Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snickity Snack

The highly anticipated snack day went off without a hitch. In fact, everyone pretty much loved what I made and couldn't stop eating. Along with my famous artichoke dip, I made these chicken cigars with mango sauce. They are made with ground chicken, cumin, poultry seasoning, parsley and paprika all wrapped up in buttery layers of philo dough. These babies were all gone after snack day was done.Also made were these tiny little potato bites.  They had blue cheese, bacon and sour cream topped. I baked and fried the tiny potatoes the night before and heated them up in the toaster oven before serving. They were also all gone at the end of snack day.
Of course, I wowed them with my super secret dessert-my chocolate fountain! I made a little bouquet of strawberries and marshmallows and served it with graham cracker crumbs for them to roll their marshmallows in. I have to admit, it was delish.
And it was the most attended snack day I've been to of my friends kept looking at me and smiling. At one point he said, "You make me smile on the inside." :) Which made me smile on the outside. My new tag line for my catering company should be, "I make skinny people eat." That's what someone said while scarfing down another bite. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snack Day Surprise

Tomorrow is my snack day and I've created quite the stir around a mysterious object I smuggled in this afternoon...

It should be fun times and yummy food. Pictures to follow tomorrow...


Toosdae's will be back-I'm glad some of you miss them! I just haven't felt like thinking of stuff to ask. :)

I think it's funny when boys call other boys "bitch". I don't know why...

This world is not a bad place but bad things do happen. If you've got it in you to inspire change, fight ignorance or even to follow someone who does, you should do it. No. You NEED to do it. Fear and ignorance is the root cause of hate, in my opinion, and banding together is the only way to combat that. Lead, inspire or follow...just make sure you do something.

I've been eating really healthy for the most part, but recently have been craving really bad stuff. Like McDonald's. Which I don't eat very often at all. I've resisted, so instead I had Doritos. Man, I could eat a bad or 17 of those.

I need to start writing again. Not doing meme's (they're fun though!) or nothing posts...really start writing. Trouble is, I don't feel like it. In fact, lately the computer revolts me. I don't want to hate my computer or my blog. What can I do?

I need a fancy dress and I don't like it one bit. Why? Because most fancy dresses I've seen are sleeveless and there ain't no WAY these arm are sitting out in the open for everyone to see. No way. The only other options I've seen so far would make me look 20 years older than I am. Why can't a plus sized young girl look sexy and pretty instead of A. Slutty and cheap or B. Old. Oh-without spending $700.

I so wish I could design and make clothes. Oh the people who would love me. (Girls who don't cry!)

Yesterday I woke up rapping (in my head, not out loud). The rap was about Barbies. I laughed at myself, but can't for the life of me remember the words. I totally wish I did.

I need:
1. A haircut
2. New clothes
3. Black boots
4. Highlights
5. A short sideboard to store my cooking supplies in
6. Lots of money
7. A relaxing vacation to somewhere with clear blue water and free flowing margaritas.
Preferably served on a catamaran on its way to a snorkeling destination. Yes, I'm describing a vacation I've had, and yes, I want to go back.
8. I put my medicine on my face last night too early and I've got little burns on either side of my nose. It's easily covered up by makeup but I can feel them and I hate it.
9. A new bedspread and pillow shams
10. Kisses and Hugs

That "I Need" bullet was like a post in itself.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Used for New

Do you remember a couple of weekends ago when I cleaned my entire apartment out? Not only did I find a box full of books that I had not unpacked, I also found a bunch of my old, used cds
from college. Though I still like most of them, they have been packed up for a while without being used and in this place, they are only taking up space.

After a little bit of research I found a website which actually allows people to trade in their used cd's for cooler, more useful stuff! Now, for someone like me who does not have a huge amount of disposable income, this makes for an ideal situation. Not only can I free up space in my "attic" but I can also trade old music for newer items that might be more useful to me.

What I like the best about this website is that without even leaving my house I can check the value of my cd's, log them into the website for credits and choose a "prize" of my liking. Easy peasy! If you ask me, it is an ideal way to get new things without spending money.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October Club

In the absence of my creativity, please find my mosiac of this month's cooking club...

I work with some pretty cool people...