Friday, November 14, 2008

Court? At Night? I'm Already Laughing!

I'm sure some of you remember that when I first moved here last year (exactly 1 year Saturday!!) I was a little bit weirded out by how much crime there seemed to be. Now, I knew that the crime rate was significantly higher than I was used to-it's hard not to be coming from where I lived-but seeing all of the statistics and hearing the news put it into realistic close to home perspective. Especially seeing the murder map. There is one section in the are that gets a lot of "press". There are a lot of murders and shootings that go on even during the day, and I've sort of vowed not to go there unless I have to. Not that I am living my life with fear, but there's no reason to go into a war zone if I don't have to.

For a few months now I've been keeping my eyes our for a free bed frame & headboard. Every now and then I get a lead but it falls through, and so it's back to the drawing board. The other day however, I contacted someone who had one of these items and we made plans for me to retrieve the item. When the address was given, I shuddered.

They live in the war zone. (Even the las vegas strip isn't as bad!)

Being me, I Googled the street. And saw that just a few houses down, a murder had occurred. I know, I could happen in my area-in any area, really, but again, why go if I don' t have to? But, knowing that every neighborhood has its good and bad areas, I decided to ask a friend of mine who lives there if it was safe for me to go alone, at night. She quickly told me no, and her husband reiterated her sentiment. I emailed that person and told them that I was no longer in need of the item, and that I appreciated the offer and good luck.

And the search is on.

I think you all know by now that I am enthralled with deviance-though I am still fearful of it. Which is why part of me really wants to go over there to see what it's all about. But I won't, don't worry. Bedroom furniture isn't worth it if I'm too dead to sleep.

Random interjection-I just looked at my hands and they looked like midget hands. I think that means I'm tired. Moving on...

See that cute freakin' little girl? She's going to be my date this weekend! (Yes Lash, I stole this from facebook!) This is the 6 year old who has been stalking me-almost everyday until I told her when she could come sleep over. :) So finally she'll be here Saturday and I'll get to have her all to myself. We'll play Legos I'm sure, because that's what we usually do, maybe take a walk up the street and of course, we'll take the T-not the train-the T (because she's cool like that). We're also going to a children's improv show which I'm pretty pumped about. I can't wait to be surrounded by little pipsqueaks laughing their butts off! C'mon-how could you NOT be happy when you're there??

Then Sunday I will drive her back home in time for her to join her friends at a birfday party and I will have dinner (lunch?) with my family. So, basically what I am saying is, I probably won't be around much until Monday.

BUT: Remember to swing back on Monday because I'll have an extra special way for you to earn extra entries...without having referrals.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!

Day 2 Results or Melisa's Kicking Ass

Yes. It's true. Melisa is wicked competitive!!! I think that even if she doesn't win, we should all chip in and send her something just because she's rallied the troops! :) Yesterday brought many more entries, including:

Upping their entry count with referrals:
Melisa (17)
Angie (13)
Bond (3)
Ivana (4)
Marilyn (3)
Katherine (4)

Of course this means there are several new players! Later today I will link them, but for now please welcome:

Busy Dad
Kelly Olsen
Haley Hughes
Tigger Lane
Broadway Matron
I Like the View

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is a sneak peak at one of the many things you could win...

I played with a recipe last night and liked what I got-though the frosting is a little too sweet for my liking (I'm likely to fix that the next time around) these babies were GOOD. I think they're a nice twist on ye olde gingerbread man-though those little guys ARE cute...

Have a great weekend-keep sending people over for extra entries...or, if you don't feel good about soliciting, come back Monday for an extra special way to earn them yourself!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Contest Updates

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Life is Short: Eat Dessert First contest! The participation is amazing-far greater than I expected and I am, to say the least, thrilled. As you can see, I've been working hard making the prizes.

Just kidding. That would be gross. The contest doesn't end for another week!!! Seriously though, THANK YOU to those of you who have posted this on your blogs and to all of the new people who've come by to enter. Before the big announcement (how many entries you all have) I'd like to tell you that I've decided to definatly have a runner up. There are 40 contestants so far-just one winner would be a shame!! So, the runner up will get a smaller version of the grand prize. And now, the ranking...

With 13 entries (so far)
Melisa of Suburban Scrawl Way to go Melisa! You've definitely pimped the link out well. :)

With 10 entries
Angie of Oh My Goff! Referred here by Melisa of Suburban Scrawl.

With 3 entries
Ivana of Communique by Ivanhoe

With 2 entries
Lala from What? Mermaids (although she'll try to tell you she's got 3!)
Bond from Big Leather Couch (hopefully you'll get more today!)
Kat from My Two Cents

With 1 entry each:
Danielle of Danielle's Semi-Daily Journal
Kimberly of Kimberblog!
Clancy of Clancy in Idaho
Marilyn of More Random Than Average
Desert Songbird of The Ice Box
Matt from...Lala (lol)
Katy of Adopted Korean
Mom24 of 4EverMom
Sue of As Cape Cod Turns
Matt Middleton of The Middleton Family
Lisa of All Things Work for Good
Vixen of Vixen's Den
Sarah Clapp of Suburban Rage
Melissa of Hope Floats
NukeDad of Nuclear Family Warhead
Julie of Julie Jewels & Junque
ImitationAngel of WTF Do You Blog About!?
My Two ArmyBrats of well...My Two Army Brats!
Michele of Honest and Truly!
TopChamp of Bad Jokes & Oven Chips
Maureen of Maunie James

And with ZERO entries...
YOU (What are you waiting for?!?!) Remember, names will be drawn out of a hat (or more honestly, a mixing bowl) so the winner is random-1 entry could do it for you!

**Note: There other other entrants who do not have blogs. These people are not counted above as I have no way of getting in touch with them. However, they are counted in the referrals and a blank piece of paper will go into the hat to keep the odds right. If however, I get an email with contact info, I'll add them as "real" contestants.

Say Cheese!

I'm not really sure why I was contacted for this, but you better bet that I am happy I was! Yesterday in the mail, I received my very own Grilled Cheese Kit.

Yup-you heard right-a Grilled Cheese Kit! Kraft sent me a little holder for their singles, a shopping list of what ingredients I'd need, a coupon for free cheese and $10 for bread and butter!

Seriously-did I die and go to heaven? Free cheese? $10 to buy bread and butter? A container to keep said free cheese fresh?!?! AND this came on a day when I did NOT want to eat what I had planned for dinner. Instead of chicken, brown rice and broccoli (again) I had this:

THANK YOU for sending me this very awesome package. I totally love grilled cheese.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's hysterical when an executive named Kelly fills in a survey saying her name Herman instead. Especially when we (I) email her and address her as Herman b/c that's what I was told her name was.'s all the same. (It still makes me giggle, even days later.)

It's fun working with a cute boy, especially when no one knows you think he's a cute boy.

My father's holiday party is on the same day of an event in Boston that I really wanted to go to. I am torn because I've been looking forward to this event for a while now and I would potentially meet a ton of people. But my father is an owner and I should be at his party. What's a girl to do?!?

It's fun when my blog is posted on when it's for the entire weekend. Hi everyone from! Leave a comment, stay a while!

Sometimes a girl gets into a place where she doesn't shave her legs everyday. It's usually in the winter and usually when she has no chance of having a sleepover guest. But every time this girl shaves after those times, she wonders why she didn't shave b/c it's such a fantastic feeling to have silky smooth legs. Even when the only person they are wrapped around is herself.

Saying, "I guess not." in a professional email is snotty and inappropriate. Especially when it was your mistake and not mine.

There's someone reading my blog who I don't want reading my blog. This person made the decision to take my trust, throw it in a blender, and serve it like a smoothie to someone they wanted to be friends with more. If you're reading this, please stop. It was your choice to not be friends-there is no reason you should be here anymore.

The at&t commercial with the thumbs with faces on them is creepy. But when the one thumb says, "Shake it. Shake it hard." I crack up. I don't know why. But, it's still creepy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

How's Toosdae treating you so far? My guess is that you're having an OK day, but you're feeling a little antsy because you haven't yet answered the questions below! Don't worry, I'm here for you... :)

1. Assuming you're wearing pants: Do you pull up both your underwear and your pants at the same time after going to the bathroom or first your undies then your pants?

*The assuming you're wearing pants line was meant for girls as they can sometimes wear dresses which would eliminate the need to pull pants up.

2. What did you think of when you looked in the mirror this morning?

3. The answer is: "Sex Ed. Honestly!" What is the question?

Ruby Tuesday & a Thank You

First, I'd like to start out by saying a BIG thank you to Lisa from All Things Work for Good (formally Life's a Dance) for sending me these 2 amazing photos:

Sadly I am not nearly as good a photographer as she is so this picture is awful! It was taken at work and the lighting there is not so good. In any case, I won these photos simply by commenting over at her site! The daisy picture stayed in my office and the pastry one (which I remember seeing when she posted it before and loved it!) came home with me. Thanks again Lisa-they are beautiful and I psyched to have 2 pieces of your art in my possession.

Next is Ruby Tuesday...Mary from Work of the Poet challenges us each week to find a little Ruby in our life each week, and I'm happy to participate when I can. Tonight I was sitting my my living room looking out onto my beautiful city and noticed that one of the buildings had a very red light-it looks like they may have just changed the bulb or something, because I don't remember it being this bright before. Or maybe I was just more in tune with it because of Ruby Tuesday-in any case, in my never ending quest for a perfect picture of my view, I decided to play around with my camera. I don't have a tripod (yet-hopefully for Christmas! Oh how that will help my food pics!) so I used one of my tall speakers and...get lunch tote! It's a weird angle since there's a wall stopping me and all, but one day I tell you-I will get my prized picture!! Without further ado: my Ruby Tuesday...One day, it'll be a clear picture...

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's OK-She Accepts Them...

"Queen size antique solid wood headboard $25 cash or $50 in a Gift Certificate to Walmart, Best Buy, or Market Basket. This head board is about 25 years old and in great condition. I will respond to all emails (accept abusive ones) and consider all offers so don't be shy to make a resonable offer for this item."

I love Craigslist....

(Good thing she's not selling Harley parts)

The Mean Girl

Like everyone, I have my faults. There are days when I wouldn't want to be my own friend but for the most part I think I'm a pretty nice, caring person. One thing I would say about myself is that most of the time, people can read my emotions and also they know where they stand. In other words, I'm not fake. If I dislike you, chances are, you know it. Not because I'm rude to you, but because I won't go out of my way to talk to you and I won't laugh at your stupid jokes-especially when I know that YOU are a fake.

Yes, this has to do with the mean lady at work. She's getting progressively worse and it's hard for a few of us to take. Mainly because we sit right next to her and we hear her ups and downs and we see how her moods change depending on who can hear her.

For instance: Anyone on our team gets a scowl. She acts like a know it all and backpedals when she gets called out on something she's done wrong. Unless she needs something from us-then she's super sugary sweet-to the point where I just want to ask her if she realizes how different she is treating us.

Anyone of the owners get a fake upbeat person who laughs at everything-even the things that are not supposed to be a joke. She gives them compliments constantly and tries to loop us into them-"Hey, did you know that their kid goes to the MOST prestigious school in Boston?"

I'm sorry-but that's just tacky. In front of them? Really? Talk about uncomfortable. (The people who work here are very well off but also, very grounded and down to earth-this display of OMG they've got the best of everything just doesn't fit here).

The people who work on projects with the owners very often work with us to schedule meetings. The majority of these people are younger, well educated and well off for their age. They are also very down to earth and very nice. Yet again we hear the "Is that Gucci? Where did you get that? It looks very expensive!".

She is definitely a label dropper, and is very vain. I laugh when she compliments something of mine because usually what she likes are my shoes-most of which I get from Payless or Target-or my non-designer clothes. I'd really love to say, "Really? You like these? I got them for $15."

I suppose this is just a vent-because I don't feel it's right to talk about her to people here at work (though one person talks to ME about her all of the time...which is OK) but I sit right next to her. She's a lot to take because we never know which mean girl we're going to get. The overly talkative one who really just wants us to validate her, or the moody one who'll chop our heads off if we ask how she's doing today...

And also, an owner just walked by. And I just threw up a little bit in my mouth when I heard how fake she was...