Friday, August 22, 2008

Preppy Dip

Have I mentioned that I love prepping for parties? It's hard work if it's just one person and you're standing on your feet for a while, but I love it. This time, it wasn't so hard b/c it's a small party, but it's still a good feeling when you can cross things off of your prep list. (You DO make a prep list, right?!?!)

Homemade Marshmallows: Check!
Rosemary Mayo: Check!
Wasabi Mustard: Check!
Curried Ketchup: Check!
Red Pepper Dip: Check!
Cilantro Dip Base: Check!
Cut French Fries: Check!
Shred Cheeses: Check!

Tomorrow I have to:
1. Dip dessert
2. Cut celery (I'll probably do this before bed tonight)
3. Cook chicken (I would've done this tonight but it's frozen)
4. Make pita chips
5. Cut Plantains
6. Make Soft Pretzels

I might not get to the beach, but really, that's OK. I was born to be the whitest white girl...

Stepping Out, Moving On

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can't truly step away from your past? For the most part, I think I've done well to overcome and move on from some pretty devastating things that have happened in my life. And yeah, there are days when a memory is triggered and I feel down or sad and I can't shake it for a few hours...but I think that's just part of being human, right?

What I hate though, is how parts of your past seem to chase you, no matter how far away you are from it. I've been divorced for over 5 years. My last name was literally the very first thing I changed as soon as I had the official paperwork in my hands. In between that old name and my current maiden name, I've sold and bought a house (in my own name) and sold that house and signed a lease again, in my own name. I've sold and bought 2 brand new cars, paid off all student loans I had in my married name AND closed all bank accounts and credit cards that we shared. Yet, there are still times when I receive mail for my ex. Why? I don't know. I also don't know why it bothers me so much.

The other day I came home to a message on my home phone (a number I rarely give out because I never use it.) for my ex's brother! Here. In Boston-a city that has never been associated with my ex, his brother, or I when we knew each other. Nothing I own was bought with that last name, nothing signed for with that name...nothing. Yet still, I have a message on my phone for his brother stating that if he doesn't call back within 48 hours, a warrant for his arrest will be issued.

This is a dilemma. Why? Because despite what people say, I'm a nice person. And I don't want anyone to be arrested for no reason. So after my initial reaction of WTF(udge)?!?! I felt like I had to contact someone to tell them about the message. Enter uncomfortable feelings and dread.

I tried every email I ever knew that Matt had. All came back returned. I then tried his sister's email. She actually responded a day later, but in the meantime, I emailed someone I made a promise to that I'd never contact him again. He was my best friend but I "lost" him in the divorce and after several attempts to tell him we weren't in 3rd grade and it was ok to stay friends, I told him I wouldn't bother him anymore. In any case, I thought this was a good enough reason to break that promise.

I told him I needed to get in touch with Matt regarding his brother and that it was time sensitive. I said I was sorry for bothering him, but it's important that he relays the message. I know the email is still valid because he's on AOL and I see him on my IM list now and then. He never replied. Nor did Matt.

I suppose what makes me most angry is that it seems to trail me no matter what I do to step away, yet those 2 people seem to have escaped. If it was that easy for them, why's it so hard for me? I wonder if he gets MY mail.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Am I Doing!?

I'm sure my dad is pissed. Secretly pissed, that is. Why? Because I graduated from culinary school a year ago and I'm not doing a darn thing with my degree. Sure, I write about food and I think about food and I even experiment with food. But the 2 jobs I had in Boston I quit. I've created a website for my catering, but haven't really be into it for some reason. I do have a job in December in CT, and before that time I have to get registered as a small business so that I don't get sued and so that my taxes get taken out properly.

It's just that my life right now is good. I like my job a lot, I like having free time to explore the city, to visit friends in CT and to have people visit me. In the restaurant biz, I just can't do that...

And why do I think my dad is pissed? Well, he paid for 1/2 of my schooling.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Got Nothin'

Linda's photos have inspired me to learn how to use my camera better-considering we've got the very same camera! Her pictures are much better than mine, but I soon hope to acquire a small tripod and hopefully that'll help me get the picture I want-a night photo of the city from my window. For now, this is the best I could do. Still a bit blurry b/c I can't keep still, but not bad.

I'm in the process of trying to figure out what I need for vacation. I always like to get a few pieces of new clothing, but I don't think this year will allow that. Money is tight (when is it NOT?) so I only bought a pair of jean (on clearance from Old Navy), a hoodie (b/c I'm always dressed in layers) and a black belted trench coat-which I've been looking for forever. I managed to score this baby for only $30 at Marshall's. That store aggravates me, but sometimes, you find a gem. I'm also hoping that my sister's friend will highlight my hair again.

Today my sites are set on food for Saturday's dip party. I might even do some prep for it today instead of doing it all Friday night. Saturday is supposed to be sunny and in the high 80's so I want to try to get some sun if possible.

This is what I made for dinner last night. I'm a sucker for gnocchi-especially ricotta gnocchi and I happened to have some ricotta that needed to be used up (and I always have flour). So I whipped up a batch and made a brown butter and basil sauce, drizzled it with a little balsamic vinegar and called it done. OMG-it was delicious! I can't wait until tonight to have it again. (I had leftover dough.)

Have a great Thursday everyone! I hope the weather where you are is as gorgeous as it is here in Boston today.


Best Google search hit EVER: "Bobby Flay Bitch Tits". It brought the searcher to this post of mine.

Being confronted as to why someone wasn't invited to be a part of your supper club is quite uncomfortable. Especially when I really like the person. It's just...I can't invite everyone!

It's funny when someone you trust comes into your house and steals from you. That butter knife meant a lot to me, thanks. ;)

The trouble with loving to cook and having an opportunity to do so is that there are SO many things I want to try, I can't narrow it down.

It's awkward when you didn't know someone is getting divorced.

I know it's said that imitation is the biggest form of flattery, but I hate it. I don't know why, I just do-always have...

Sara Jessica Parkers clothing line Bitten sounds cool enough-sizes 2-24 mostly under $10 per piece, sold in stores...trouble is, the stores I found don't stock the higher sizes...which sucks, because you can't buy the clothes online.

I joined a walking club at work. It's actually a "how many steps" contest and we get our own pedometers. Trouble is? It hurts my shins to walk now. How am I supposed to get un-fat and win if I can't walk?

Claire & my Red Sox tickets were delivered today! Have I mentioned how psyched I am that I get to go to another game AND go with someone who's never been?

I know you told me to ignore her, but it's getting harder to. She just does not get the point. I DO NOT WANT TO BE FRIENDS!

A tiny Asian man who lives next door is a hemorrhoid. I was up until past 2:30am Tuesday morning because he felt the need to have a little party which included entertaining friends in his bedroom and (it sounded like) jump roping. I hate him. And my landlord did not call me back.

Someone should sell half popped kernels.

I am having a party at someone else's house on Saturday. My theme is dips. Everything will be a dip, have a dip or be dipped. It should be yummy.

I love it when batters strike out and they look at the bat like it's the bats fault.

I want to be pampered. Maybe it'll help me sleep.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Hey, hey, hey! It's Toosdae! Rock it out and answer these three simple of my bosses is away on vacation this week-so keep me entertained, k? Love ya! Text me. :)

1. What size and color eggs do you buy? Any particular reason why?

2. What goes best with peanut butter?

3. If I walked into your bedroom right now-without you being able to tidy up-what would I see on the floor?

1. I buy large brown eggs. Why? There was a commercial once with a jingle, "Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh!" and though I know this isn't always the case, it just sings in my head when I pick out eggs. Large eggs are the standard size for baking, so that's what I buy.

2. Grape jelly and Ritz crackers-didn't you read my tag line?

3. Oh boy. There would be lots of closet clothes. That's the clothing that has to be hung up, but I didn't get to it yet, so before bed last night, I threw them on the floor. That's the cool thing about 1. Being an adult 2. Living alone. You can do stuff like that without getting in trouble. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Around Town

Today one of my best friends came to visit me in Boston! Though it was a little hotter than we would have liked, it was overall a nice day. Thanks for coming to visit me Megan!!

We started the day by taking advantage of Boston's Restaurant Week. For $22 we could get a 3 course mean-which typically would cost a lot more. For a starter I had Rouleaux: Cambodian spring rolls filled with ground pork, crushed peanuts, shredded carrots and minced onions; served with fresh lettuce, mint, Asian basil and bean sprouts for wrapping; tuk trey for dipping. They were tasty. Megan had a salad with walnuts and gorgonzola. She said it was delicious, and she cleared the plate. For lunch, these were our picks:

Caramelized beef with lettuce cups and vermicelli noodles....I tasted the beef and it was YUMMY! Below, shrimp Napoleons with butter and wine and scallions. A little strange, but delicious.Dessert for Megan was chocolate mouse cake and for me a passion fruit mouse-it was tart, but very good. The "dish" was made of butterscotch brittle-tasty as well.The restaurant was comfortable and airy and though we were seated very close to other diners, we didn't feel like we had to whisper to keep our conversation private. The service was good, not great-but there were no complaints...until we went to leave. Since both of us only had a $20 and a $10, we asked the server to break one of the tens so we could make change and leave a tip. Simple, right? Well, when we received the change, the server had taken it upon himself to give himself a tip and give us back only $8! This meant he had about a 25% tip. Because we weren't in the mood to really argue and it wasn't really a big enough deal to ask him back to the table, we left...

And he followed.

"Excuse me ladies, I don't mean to be rude, but-did you plan on leaving a tip?"

I am still baffled that he followed us outside and ASKED us for a tip. I'm just blown away. I'm even more blown away because he TOOK his tip! So my friends said, "Yeah, it's the $10 you kept." He quickly backpedaled and said he thought we left a different amount-whatever dude. Whatever.

Still baffled.

After going back home to change my shoes we headed downtown to check out a festival in the North End. What's better on a hot day in "Little Italy" than fresh gelato? Not much, so we indulged...

The festival was neat to see-lots of descendants of the original Italian "settlers" of the area selling LOTS of meat and LOTS of cannoli. I think it would be a fun place to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

Walking around the festival was hard work! So what are two girls to do? Go have drinks in a somewhat empty bar, of course! After being wooed into getting a margarita (that was VERY strong) I had a beer and called it a day. I have to admit, that margarita gave me a headache that I still have now.

I love having visitors, but having Megan visit was especially fun as we always laugh a lot and we both love to eat. :) Also, she's one of the only people on this earth who understands (and in most cases, shares) my quirks! Thanks again Megan-I had a great time and it was awesome to see you!!

Now...onto Monday. Ick.