Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Girl, Grown Up Room

I don't know if anyone is out there but...

I am very proud of myself today. I woke up early (not by choice) and couldn't stay still. I completely ripped my apartment apart. I found 3 boxes in my hall closet (which acts as my attic) that I hadn't unpacked when I moved in! One of the boxes included a bunch of books that I haven't read yet-score!

I moved all of my non-professional cook books into my living room. I always hated these cubby holes in my living room because they are uneven. They're pretty deep so today I decided to see how much crap I could hide up there! I have so many pans for cakes and pies it's hard to find a place for it all. Enter deep annoying cubby holes. I hid 2 sets of china, all of my serving platters, my pasta maker and 4 specialty cake pans. Now my "attic" is cleaner and I have more room in my kitchen. AND I hid it all behind my cookbooks, so you can't see it at all.

After I was done with the closets I moved into my bedroom. Now, I've been thinking recently that my apartment, though nice, doesn't look like a grown ups apartment-and for the most part, I'm ok with that b/c I don't feel like a full fledged grown up even though I am. BUT I did want my bedroom to have a nicer feel and since I have no money, I had to work with what I had.

A couple of weeks ago I painted a rectangle on the wall behind my bed because I don't have a headboard and needed to "anchor" the bed. My plan is to trim it out and make it nicer-but for now I took 3 round wicker-ish place mats and spaced them out evenly. After that, I moved my round table and used it as my nightstand. The one I had before was just a piece of crap from Target and I hated it. Add a lamp, 4 sheer white panels that were in storage and voila! A semi-grown up room.

I still want to find a new comforter but for now, I like it. I should have taken a before picture, because I realize this isn't a fabulous room-but it's much better than it was before. I can't wait to go in there later to read!

Now all I need to do is find artwork for the walls (I hate the picture I have in there now), get a ficus tree or something and work on the living room a little more.

I was very busy today!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Medicine Head

Back to work today-ick. This is the weirdest cold I've ever had. Usually with colds I'm not hungry at all. Well, yesterday I stayed home from work (due to a temp of 101.2) and I was starving! I got up and ate, went back to sleep for most of the day and woke up starving again. I ate, went to sleep and the cycle continued. It's the weirdest thing...of course because I slept all day yesterday I wasn't tire for bed, so I took a night time cold medicine.

Why do they only work for 4 hours? Why would they not put 8 hours of medicine in the night time version? I never understand this. I wake up every time. It's so stupid. Today I woke up at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up, made oatmeal and sat on the couch in a daze. About an hour later I took a shower and put clothes on and an hour after that I did my hair. It feels like I've been up all day.

On a happier note, I have a catering job. But it's in CT again. My Dad's company wants to hire me for a cocktail reception in December and I think I have one vacation day left so I can do it. I really need that money-I'm so broke and I have to figure out a way to start building up a savings. I owe money to a few people so this cash will go to them, then after that-I'm going to have to be strict with myself. (That means I can't buy any Oscar de la Renta dresses.)

Again my dad told me that if I'd moved to NY instead of MA I would have a booming catering business-which is true. The Porsche dealership next to his showroom wants to hire me too. I told him to say that I'm booked through the end of the year and that I can do some in 2009. I've got 3 weeks vacation but no $$ to go anywhere so I might as well use it to cater, right?

This weekend I'm going to rest, walk, and clean. I want to do a major overhaul of my closets. I got rid of lots of stuff when I moved, but most of the things in those closets I haven't touched since then-so I'm going to see what it is and get rid of it if I don't need it. Cleaning up, getting organized, re-prioritizing my life. That's where I am right now.

And I'm sorry if none of this makes sense-I'm a little drugged up on cold meds now. :)

Anyone doing anything fun over the long weekend?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday 13=6, 1, 6

Thirteen Things:
6 Things I Haven't Learned, 1 Thing I Am Currently Learning &
6 Things I Have Already Learned

1. How to play the piano

2. How to stick to a budget

3. How to keep a best friend

4. How to forget after I forgive

5. How to take a good picture at night

6. How to make edible AND pretty fudge

7. How to carve out my own place in the world

8. That you can't pick who you love

9. How to make a souffle

10. That words don't always mean what I think they mean

11. That the sound of a child's laughter can heal almost anything-even if it's only for a moment

12. Anyone can start from now and make a new beginning

13. Having a good haircut is directly related to how I feel about my looks

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It's official: I have a cold.

I am going to attempt to do a load or two of laundry tonight. My theory of people not doing laundry on a Friday night didn't work out so well, so I'm beginning to try random week nights to see how that works out for me. Of course, I don't actually have enough to do full loads, but that's beside the point.

Talking to someone who knows you well and cares about you makes you feel better when you're feeling like it's you against the world.

If you're reading a blog that involves an animated stick figure of me talking to a goat, please stop.

There's not really (to my knowledge) a blog like that.

Before my computer crashed this last time all of the icons switched to super sized annoying icons and I couldn't change it back. This is nice, having normal sized fonts and icons again.

Sleeping on a futon that's too short for you isn't good for your neck.

Searching for the perfect red apple with the cutest girl in the world is wickedly fun-even in the rain. "Oh my goodness Rye Bread-look at THIS one!" "NICE!" :) She makes my world sunny enough.

I realize that I like quiet and alone time maybe a little *too* much these days...trying to remedy that with social events and friends/family.

Turkey Sloppy Joe's (I always want to sing, sloppy joes, slop-slop-y joes) are yummy and not so bad for you, especially when served on an organic whole wheat roll. Yummy!

The window in my kitchen has been broken for a while-it wouldn't stay open and it rattled when it was windy. Yesterday I had it replaced along with the one in my bathroom. Nice new windows for my 2nd year in Boston. Now I can bake and not die of heat in that room!!

After I got home that day I thought about how some creeps put cameras in apartments when the tenants aren't there. I changed clothes quickly just in case. Then I forgot about it so...if there's a camera here, they've seen it all.

I received a tip on a butcher shop that is rumored to have good beef tenderloin on the cheap. I called and it's only $7.99/lb. That's a good price which makes me happy because now we can have that for supper club this month!

I bought a pumpkin while at the orchard this weekend. After I carve it (probably this weekend b/c I'll be bored and sick) I'm planning on making pumpkin brittle. Yum.

Sometimes you find things out about people you don't want to find out-especially on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crazy Girl

This is the scariest picture every taken of my sweet niece Rye Bread. This is her, being crazy after picking apples in the rain on Sunday. I'm not really sure what prompted her to be crazy like this, she did, and it's my only picture of our day! (I didn't want to take my camera out in the rain-stupid, huh?)

There's a candy store at Downtown Disney called the Candy Calderon. The witch on the sign (or somewhere there) reminds me of this picture. Which is kind of fitting, b/c it's the witch from Snow White and she's holding an apple.

Crazy, crazy girl.

Toosdae ?'s

Over the last week or so I've been sort of re-evaluating what's important to me and where I want to go in this life and part of that is making sure I continue to meet new people here in Boston. It's been almost a year since moving here and though I've gone out on a few outings with strangers, I can only really claim to have made one real friend. That's not a small feat for me, but I recognize that I settled into my life here and slowed down on the social events. I am not usually a shy person but when I get into my own world too much, I start shying away from outsiders (not intentionally) and end up sitting home alone more than I want to. That's going to change...

1. When you go out to a party are you more likely to be the designated driver or to need one?

2. Providing you are NOT the designated driver, how likely are you to drink until you at least get a buzz? How about to get drunk?

3. How likely are you to get carded?

1. Believe it or not, I'd say I'd be more likely to need one. I don't go out to bars very often, but when I do, I want to have fun and therefore don't want to be the one drinking water in the corner. Boston is great b/c I can take the T home. :)

2. It's pretty likely that I'd get a buzz, but I wouldn't do it on purpose. I typically drink wine and after 2 glasses I am warm and after 3 or 4 I'm happy. Anything after that and I'm pretty much drunk. I don't drink to get drunk really ever. If it happens, it's by accident.

3. I'd say about 1/2 of the time. It depends on who I'm with, I think. If I'm with my sisters or people who are younger than I am, I don't get carded, but with people my age, I usually do. It's pretty weird.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

So this might not be *exactly* what The Teach is thinking about when she asks us to post red stuff on Tuesday, but...this piece of red made me very happy. I received my new hard drive and it actually worked!

Now that I have a computer back, I'm trying to remember all of my links and settings so I can start compiling pictures again...but ahh...that red made my day.

Weekend by Numbers

2 loads of laundry

13 minutes I waited for a 3rd machine to open

1 girl who claimed it even though I waited

6 quarters it takes to dry each load

0 pieces of clothes I folded

9 o'clock I woke up on Saturday

2 hour drive to CT

88 is the number of years my great-aunt has been living

10 years since I've seen her

5 cheese ravioli from Yonkers, NY

4 glasses of wine (?) shared with friends on Saturday night

1 cute baby I wanted to smoosh

0 times I did because her mom was there and I'd feel weird

6 funny kids hanging out around us, drawing on a counter

1 rainy Sunday threatening to ruin Rye Bread time

0 times we let it

15 apples picked off the tree

1 (HUGE) apple Rye Bread at right off the tree

4 hands that made flaky pie crust for

1 apple pie

352 calories in the entire heart healthy meal of Mediterranean Salmon, Brown Rice w/ apricots & almonds and carrots.

2.5 hour drive back Boston

30 minutes I waited for the Amazing Race to finally be on

3 hours of watching a frustrating baseball game

8 hours of sleep