Friday, October 03, 2008


Guess what I'm getting? A new hard drive! Finally-I convinced the Dell people that I needed one. Boy was it hard too! My friend at work could re-install the operating system, but how many times would I need to do that? I couldn't have any confidence in keeping things on my computer and it would be mighty inconvenient to have this happen every 2 weeks. The guy on the chat support was finally the one who did it. I told him step by step (before he told me what to do) what he was going to have me do next-proving that I've done this already.

Finally he told me that he needed authorization but that he thought he'd send me a hard drive. Thank God! I should get it Wednesday. That's a long time to wait for a computer but the good news is I'll be in CT this weekend so I won't be totally cut off, and then Monday-Wednesday I'll be at work. It's just...what did I do before I had a computer?!? My evenings will be weird. ;)

Gotta get me another book.

Dance Troupe

I had a very weird dream last night...

Jennifer Aniston, Ben Afleck and I were in a movie theater lobby. They were fighting with each other, and ran out into the street. We'd planned on going to dinner together so I ran after them because I didn't want to be left behind. It was implied that we were in Boston. As I ran toward them, I saw two men in red jump out at them. (These men were the same guys who dance in real life at Faneuil Hall on the weekends.) The men cornered Jen and Ben and laughed in an evil way. As I approached, another man in red jumped out and caught me.

I was nervous because they looked mad, but also amused because they were dancing while they were cornering us. I was happy that they were a "dance troupe" which is what I kept calling them. To lighten the mood I started dancing with them-horribly, I might add. In fact, if this wasn't a dream, I would have been laughing at myself. I don't know the name of the dance, but it was the one where you stand on one foot and bend the other leg and at the same time you have one hand behind your head and one arm out and you sort of, pump it. I know, I am whacked. I'm cracking up just even reading my description.


I then saw they were going in for the kill-so I pushed my body to my guy and rolled around him. He was amazed I did that and we were able to get away. We ran through lots of weird things, but the dream ended with us hiding in a movie theater in the back row. We had a big bowl of popcorn to look like we really belonged and some guy was dishing it out to us with a Dixie Cup. The dream ended with the dance troupe running into the theater and finding us.

Other things: There may or may not have been a whale in the dream. Also, while in the movies, I could hear the old time movie reel and the picture flickered like they did in olden days.

And no, I didn't eat anything weird before bed. I was just really tired.

Computer Woes

My computer's at it again. After re-installing (and losing all of my stuff) the operating system two weeks ago I came home last night to a black screen with the words "Missing Operating System" on it.


I went through the motions of re-installing it again, only to get an error message. This sucked more than you'd know, because it meant I had to call Dell and Dude, that's not fun. But I hunkered down with all of the tools needed and dialed. This time, I got a man-which is easier for me to understand for some reason. (Their call centers are in India.) After 45 minutes of him telling me to do the same thing over and over and over, I finally snapped. I asked if the computer was still under warranty which he confirmed. So I tried finding out how I could send it off to get looked at. After all, a computer shouldn't spit out an operating system twice in two weeks. He told me I couldn't do that. In fact, he told me that we had to keep working on the phone. And this is when I really got angry.

At some point he asked me to get screw drivers and to take the computer apart. I did follow his instructions only because they were just the two little trap doors on the bottom and I knew that I couldn't damage anything-but when he couldn't tell me what I was looking at, I flipped. I yelled at him and told him that he couldn't help me and that someone reading a script to me over the phone wasn't helping. I added that he asked me to do the same thing 3 times and couldn't remember which worked. Then I yelled at him for not knowing what he was doing when he asked me to open my computer.


I don't know what to do. I suppose I'll need to pay lots of money to have someone fix it-but first, I'm going to ask my computer friend here at work for help. Cross your fingers for me. If I'm not around on nights and weekends, you'll know why. :(

Skywatch Friday

I've never played along with this meme but I love seeing everyone else's photos and this is one of my favorites from vacation so why not?!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kefir Is Where It's At

My father's father died of a heart attack and as you know, my father just had bypass surgery. He's gotten healthier in the last couple of years exercising and eating right which is why he survived and why he recovered so well in the days immediately following the surgery.

In fact, he's home today.

Seeing my dad lying there hooked up to tubes made me think about my life. The doctor may have opened my father's heart, but the surgery opened my mind. I need to get healthy.

If I'm not mistaken, heart disease is still the leading killer of women. That's scary, especially knowing that it runs in my family. I'm too fat and too sedentary and though I walk more than I have in years I don't do as much as I can. I don't eat enough green veggies on a regular basis and I don't plan meals well enough. I've tried and failed at losing weigh so many times, mainly because of my willpower and money.

It's time to change that.

My goal is to eat mostly chicken and fish, stick to a low-fat, high fiber diet and eat lots of green veggies. I'm also introducing soy into my diet in the form of tofu and edamame (which I've loved for years anyway). It's said that soy is good for lowering cholesterol and may help prevent heart disease. In moderation, I think it's a good idea to try it out.

The dilemma came when I was researching soy milk. There were so many contradicting reports about whether or not it is good or bad that I decided pretty much that I'm not interested in it. I did want to get some sort of milk in my diet though which lead me to alternatives. Rice milk and almond milk were the two milks that were recommended most, but I didn't like what I read about rice milk (and heard it was gross) and almond milk isn't sold in the store nearest me. Then I remembered my friend Chrissy from work talking to me about a product she uses in her cereal because she has trouble with milk and doesn't like soy. It's called Kefir.

The health benifits of Kefir are plenty: calms the digestive system, provides calcium, protein, vitamin B, is said to reduce cholesterol and in ancient times was used to cure cancer. (A 2007 Japanese study suggested the drink may do the same in humans: 19 adults who drank kefir daily for three weeks had unusually active natural killer cells.)

Last night after shopping I had my first try. It's GOOD. It's a little thicker than milk and thinner than yogurt but it tastes more like yogurt than milk. I put it in a bowl with some high fiber cereal and blueberries and it was super yummy! I'm going to love this for sure. It'll make a nice breakfast. I'm also planning on using it to make some smoothies for breakfast now and then.

The reason I had Kefir for dinner last night was because my first tofu expedition didn't work out so well. Though I followed a recipe, the tofu turned out way too salty. This is, I'm sure, because of the soy sauce used to marinate the tofu. Tomorrow I'm going to try something different and will come back to that recipe when I have a lower sodium soy sauce.

So-do you have any heart healthy suggestions? Do you eat tofu and do you have recipes? Do you do the soy milk thing? If you have tried and don't like it, I highly recommend Kefir.

PS. For lunch today I have a chickpea salad sandwich which ROCKS. It's chickpeas, sour cream and a tiny bit of mayo with garlic powder and pepper. I also added a little celery for crunch and put it on a whole wheat pita. SO GOOD. Of course, you have to love chick peas as much as I do. :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


There are a lot of Jewish people at my firm. I knew that most of the partners were Jewish but now know a lot of consultants are too. I'm only mentioning this because it's pretty empty at work during the Jewish Holiday.

It's nice to hear that someone missed you when you were gone.

People are not always as clear as they need to be and when I question it, they sometimes get angry until they realize that it was their mistake.

Doctors who come to speak to families who have someone in ICU should really be more careful when they come out to give us information. Just saying, "Can I talk to the family of Bob *&^%$*#" pretty much set us into a panic. He realized this and quickly turned around to say, "Everything's fine." But really dude-you should start with that.

No matter how much you want to be anti-social you can't be in the intensive care waiting room.

Nurses really love to measure how much patients pee. They also don't care who's around to hear it, or who's bathroom they dump it in.

Sometimes you just need to touch it. This has nothing to do with the pee.

Knowing my apartment is going to be empty of guests for a long time makes me sad.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and take the offer given. This has nothing to do with sometimes needing to touch it. Though, I suppose it could.

Even though I know how it ends, watching Ross and Rachel struggle makes me sad.

I really hate a hypocrite. I know sometimes it's hard to take your own advice but boy is it SO obvious that you're a fake.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Block Island Focal

Happy Birthday Callie Girl!!

Go wish my Callie a very happy birthday!! (Don't forget to tell her what your weather is like today!)

Toosdae ?'s

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that my blog's been kind of out of order this last month-with guests and vacation and then my dad, I've kind of been distracted. Hopefully this is a new start to a normal posting run...let's begin with Toosdae ?'s, k?

1. If you had to base a dish around one ingredient in your refrigerator, what would you use?

2. If your best friend called you up right now and wanted to go on a week long road trip would you be able to afford it (without using your high limit credit card?

3. Which is neater, your work space or your living space?

1. That's easy: Cheddar cheese. Even if I had nothing else, a meal made of cheese is a meal made to please! :)

2. Nope. Rent is due in a couple of days and because I was on vacation this month I won't have any cash until the 15th when I get paid again. I'm hoping this is the month I get to save some $$ so this doesn't keep happening.

3. My work space for sure. Especially because I was on vacation and had guests and then ran out of my apartment in a hurry because I was rushing to get to the hospital. apartment is disheveled but I will be cleaning today after work.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday: Nuts!

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Last week before Claire went back home we went to a Red Sox game. It was a fun filled time, not only because, well, it was baseball, but also because it was Claire's very first game! I didn't get many pictures because we were busy watching the game, but here are the ones I did get...oh, and how does this relate to nuts?

"Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd! Buy me some peaNUTS and cracker jacks, I don't care if I ever come back!" (Sung during the 7th inning stretch-not to be confused with the 7th inning SCRATCH! ;)

Lou Gossett Junior

Sunday, September 28, 2008

He's Out

Of ICU. They moved him this morning before we got there-they took the chest tube out and had him walk a little bit. He was completely zonked today while we were there. His nurses aren't as nice as they were in ICU or as personable which stinks, but at least they are doing their job. The doctor tried to give my father a pill to control his heart rate but it didn't work, so they put him back on the IV, which seemed to help. The good news is he still can't feel that pain.

I'm staying overnight in CT tonight and will drive back sometime tomorrow. I'm pretty tired and for once, I am not going to push myself to get home but instead just kick back and relax tonight in my little room with a tv, book and'll be nice to sleep in my own bed again though.

I made apple strudel for the nurses that helped my dad in ICU but they were both off until Tuesday. That's a bummer for me, because like I said, they were both fantastic and wonderful to my dad AND to us. I really wish they were there...and now, I relax...