Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stripper Steaks

I have to admit that today I was feeling sorry for myself. Everyone has days like this, right? When I woke up this morning I was stiff and I could barely move my head. I did not feel like taking a shower because I knew that washing my hair would hurt my shoulder so I opted to stay in my PJ's for a while. Because I hurt basically everywhere above my waste, I did not feel like making breakfast, so instead I had graham crackers.

There was nothing on TV. It was cold and rainy-ish and I didn't have any milk to put in my coffee. As I hunkered down for what would be a painful boring day, I started thinking about what I would cook if I felt better. I like making myself an over the top meal every now and then, and today seemed like a great day for a little caloric therapy. I very rarely eat red meat anymore, and for some reason, a NY Strip came to mind. That thick, juicy, marbled meat was just calling my name. But...I was in too much pain.

After about an hour, I decided to take a few Tylenol and lay down. Three hours later, I woke with a start and an empty belly. After doing a few exercises that the doctor prescribed, I felt a little better and decided to go shopping. Thankfully, getting out of the house was just what I needed and I was able to pick up the ingredients needed for my steak dinner.

I seasoned the steak liberally with Kosher salt and pepper and seared it in a smoking hot pan with olive oil. Once it was nice and crispy brown I set it in the pan of quick tomato sauce I made and allowed it to rest. I picked some basil from my basil plant and set the garlic oven fries on the plate, plated my steak and dressed it.

This is what I sat down to:
It truly was delicious and decadent-like I said, I almost never eat steak anymore and this thick cut was just what the doctor ordered.

Ok, probably not the doctor that will tell me that heart disease runs rampant in my family-but the soul doctor probably would. Yes, my neck still hurts and my range of motion is severely limited-but my belly is full and I'm not feeling so bad anymore.

Sexy DNA

A while back I was watching a home improvement show on HGTV when I saw the coolest abstract art. Not only was it colorful and funky, but it was made from the home owner's DNA!

DNA 11 makes art out of...well, you. Though it's a tad bit weird, you simply swab the inside of your cheek and send it off for your very own personalized art. DNA 11 also makes art out of your fingerprints and kisses too-but I don't think those are as cool, mainly because if you really wanted to, you could do those yourself.

The down side to the DNA art is that it's fairly expensive. The DNA portraits start at around $400 and go up from there. In the world of art, I suppose that's not so outrageous, but for this girl, on this budget, it's steep. Which stinks, b/c this is totally something I'd have on my walls...I especially love the idea of having it over my bed.

This wasn't a paid ad at all-I just happened to come across the site somewhere and remembered thinking it was super cool on the show and so I decided to share. If anyone wishes to sneak into my house to swab my cheek so you can surprise me with my very own DNA picture, I'm a fan of "Firesky".

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Little Morning Relief

Yesterday as I mentioned, I was in a little bit of pain due to a dentist appointment and a flaring up of my neck/shoulder/back from a previous injury. It was my first time with this new chiropractor and I always find it interesting to see how different each of them do things. Last night, I was hoping to get an adjustment to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling, but unfortunately, he did not feel comfortable doing that.

Instead he did lots of tests (all of which I've had done before, all of which I fail when I am in this state) and took X-Rays. He then sent me home and told me to come back today at 7:45am.

As the night progressed I started locking up. I couldn't move my head by turning my neck so to look left or right I had to move my shoulders. I knew that waking up today I'd be in much worse condition, and I was right. Even washing my hair was a task as raising my right arm was painful.

This morning I went into the office and was anxiously awaiting the relief that chiropractors always give me. I knew that I wouldn't walk away pain free-it never happens that way in the beginning-but I was looking forward to being able to move my head. After a short movie about the doctor (he's not only a chiropractor, but a rabbi and a black belt-oh, and he's really old!) I was blessed with his presence.

We started off normally, with me laying face down on the table and him adjusting my back. But then he asked me to sit up. This made me nervous because I don't like having my neck adjusted while I'm sitting-I prefer to be laying on my back while they crack my neck. Just as I was about to tell him this, he placed his finger on the side of my neck and pushed.

And boy, did it hurt.

It didn't hurt on my neck though, instead, I felt extreme pain down my right shoulder and arm. It stayed this way for about 30 seconds and then all of a sudden, it felt like he let up. He switched to the left side and told me this would hurt more-and it did-and again, it suddenly eased up.

The coolest part was that yesterday he did a test on my left arm and it proved to be very weak. After this pressure technique, I easily passed! It was amazing-and I can even turn my head! He explained that what he did was called Myofascial Release.

No chiropractor has ever used this technique on me. It fascinated me that I could feel the muscle release it's toxins and pressure and at the same time, freed up my neck! I have to admit that my level of relief today is not as high as it would have been had he cracked my neck, but I'm hopeful that a new technique might, in the long run, stop this from happening as frequently as it does.

Have a restful weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ouch and Ahhhhh....

This morning I had my first dentist appointment in...oh...12 years. To be honest, I'm not sure why it's taken me that long to go-I guess maybe because I never had any pains in my teeth that required me to seek help and without a reason to remember to make an appointment, I just forgot.

So, today I got a full set of x-rays taken and a full cleaning. Which means my jaw and gums hurt. It's funny to me that the doctor said that my teeth are in great shape and that even though it's been so long, I didn't have extensive build up. Why is that funny? Because they always try to make it seem like it's imperative that you go in like clockwork. I AM planning on going every 6 months now that I have good insurance and now that it's just up the street (within walking distance) but still-it cracks me up.

As some of you may remember, I have problems with my neck from my time spent with a dangerous man. The severe pain comes and goes, but the range of motion my neck has is pretty much always limited. When I start to feel the pain getting worse, I usually sit with a back massager to loosen up the muscles that go into spasm because my spine is trying to pull them in funky directions. When that doesn't work, I seek a chiropractor.

I had a great new chiropractor (though he patted me on the ass during our first meeting) here in MA but it was up near my old job and that's too far away. Also, my insurance company screwed me and so now I owe him like, $400. Nice. So now that I'm here at my new job, and now that I had a weird occurrence with my right shoulder over the weekend (and now that I can't move my neck without pain) I am going to get cracked today.

I can't wait. It's always weird to me the first time I go back, but after that I'm good. The relief is just amazing and I'm hoping that because it's not so bad right now that after today I'll feel much better. I'm sure I'll have to go back about 5 or 6 times in the near future as they never just want to see me once. But I'm going today, and I can't wait.

Also, it's right up the street from me. I might treat myself to some yummy dim sum or pizza tonight for dinner. Hey, I'll be walking past it on the way home anyway, right??

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


When mean people say sorry I often times get sucked in and forgive them and believe that they'll change. I'm not so apt to do this anymore, but I want to still believe that people are good and that it can happen. I just don't want to get burnt again.

Erotic Vacation still cracks me up.

You should always remember your pants.

I'm being stalked by a 6 year old!

Yesterday I stopped by my local wine shop and picked up a bottle of red. On the way out I saw a bottle of white for $1 which they said was great for cooking. I'm hoping it's fantastic and then I'll go buy tons of it. Or maybe just 5 bottles.

My favorite wine of all time (so far) has a reserve and they sell it at that wine shop. I want to splurge and buy it for myself, but there are so many other things I need/want so I don't. It would be nice to have though.

I think I found a dress online for the fancy pants holiday party I am going to in December. I just don't have a boy to go with who'll think I look pretty in it.

November supper club is scheduled-looks like this month we'll be cooking Ricotta Gnocchi and I'll be making Panna Cotta for dessert.

Isn't it weird that so many voting locations did not give our "I Voted" stickers? I wonder if it's the same idea of eliminating the olive.

I heard on MSNBC last night that this will be the first time in 50 years where there is not a Dole or a Bush in office. 50 years. That's huge.

Wine makes me silly. But we knew that already, right?

Getting this text message: "I forgot to tell you I work with a midget." is hysterical. Especially because the person who works with said little person thinks they are funny.

I've recently seen a few sex toys that fall into the category, "Things that make me go hmmm..."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dress Choices: Help Needed

As you may or may not know, my company is having a fancy pants holiday party in December. The girls apparently come in party dresses to ball gowns and this leaves me nervous about what the heck I'm going to wear. Mostly all dresses today are sleeveless and under no circumstances will I go without my arms covered. I have found a shrug from David's Bridal that I can purchase for my favorite choices, but want to know what you think:

This is my first choice. It's fun and shaped nicely. It also has that pretty detail on the bottom. I can easily wear it with the shrug below.

This next dress is my 2nd choice and though I love, love, love the red, I'd need to get the black so I could get the cover up.

Here's the final choice. I like it, but it's not as formal, and it feels a little bit "older" to me. However it has that pretty detail on the empire waist and also the bell sleeves. I'd get this one in the red and that's another plus.
All are about the same price, however the first two fall into the "expensive" category b/c of the need for, what do you think? Which one do you think I should get? Don't judge on the models-I don't look anything like them!!

Have any of you ever submitted anything to I did on a whim last week and have been told that I am a finalist in the $1000 competition and in the running for the grand prize. They also tell me that I've been chosen out of thousands of authors to be published in a book-with my own page.

Do they send this to everyone? I've gotten emails as well as a physical piece of mail. I'm rather excited about it if it's true-having my poetry published is sort of a dream come true.

So, what do you know about it? Is it real?

Toosdae ?'s

Today is one of the most important days in America-Election Day. I am on my way to the booth in just a few minutes and can't wait to proudly exercise my freedom and right to vote. I hope and pray that if you are American and over 18 that you too, will be voting because if you don't, you are ultimately showing that you do not care about our great country. And also, you can get free coffee from Starbucks if you vote. If you are unclear as to where exactly you should go, click here to find your voting location.

1. What is your favorite red food, white food and blue food?

2. What is your favorite freedom?

3. Did you, or are you planning on voting today?

1. Strawberries, Extra Sharp Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, Blueberry Pie

2. Even though this is my question, it's a hard one to answer. The most prevalent in my life and one that's near and dear to my heart is the freedom of speech. If I was not allowed to tell my story, I'm not sure I would be where I am today.

3. I am leaving in my apartment in just a few minutes to cast my vote and then getting me some free coffee! :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Election Day Special

This Ruby Tuesday is especially fun for me because not only is it election day, but I get to post something Red for Mary-someone who I have come to respect very much over these last few months...
Please take the time today to 1: Vote and 2: Visit Mary's Blog...

I Got Nothin' ~or~ From the Archives

I'm still not feeling the vibe guys-sorry...just can't get into blogging right now and I'm not sure why. I will, however, post questions tomorrow as I know some of you really missed them. For today, take a look at something I wrote a year ago. Funny thing is, I have no idea who I wrote 1/2 of these to/for. Funny how time makes you forget, huh?


If you would like to also post these, you are welcome and encouraged to do so in my comments section, or on your own blogs. If you use your blogs, leave me a comment letting me know so I can come by and read them!

1. You made me feel good about myself even though everything else was in shambles. You reminded me that I was smart, pretty, creative and worth proving him wrong. But friendship is more than an air mattress. It's consistency and work and letting me in on your dark secrets just like I let you in on mine. You couldn't do it and it makes me sad.

2. If only. We can't live on 'if onlys' but I have shed bucket loads of them for you. I miss you.

3. You never said, "I'm sorry" for what you did. I think it's why I can't let go, even though things are better. They say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes, words need to be heard in order to coax the heart into healing itself.

4. Why is it you show up at the worst times? You're like a leech that sucks the good out of everything. And what's worse, is that you only do it because you know times are good or that you have nothing better going on with your life. If we talked, I would tell you to grow up and to stop being such a snob. And also, to stop using people's emotions to stroke your own ego.

5. I still look for you. I still wonder why you chose me. I still get defensive when someone raises their voice. And you are probably still doing it to someone else. You don't deserve to live and God sees through your "holiness".

6. I know you talked about me behind my back all of the time. It hurt because I would have done anything for you. I was the one who took care of you when everyone else was having fun because unlike you, I really cared. That is why I do not keep in touch.

7. Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't miss you or think about you until I am reminded. Because I am supposed to miss you because I've known you my whole life. But you don't know who I am because you do not listen and you are controlling. Controlling people does not mean love.

8. You could have told me before I went under. And by the way, making me eat General Tso's Chicken directly out of surgery was the most inconsiderate and selfish thing you ever did to me. Especially because I told you I wanted soup because my jaw hurt.

9. You didn't have to be such a bitch. Your children are supposed to grow up and form relationships and being jealous was not healthy. You were mean and you made me feel inferior and unworthy and it really hurt my self esteem back then. I hope you know how that strained what could have been perfection.

10. I'm sorry I can't be more involved. It's in my make up, it's ingrained in my soul. I lived in a cave until 1994 and going back puts me back in there. That's why it's in small doses. I hope someday you will all understand.

There are a billion more words I can write on some of these. But sometimes, too many words is bad.