her something from your shop... I just have to decide which something. Maybe the friendship cake. I could use friends in my husband's family.

Dianne said...

I just spent the entire day on the phone with headhunters - they should all be beheaded!

good luck!

I'm self employed so I can't collect unemployment but all my clients are going under - I guess a life of crime is in my future

Mags said...

Lala: Try the lentil soup! The hardest part is waiting for them to soak, honest!

Marilyn: I'm with you on the cheese! Maybe we can audition for the same movie? :)

And also, yes-the Lemon Cake is a super choice-it's the one I made Linda and Mo when they came to visit me last year.

Diane: I hope your business is ok-things are getting worse it seems, and it's very scary...

Travis said...

1. I silly dance with my kitty.

2. We have some magnets that are from car shows. And there is a picture of my niece.

3. CAKE!