Friday, September 05, 2008

Ticket to Confusion

Last night Claire left for NJ. :( I think you can all imagine that I've grown quite fond of her and really enjoyed having her here in Boston. We'll meet up again next week though for our Beach Bitch Bonanza-but for now, my living room (Claire's room-soon to be Mo's room and then Mo and Callie's room!) is empty.

After work I took Claire shopping at Target. Earlier in the week I'd offered up my Trac Phone but couldn't find the charger. I thought Target would be the best place to get another one for her to use while in the states. After walking around a bit and picking up a few things, we went over to Filene's Basement and Marshalls so Claire could do some shopping. (I hate it when cashiers ask you to upgrade your purchase-but I guess that's the nature of sales jobs, right?). By the time we returned home, it was after 8pm and I was hungry! I cooked us up some chicken with sauteed potatoes (with rosemary) and garlic green beans. For dessert it was Peach Cobbler, as Claire mentioned to me that they don't have it in England!!

The whole point of this ramble (besides giving you details that you beg for!) is to say that around 9:30/10:00 we started thinking about Claire's trip to South Station. At that moment, we had no idea whether or not she'd be able to purchase tickets so late at night. Buses were running, yes, but sometimes that doesn't mean anything. I checked the website and didn't immediately see any information about what time the ticket counters closed.

I looked for phone numbers that were open past 8pm. I didn't find any. I found the local number and dialed that, but no one answered. Then I called another bus company trying to see if THEY were open-but I got the same thing-nothing. Both sites stated that they have convenient ticket hours and that some locations are even 24 hours-but they didn't mention which stations. Somehow, I stumbled upon information that the terminal in question was indeed open 24 hours-but it didn't specify if the ticket counter was open.

I called Greg. I emailed Danielle. I even called 2 cab companies! (Up until Greg called me back, they were the ones who gave me the most info!) With no real solid information in our hands, I decided that I'd drive Claire to the station instead of her taking a taxi-that way if she couldn't buy a ticket, she'd at least have a quick ride back to my place.

You'll be happy to know that she was indeed able to purchase a ticket.

Why do things have to be so difficult? Why could they not just write the hours of operation for the ticket counter? I know in CT there's a station that has buses come in and out all night but you can't get tickets except for during business hours. Would it be so hard to add those few lines on the website? Or at least have a 24 hour number for passengers to call?

Shouldn't they have some way to contact the company if they are running buses that late? It's just weird to me, really, that it was such a hassle to find out that tiny bit of information. 'Course, I was secretly hoping she couldn't leave and that she'd have to stay longer!! But, I get to take her to her first Baseball game after vaca-so I'm pretty lucky.

Regarding pictures-here's one for ya! I know, I know-you're mad it's not Claire. (Everyone's more curious about her) BUT this is Mo and I last year when he came to stay with me in CT.

I luv him. :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dinner with Claire

Last night after work (for me) and a lazy day at home (for Claire) we ventured out into city for dinner and sight seeing. It's no secret that I love trying new restaurants and that I use guests as an opportunity to do so. Knowing that Claire's never been to the US before, I chose to bring her to Faneuil Hall and the North End. (You know how I love it there!)

If you've never used, I recommend you try it. It's a reservation site that gives you dining points for using them and after a certain amount of points, you get a gift card to dine! Last night's dinner put me over the top, and I can now request a $25 gift card! But I digress...

I chose Eclano as my restaurant of choice. Reading the reviews it sounded like it was semi-authentic and very cozy. The place only has 9 tables and a small bar.

Being that it was Wednesday, and the first week of school, we were the only people dining. We were given a wonderful seat by the window overlooking the street and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was quaint and comfy and our waitress was very nice.

For dinner we chose to take advantage of the 3 course tasting menu for $25. Considering that 1 entree is usually about that much, it was a very good deal! Claire chose a bruschetta with caramelized onions, peppers and eggplant as her starter, then went to the handmade Papparadelle with mushrooms and ended with Braised Short Ribs. For my starter I had the roasted beat salad with goat cheese panna cotta-with was heavenly. I then went to the spinach gnocchi with a pesto marscapone sauce and ended with the short ribs as well. The food was fantastic! Perfectly cooked and flavorful-I didn't need to add anything to any of it and at every last drop.

And thank you, Claire, for treating me. It was such a nice, relaxed dinner-the kind where we just sat (for 2 hours) talking and laughing while good food was brought to us with a smile.

I'd go back for sure.

FYI-I did manage to get Claire (who's stunning, really) to agree to a picture of the 2 of us. However, I swore on my life (really) that I would not share it with the blog community and therefore, you will just have to imagine how gorgeous we both looked. ;)

After dinner we walked around the North End a bit and then into Faneuil Hall. Most of the shops were closed at that point so we didn't get a chance to really wander or shop, but at least she got to see one of the biggest tourist traps in Boston!

On our way out of the North End I saw these on the sidewalk:

I love them.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Supper clubs are fun.

"Dinkleberry, dinkleberry, dinkleberry" is hysterical when it's sung by Rye Bread. Especially when her mom says, "Um...I think the words are 'talk about it, talk about, talk about it'". Where the heck did she get dinkleberry!?!?

Sometimes you have to have more than 1 oreo. Especially when you haven't had one in ages.

People love chocolate fountains.

When you're really broke and you're living off of Ramin Noodles until the next payday, it's wicked cool when your house guest actually REQUESTS them because they are "American". SCORE!!!

Speaking of house guests, our beloved Claire is even more lovely in person as she is online. I didn't feel awkward at any point and (at least on my end) feel like we've known each other forever. I do have a photo of her arriving at the airport-but I didn't download it b/c we were gabbing late into the night!

When someone says I'll see you after school-it's funny. Because she's very professional and to hear you say she wants to fight someone is the greatest thing.

I like being told I'm pretty. :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Today's the day! Claire arrives from England late this afternoon and I can't wait! How cool is it that we get to interact with and meet people from all over the world because of blogs?

1. What do you have the most compassion for? (Or who?)
2. Are there any courses you'd like added to our schools' curriculum?
3. What do you think is the biggest waste of time?
1. The underdog, no doubt. I get so fired up when I hear about people being taken advantage of, especially when they are too weak or innocent to know any better. It just makes my blood boil and I always keep a look out for people who need protection-even strangers. And yes, I speak up for them.
2. I think that more real life courses should be added to high school curriculum's-like how to balance check books, invest in stocks and preparing taxes. When I was a senior we had a class called CI-Current Issues-and it briefly touched on these things, but not enough to make a real impact on me. I think that focusing on things like this in addition to English, Math, Science and the Arts would be very helpful.
3. Peeing. This could possibly be because I pee quite a lot-I drink a lot of water so that's natural but I also go to the bathroom when I'm nervous too. If I didn't have to pee, I'd save so much time.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I Totally Thought It Was Sunday

I went down to Connecticut on Sunday to spend the day with my family. We went to the beach in RI. In fact, I was only about 15 minutes away from the house a bunch of us bloggers rented in a couple of weeks. Callie, I'm afraid the water was a bit cold. Hopefully it'll stay this temperature all week so that we can get you in that ocean!!

Today I had a "catering" job in CT. My clients were married yesterday and since today was a holiday, they had a picnic for all of their out of town guests. It was a pretty easy gig. I didn't have to shop, plan, prep or clean. All I had to do was set up and cook the food.

On our initial meeting, the bride (well, if I am to be honest, both of them could technically be considered brides) mentioned her love of chocolate and that perhaps they would make s'mores. Because I was anxious to use it, and also because I thought her guests would get a kick out of it, I offered up my chocolate fountain. It was a smashing success...

Overall, it was a nice day. The start was a little rocky because the venue we used was first used by a biker rally. So, we couldn't set up early like we thought we could. Additionally, my clients were late getting to the picnic location so it was sort of a cluster F&*$ in the beginning. I SO hate disorganization. But once we had everything there, it went smoothly.

Now, I'm home and I'm pretty tired. I've gotten up early the last few days, and drove quite a bit over the weekend. When I got back to Boston, I had to clean up a bit because I'm being invaded tomorrow-by CLAIRE! Wahoo!!!! I'll be picking the snarky redhead up from the airport tomorrow after work. I'll be sure to give you the unauthorized version of what she's *really* like. ;)

St. Anthony's Feast

I forgot to post pictures of my fun time at the feast on Saturday night. I'm too pooped to write about it, honestly, but here are some snapshots-my camera was dying at the time and so I didn't get any pictures actually inside the feast-which is too bad, because it was so lively and fun! In any case, here they are...