Friday, December 12, 2008


Forgive me if this doesn't make much sense and if I mess words up-it's right after the party and I've had a lot to drink. A lot. My friend Daniel was so sweet: He told at least 4 people to make sure I went to the unofficial "after party." He knows I'm sort of shy when it comes to being the new girl and so he made sure people would "make" me go. I love that kid.

I went to get my hair done like I said. Unfortunately, I hated it. I brought the photo like I showed you all but instead of looking like Eva, I ended up looking like Martha Washington. Hated it! I played with it for a few minutes and ended up just taking it all out. I re-pinned it up and came up with this:

It's not ideal, but it looked ok and I got TONS of compliments., specifically about my hair. I'm really sad it didn't come out the way I wanted it to though-but I'm happy I was able to re-do it without having to take a shower and going with it straight.

I was invited to the pre-party! I think you know that I've said I am not the "cool girl" and never really have been. People like me, yes...but I've never been completely "in". Well, today I was invited to the pre-party and after I got my hair done I scooted back to the office to have drinks with a bunch of the cool kids. This involved playing beer pong. For the first time in my life, I played beer pong. It was fun, and I was pretty good at it, but I don't really see what the huge hype is. The cool thing about it was that I was a part of it, and felt like part of the crowd.

The theory was that we'd all share a cab to the party from the office. We didn't all fit though, and so a friend of ours drove a few of us to the restaurant. This was OK however we did end up being a little late...not too late to get some food and drinks in us though! Trouble is, there was no actual dinner, and so we were all drinking on pretty much empty stomachs. NO GOOD!!

This is why I'm probably more drunk that I normally would be. (Honestly, I'm eating a hot dog right now b/c I'm starving and didn't eat much all day!)

At the party I hung out with several different groups of friends and manged to get invited to Florida, dinner, someones house for drinks and a party. We'll see how that all pans out when we're all sober, but it made me feel really good that people communicated to me that they wanted me to be around. That was nice-it was much better than fun day earlier in the year.

The after party was kind of lame, honestly. We were all just standing around in a bar drinking while all dressed up...we would dance a little but we were in a small space so it didn't work out too well. This is where I learned that Daniel asked several people to make sure I went. (Still think that's super sweet of him.) In any case, I left about an hour after the after party started and took a cab home. All by myself. :) I know this makes me an uber dork, but I feel very urban and grown up by doing this-though the cabbie was pissed b/c there was a basketball game and he didn't know it and there were way too many people on the road!

I'm totally rambling, huh? I'll read this in the morning and probably have no idea what it says. Again, sorry if it's crazy. Here are a few pictures of the favs!

This is me and my friend Cliff. I told him I was going to beat his girlfriend up so I could have him all to myself. Isn't he cute??

2 other co-workers...the guy is the one who drove us to the party. (PS-He's also coffee boy.) PPS-he wore a velvet jacket to the party which we all rubbed the entire night.

There was another photo uploaded but obviously I did something wrong and it's gone. I shall investigate tomorrow after I've slept off the several bottles of wine I've ingested tonight. I'll probably also fix this post. But for now, enjoy my drunken rambles. :)

PS again, sorry for waking you up cute boy...

**Update: 9:41am, the next day: Amazingly, I have no hangover but I'm starving (probably due to the fact that we did not get dinner last night). This post cracks me up mainly because I don't remember eating a hot dog while I was blogging! I am so tired right now but I have to go get my car (not sure how I'm going to do's still at the office so I'm thinking I have to take a cab.) and also be downtown by 11:30am. It's now 9:45am. Not sure I'll make it...

Hair Model

This is the hair style I'm going for tonight. I absolutely love it, and hope that the hairdresser can get my hair to do this. I purposely did not wash my hair (they say it's best to have an updo with day old hair) so that it'll be easier to work with. Pictures are printed, cash is in hand...cross your fingers it comes out like I want it to!

The weather here is pretty crappy today...Of course I'll have an umbrella, but the walk from the T station to the restaurant is far-ish when dressed up for a party. Hopefully my hair won't get messed up by the wind before everyone gets to see it.

Don't worry, I'll make sure to have my camera with me, and hopefully will get some good shots. I'll also make sure that I have my memory cards clear and batteries charged! Nothing's worse than getting the party and having your batteries die!

Now I'm getting excited-the only thing I'm nervous about now is dancing. I don't like to dance (I think I've mentioned this) mainly b/c of my hyperhydrosis. I'd hate to have my face start sweating profusely in front of all of my coworkers and their dates...maybe by that time, everyone will be drunk and they won't notice...I forgot to put my spray on this week, and am actually hoping that last night's application will be enough to stop this from happening.

Oh well-if it happens, it happens! Only 2.5 hours left and I'm outta here!!

Party Rambles

When my backup alarm went off this morning I thought to myself, "I wish we had the day off today instead of a holiday party." Now, that's not really true-I'm excited about the party, but today was just the kind of day you want to sleep all day. Or stay in bed and snuggle, or read...but I just didn't want to get up.

Obviously, I did.

The good news is that we get out of work early today so that we can all go get "pretty" as the office manager said. I am 99% sure I am going to get my hair done (thanks Clancy!!) and I also have to go find a sale on shoes. I have a pair, but they are from a few years ago and the style is dated. I can get away with them, but I'd really like to look as good as I can-especially because all of the girls here are gorgeous model type things.

I got my nails done last night at the spa that gave me a free manicure b/c I wrote a negative review. The girl I had was very nice and she did a good job on my pedicure, but again, I'm not thrilled with my manicure. It's not bubbly like the last time, but the polish is kind of streaky. It's a dark red color and my thumbs in particular don't look as good as they could. She also filed my nails down really short, which I don't understand. If I go back, I'll stick to pedicures. I might try their massages too, as I was given a $10 off incentive on that. We'll's always relaxing to go to a day spa, no matter the outcome. It's quiet and warm and dim and there is soft music playing...I love it.

I wish I could go to one now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scary Hair

So...tonight I tried several times to recreate a specific hair style that I'd like to wear on Friday...and I wasn't very successful. I'm seriously considering getting my hair done. I don't really want to spend money on it, but I really want to look pretty and this will be the only day of the entire year I'll get to dress up fancy. I came up with this 'do and though it's not horrible, it's not exactly what I'd like it to be. I'm afraid I'll panic on Friday and it'll end up in a pony tail!!

A very blurry shot of the upper back-random twists of hair curled to make a long ponytail-ish style.
Top View

Trying to see if the pins show:
Using the timer proved to be the best-it showed this pesky pin!

I didn't take a picture of the front b/c:

1. I had no makeup on
2. I had my glasses on
3. I didn't curl the front so it wouldn't have mattered
4. I didn't feel like it :)

So what's the verdict on this? Should I just suck it up and get it done?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flip This!

A few weeks ago an email went around work asking if anyone would like to join the volunteer program here. It's a small group of people (currently 4) who seek out volunteer opportunities in the community and then recruit employees to help. They meet once a month or so to plan. They were looking for only one person to join.

I replied that I wanted to be that person.

Apparently out of the entire firm, only one other person in addition to me replied. This, apparently, was a problem because they only wanted one additional person total. So today, they called us both into the HR office to flip a coin.

The HR manager's first question to the team was, "And why can't you have both?" It was fairly awkward because it was obvious that none of the existing team wanted more than one person extra. Not sure why, but you could tell. Which seems weird because we're talking about helping the any case, the coin was flipped and I lost.

It was very weird being in there with 6 of us flipping a coin over this issue. I didn't get to choose which side of the coin I wanted (I would have chosen heads, which is what came up) and once the "winner" was called they all made jokes about me not beating up the other girl in the bathroom or about whether or not we'd still be friends. I'm not sure why, but that really made me mad.

I'm surprised at how disappointed I am about this. I really did want to be a part of a team here-probably because I'm new and am still trying to carve out my spot in this office. More than that though, I also was looking for something extra to do. The job I have is busy sometimes-but more often than not I'm sitting at my desk waiting for things to do. (What's new, right?) It would have been nice to have something extra on my plate-something more to dig into. And again, I'm not sure why one more person would have been an issue when talking about helping others...oh well.

Apparently Tales does indeed, fail...


My boobies feel good in my new silky purple bra. I love it and for the first time in a long time, I didn't really want to take it off! I could have been persuaded though....

For some reason that song, "I Touch Myself" is in my head.

I'm happy the angels were on my sister's side last night.

It's almost impossible to get past a back ache. Especially when you're sleepy and groggy because you didn't sleep well.

I got a Christmas gift for someone the other night and it ended up being free. It's rung in, so but then taken off as a coupon. I don't know how or why, but I'm glad. ;)

Marshall's is still one of my favorite places to get gifts. Talk about more bang for your buck!

I'm not sure how (or when for that matter) my apartment got to look like a hurricane blew threw it, but it's MESSY.

Though you wouldn't know it by looking at me, I'd always choose kisses over food. Please make a note of it.

I am going to Florida in May. My dad wanted us to drive but I searched for some flights and was able to get us a great deal. He rocks so much that he bought us all a seat. It's been a while since I've seen my old friend Mickey and walked the streets of my happy place. I've already started compiling places I must visit.

If I learn anything from the bazillion diamond commercials that flood our TV's this time of year is that I was gypped out of a good proposal. I mean, really, really gypped.

Tonight I have to play with my hair for the party. I've decided not to wear it up like I did in the pictures I posted before. It's either going to be all up or all down. We'll see how it goes!

It's going to be interesting getting to the party Friday. We're slated to get some sleet and snow Thursday and Friday and I will be taking the T. In a fancy dress. In heals. Should be interesting...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Thanks for all of your comments/emails yesterday about my grouchiness. :) I'm still a little grumpy today but I think that it's because I am sleep deprived. My back is a little better and that'll make a big difference in my day. On a positive note, I love my new underwears. :) After my job this weekend I was able to go out and buy myself some much needed "support" and unmentionables and they are not only pretty, but comfy and new! On that note...

1. What is the most cups of coffee or tea you've had in a single day?

2. If you could go back to school (for free) for one semester to try again, what subject/class would you choose?

3. What is the biggest age difference between you and the youngest person you work with? (Or, if you are the youngest, compare yourself with the oldest).

1. I think the most I've had in a single day was 3 or 4. Honestly, 2 is pushing it for me as it is, so when I have that much, my heart races and I can't keep from fidgeting. I don't sit still without coffee, let alone with all of that in my system!!

2. I would choose history-any period/class. I always had trouble concentrating in history class because it's hard for me to remember dates and battles and generals and...well, you get the point. But now that I'm older, I think my appreciation for it would be greater and I'd be able to absorb the lectures a little better.

3. I don't know for sure, but I think that the youngest person here is 23, which would make me 9 years older than her. *gulp*

Monday, December 08, 2008

Manic Monday: Lights

This is what my neighborhood looks like during Christmas....see the pretty lights?

I'm pretty cranky today. I'm exhausted b/c I didn't sleep well because I have a kink in my back again and my right shoulder is killing me. And also, the complainer here at work started complaining right away. At 9am. On Monday. How does this happen?

I need another!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Catering Update

Of course I did not take great pictures. I don't know why. Yes, I know I promised I would...I just got too into it and forgot. Sorry!! Here is a little look into the "back stage" portion of the job-my make shift kitchen!

Prep Area

Heating & Plating

Grill, Griddle & Fry Area

The table...minus the mini bread puddings with banana sauce-which by the way, ROCKED!
The final menu was:
Artichoke Rangoon-my famous dip fried in wontons. Talk about AMAZING. Seriously.
Steak & Chimichurri Toasts
Coconut Shrimp with Lime Dipping Sauce-also fantastic
Bombay Sliders-Chicken sliders with cilantro, ginger and cumin. Yummy!
Turkey Cigars-Turkey with spices in Phyllo. It was supposed to be chicken, but I cooked the wrong meat. No worries-it was good.
Brownies (My "To Die For" brownies)
and....the bread puddings.
It was honestly, a pretty lame gig. There were sporadic people and the platters weren't full b/c of it. Everyone who was there loved the food and I gave my cards to the dealership who was involved, so maybe it'll turn into more. But I have to tell you, it's very tiring to cater in CT while I'm in Boston.
Still worth it, but tiring...and also, prepping by myself takes a lot out of me...
You know, I've said this before, but I'd really love to open my own little cafe. With sandwiches and soups and breakfast and stuff with coffee and pastries-and then cater on the side. I could start with platters and expand as I get people to help. I have no brain for business though nor do I have the money to rent space and start a business.
What's a girl to do???