Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Having a special visitor makes me happy.

Sometimes giving an "out of the box" Christmas present makes me nervous.

Apparently one corner of my sofa makes "people" fall asleep. :)

Contrary to popular belief, I do like cooking with a helper.

UPS drivers in Boston don't care if you tell them you'll be right down. They'll just continue on and tell their headquarters that you couldn't be reached. (Luckily I caught him before he drove away!)

Having an empty apartment after 4 days of it not being empty is sad.

Unemployment pretty much sucks. Each day gets a little more scary, knowing that I've applied to all of the posted jobs in the area and have not gotten any calls. It's also scary that two3 well known recruiters are looking for me, and can't find anything.

I need a printer very badly, especially with unemployment (they ask me to print verifications, applications and such). Because I sold 2 Rum Cakes3 rum cakes and a lemon cake, I was able to purchase one online. Esty won't make me rich, but it helps. :)

I am going to learn how to knit. Next week I'm going to a friends house for dinner and after, she's going to show me how! I'm pretty excited-I want to make myself a sweater by the end of the winter.

Unemployment dinner with 2 friends from my old job (now to be referred to as VP) on Thursday. Thank God. I am so bored.

I'm stoked that Scrubs is back on. I love that show.


mauniejames3 said...

Mags, missed so much being off.

Feeling much better now after the back surgery. The pain has lessoned but I did not expect all the pain this time so I became self absorbed and hid in my own tiny world.

Didn't know you are job hunting.
Are you willing to leave the city?

Hope the rest of the new year is
better then it's start.

loves and hugs.

TopChamp said...

Job-hunting is rubbish. Good luck with it... Knitting though is brilliant. I learnt just over a year ago and think it's ace.

P.S. Wish I could buy your cakes as they look delicious.

Sarah Clapp said...

It looks like my job won't last much longer past January. YIKES! Your pain with the unemployment office scares that HELL out of me... And also being in the Boston area, I'm scared that there are NO JOBS!! I've been looking too with no such luck.

Clancy In Idaho said...

Hooray for the printer! Hooray for dinner with fellow unemployed's! :) Happy Wednesday!

Ivanhoe said...

Just hang in there. When I was unemployed a few years back, it took companies around 3-4 weeks to finish the collecting and fine-combing thru the resumes, before they even started calling for interviews :o)

Desert Songbird said...

I'd come help you cook, but I'm not exactly in the area...*smile*

Bond said...

OOO we could have fun in a kitchen together....COOKING

keep a stiff upper lip...things will get better.

OH and I pimped you today!

katherine. said...

I am about to enter the job bleak as it may be. I am sure you will be gainfully employed soon!

Reagan said...

Oh I love Scrubs so much!! I think it has gone downhill a bit from it's earlier glory days, though, don't you? So sad. But still so brilliant.

Mags said...

Maunie: I'm glad you're feeling a little better-quick recovery!

TopChamp: Thank you! I'm sorry that I can't ship overseas-it's just too expensive. :(

Sarah: I'm very sorry to hear this-the job market is HORRIBLE in Boston-I'm starting to get really nervous...

Clancy: Happy Wednesday to you too!

Ivana: Trying to hang in there as best I can...just getting a little nervous, and I'm very bored.

DS:'re kinda far away. ;)

Bond: We would have fun cooking! And also, I don't know what Pimped means. I mean, I do-just not in the sense that you did it to me!

Katherine: I hope that your market is a little better than ours is here-and thank you!

Reagan: Yes, I think it's gone downhill a little bit too-but it's still very funny. :)

Marilyn said...

Knitting is easy. Making a sweater is hard. I can knit a dog sweater, or a scarf but I can't seem to do people sweaters or afghans... sweaters are complicated and I guess I have trouble with gauge. Afghans require the same kids of commitment that writing a novel requires.

Palm Springs Savant said...

so two things:

If you decide to knit and want to knit an afgan quilt, I'd consider buying one from you.

also- how about selling us some baked goods!!!!

Paper Propaganda said...

my random thing for you today. i know one thing we have in common... i was sorta stalking your profile and noticed that you had To Kill a Mockingbird on your books list - it's one of my favorite books :)

Mags said...

Marilyn: I'm told that I'll be able to pick it up quickly. We shall see! I hope so. It'll be fun to do while relaxing instead of being in front of the computer all of the time.

Rick: I'd love to make you an afgan quilt...but let's see if I can actually learn how to knit first! :) And as for baked goods, heck yeah!

PaperP: Yay! Isn't such a great book? I haven't read it in a couple of years and just thought last night that I should again.

Lois Grebowski said...

My special visitor makes me hormonal.... bwahahahahaahhahahaaha!

Linda said...

OK, I am laughing my ass off at Lois' last comment there!

Kimberly Pye said...

A sweater by the end of the winter?! I've been knitting for years and only just got the guts to start a sweater last June. It's almost done... :-P

Good luck!!

Mags said...

Ha ha ha Kimberly! You forget, I'm unemployed. :)

But yeah, I know it's WAY optimistic.

Travis said...

I know it's tough to stay positive in this economy, but keep your chin up and keep plugging away.