Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quick Quirkiness-For Real Yo

My good friend Linda was so very nice to point out that she was SURE I had some quirk in me. The nerve! :) What's scary is-this really WAS a quick meme for me to do...uh oh!

1. I love to bite things. This includes food with great textures, anything with a gel-like substance in it and people. Yes. People. I love biting lips of the people I kiss-especially if they have awesome lips. I love biting shoulders too for some reason. And last, I love biting babies butts. I know it's kind of weird but really-how can you resist a (clean) bare baby bottom?!!?

2. If you have a luscious ass or a cute little one (like a baby, or my 6 year old niece) I most likely want to pinch it. I don't know why-but I love pinching butts. I don't do it often because, well, I don't want to get arrested, but I have been known to pinch my little sisters butt and I always pinch Rye Breads. She's got the cutest little one. :)

3. I can not STAND to be pruney. This is why I will very rarely stay in any body of water for more than a 1/2 hour. When I am in a pool I usually keep my hands above water so that I can prolong the misery-but my feet still get pruney. It drives me nuts-and forget about it if I have to touch paper WHILE being pruney. Ick!

4. I have to be moisturized at all times. This means I apply lotion constantly to my hands and arms especially after I wash my hands. I moisturize the rest of my body after I shower (within 3 minutes of stepping out because the water evaporates after that and you can't lock that goodness into your skin) and before bed. Also, if you walk over to my desk at work to talk to me, I will probably put lotion on then too.

5. I can not live without chapstick. I once left work in the middle of the day because my chapstick had fallen out of my purse and was missing-I went to the store to purchase some so I could make it through the rest of the day. Also, when I fly, I always keep chapstick in the pocket of my jeans just in case we crash and I survive. I know how asinine this is, but I saw a movie once when I was little and the survivors had these horribly chapped lips-I couldn't even imagine...about 4 years ago I went on a 2nd date with a boy and instead of flowers he brought me 6 packs of chapstick in all different flavors. If he weren't 2 inches shorter than me and balding, I might have fallen in love. ;)

6. I am addicted to plucking. No, boys, I didn't misspell the word-plucking, as in plucking my eyebrows. I have very dark hair and I am Italian so at a very early age, I was taught how to groom my brows to avoid having only one. Every night when I get home from work I look for new growth and I pluck anything that can be plucked right away. If, during the day, I feel a hair that's grown and I can't get to it until after work, I touch it for the rest of the day. At this very moment, I am very aware of my eyebrows and have touched them to check to see if I have any to pluck. This is weird, I know. But if you've ever plucked any hair out of your body with tweezers, you know-it's a good feeling to see that little root at the end of the hair. It's like a reward or something.

And...that was way too easy. This scares me a little bit! It only took me a few minutes to whip them out and I didn't even hesitate. Wow. Who knew I was such a freak!?! But, at least I'm a smooth skinned, soft lipped, well groomed one freak! :)

Red Mowhawk from the Olympics

After looking at my stats from last night I realize that there are at least 50 others who were taken by the split second camera shot of the boy with the red mohawk on the Hungarian team. Here are some reasons why:

Yes...he is yummy. His name is KUCSERA Gabor and he is a 6'6" 203 pound Kayaker for the Hungarian 2008 Olympic team. I officially have a new crush.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Parade of Nations I sit like so many others watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics. I, as a normal everyday citizen...American...human watching with awe as the drummers light up the stadium with their precise choreography and intensity. I marvel at the fluidity of the dancers and am amazed with the awesome screen that makes the stadium floor transform into so many things...

I am in awe. I am proud of everyone-not just Americans today-but everyone who's worked so hard-many against all odds-to get to where they are at this very moment in time. I am practically on the edge of my seat drinking in the excitement and I can hardly wait to see my team walk past the cameras.

I. An average citizen. American. A human being.

And he. Our president. Sits slouching in his seat, legs spread apart like a frat boy who's had too much to drink. And he's glancing impatiently at his watch.

A disgrace, really-that the leader of our United States doesn't have the manners to at least pretend that he's excited to be at the Olympics. A disgrace that he would have to pretend at all...

It's the OLYMPICS. You are watching the Parade of Nations LIVE.

Some people just have no class, nor do they recognize how privileged they really are.

I am now very ready to vote. *updated* (I'm just ready for him to be out-I knew who I was voting for before this post.)

PS. To the guy from Hungary with the red mohawk. Call me!

Call the Judge!

When I was little, my favorite aunt made fudge-and she made it all of the time. I remember it being so delicious and creamy and I'd get excited every time she suggested we make it. (I later found out that she used a pudding mix as her base.) She's always sing this song while she stirred, "Fudge, fudge, call the judge! Momma's gonna have a baby!" Which is hysterical, now that I understand the words...

Years later when I was old enough to use the stove by myself, I tried making fudge alone.

It never worked.

No matter how hard I tried, my fudge never came out right-it was either too grainy or too soupy. Nothing I did worked, either. I tried many different recipes but to no avail. This was the time of my life when I was really getting into experimenting with cooking and I was amazed at how I could make elaborate meals but for the life of me could not make fudge.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I still can't. I don't know what the deal is-I'm I trained chef for goodness sake! I've made classic dishes that people like Escoffier and Careme created-yet, I can't get my fudge to work. I don't need tips or suggestions-I do everything right. I even use a candy thermometer, so I know scientifically it should work. But, it just does not.

Last night I made fudge on a whim. I don't even really like fudge all that much, but I was feeling like I wanted to play in the kitchen and I had all of the ingredients needed so, what the heck, right? Everything was going well-in fact, nothing went wrong. I thought that it was not going to set up at first, but then it did and I was psyched! Maybe THIS time it would finally be right...

This morning I got up and cut into's grainy. WTF(udge)? I don't understand! It should have worked!!! AAAAAhhhhhh!!! The good news is that it (like always) tastes fantastic. But it's not something I would bring into work to distribute, and it's not something I'll post as my weekly recipe in Boston.

*sigh* Who knew fudge would be my cooking nemesis?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rainy Thursday in Boston

Last night I finally sucked it up and took some sleeping pills. I usually only use them if it's the last resort, but since I've had headaches a lot this week and have been sleeping poorly, I thought it was a good idea to try to nip that in the bud. (What does that mean anyway? Stop the flower from growing?) I took the pills at 9:30 so that I had plenty of time between then and the morning for it to wear off-there's nothing worse than being groggy from sleep meds the next day. Well, at 3:30am I woke up and was WIDE awake. It didn't help that my crappy ass neighbor was having a spirited conversation with someone. At some point I did manage to fall asleep again and woke up before the alarm went off. Thankfully, I am not groggy. So all in all, it was a successful night for me. :)

The other day one of my coworkers asked me how to cook scallops. I explained that they are very easy to cook and that I'd look for a recipe for him. During one of my sleepless nights I picked up one of my cookbooks. While I was looking for the best recipe I could share, I had a great thought-I could start a cooking club at my work! So yesterday I pitched the idea to a couple of people here and got some great feedback. They helped me come up with an initial list of people who might be interested and I emailed them all. The thought is that we'd all pitch in $5-$10 a month and we'd have a cooking lesson and dinner. We'd rotate bringing wine to go along with it, and we'd just have a nice time. Not everyone responded-I think some of them are waiting to see if others join b/c I'm new and they don't know me well-but I have gotten about 6 or 7 yes' so I'm psyched.

This got me thinking that I could try to market myself again for these parties. I put it out there when I was in CT and got a couple of small dinner party jobs, but I didn't really work hard to get my name out. My business site is up just not perfected-so I'm going to work tonight thru Saturday (Sunday I have a family party to go to in CT) to get it working. Cross your fingers!

PS. If anyone knows how I switch the background to the body of the post on my blog (the part that is white) I'd appreciate if you'd share the info. I've tried a couple of things and it's just not's not for this blog-it's for my site. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I really have no idea how you all can watch this season of Big Brother. All they do is freakin yell at eat other and it's not even funny. It stresses me out just having on it-so I've decided, I just can't do it...

It's funny when someone advertises free rubber trees and instead of being the rubber plant they meant, "Rubber. Tree." As in plastic.

Persistence is the key to getting a fresh pot of coffee from the temperamental coffee maker in my office. It sucks though, when you finally get your cuppa joe and it's horribly bitter and disgusting.

Hitting the wrong button on the vending machine can sometimes make you want to cry.

Horribly bitter and disgusting coffee with Smart Food tastes a little like caramel corn. Weird. I know.

It's nice to hear that "It's not you" when it has to do with work and a not so lovely employee.

Having a 2 day migraine sucks butt.

Roasted Chicken smells so good when it's cooking that it almost drives me insane with hunger. When it's finally done I'm usually not hungry anymore...and then the smell lingers...and's quite possible that I smell like garlic roasted chicken right now.


I want to go somewhere and stay in a hotel. I miss vacation.

I am super duper psyched about a recipe I found for brunch. If I wasn't so broke right now, I'd have it for dinner tonight.

I am trying to sell my old camera-it's only 7 months old and has nothing wrong with it. People keep trying to offer me 1/2 of what I am asking-which is 1/2 of what was paid to buy it 7 months ago. Losers.

It's super cool when the dim sum man talks to me for 20 minutes about ingredients I'm curious about. I love him. Even though he was bald.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Wahooo! It's Toosdae! And I didn't forget this week. :) You know what to do-answer 'em! Thank you.

1. If you could change the custom of shaking hands, what would you replace it with?

2. Where is your favorite place to sit when at home?

3. If you could spend a year in perfect happiness but afterward remember nothing of the experience, would you do it?

1. It would for sure be the high five. I would have gone with a hug, but there are just some people I would never want to touch that way...and also, the high five is fun.

2. I really love my sofa lounge chair, but it's not in the corner near my window-so instead I sit in my swirly arm chair so I can look at my pretty view of downtown Boston.

3. No. Memories are a wonderful thing and they are tucked away for those rainy days when you need a smile. I hate to think about having that perfect happiness and never being able to remember it-what's the point?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Manic Monday: BIG

Monday's are MoMoLicious. Go visit Morgen for more Manic Monday posts! Go...go on now!

Big headache again today-home from work....probably sleeping (hopefully). Back later or tomorrow...

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I feel like I cooked a lot this weekend...and that I didn't do much of anything else. I slept in Saturday which was nice, because I haven't been able to do that in a while. For some reason on the weekends I've been waking up early and am not able to fall back asleep, so...the lazy morning was a good change. However, Saturday was really gross here with threats of really bad storms, so I hunkered down and watched a couple of movies, read and took a nap. I felt really lazy, and at the end of the day, felt sad that I hadn't spoken to one single person all day.

Red Currant Muffins-I've tried really hard to like the way these berries taste-I just can't do it. They taste like the "poisonous" red berries on the bush we had when I was little. They look the same too. I think I'll just stick to using them to decorate platters...

Quiche. What else can I say, but yum?

Today I woke up a little earlier, but still later than when I have to work. Yesterday I found out that because I have a certain bank, I get into a few local museums for free once a month. Now, lots of museums around here have free days, but they are usually on Wednesday's and Thursday's and to be honest, sometimes I just don't feel like going through the trouble after work. So I was psyched that today was one of my free days at the MFA. I've never been, so I hopped on the T and made my way.

When I got there, I was still excited-it's been a while since I've been to any museum and I love art. It fascinates me to look at the brush strokes knowing that someone long ago painted them...I always think about how maybe there's a stray hair embedded in the paint (gross, I know, but still neat). It amazes me that someone who was "ordinary" painted these things without even knowing that hundreds of years later, we'd be staring at it on a lonely Sunday afternoon.

I quickly became disappointed though, I'm sad to say. I roamed around and say lots of Impressionist paintings (most of which I've seen before) and some American paintings-but after that I seemed to be roaming around in galleries I had no interest in seeing. If I had more time, I would have been ok with the jars and jugs and random plates-but I only had a couple of hours, and wanted to see hardcore paintings. I must have gone through 5 or 6 galleries that were completely empty. I know this isn't the case, but it felt like the museum was in the process of moving. It was very disappointing. I tried asking 2 guides where I could find certain things, but both of them were so interested in each other, I just walked away.

I don't know why, but today I found it funny that his name is Vincent.

Plus, museums and malls give me headaches. I don't know what it is-it's not the volume-because the museums are quiet. I don't know, but within 1/2 hour I had a really horrible headache. So I decided to call it an early day and to go get lunch. Well...mother nature opened the skies just as I was crossing the street-I got as far as Northeastern University and had to run into the Qdoba-a place I don't like-to stay dry and to wait out the rain.

When I finally got home, I was in bad shape-so I turned on my ac in my bedroom, closed the blinds and layed down. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours and woke up with the headache still in full swing.
I spoke only a few words this whole weekend: "I'm a BOA customer" and "A chicken burrito with cheese please." I don't know why this makes me sad that I didn't talk to many people at all-it just does. But overall, it was an OK weekend, and I'm glad I got to spend it cooking and getting into a museum for free!