Friday, August 01, 2008

Nothing Says "Ladies Room" Like the Smell of Toothpaste & Poop least not in my company. I am not kidding you-there is some woman within the various companies that share our ladies room who needs some serious pipe repair. The minute I open the door to the hallway that leads to the bathroom I can smell it...that heavy, poopy smell that makes you remember your gag reflex and curse the 6 bottles of water you've had since 9am.

Seriously lady-take a sick day when you're feeling like that-or at the very least cut down on the fiber.

And then there's the girls who brush their teeth at odd times throughout the day-10am, 1:30pm, 3pm...I don't get it because it's obvious that the majority of the people who work in this building eat lunch at 12 noon. And normally, I could care less that people brush their teeth at work-heck, I do sometimes! But when there is a constant flow of them it mixes with the constant flow of...well, the poop, and it makes for a very unpleasant trip to the ladies room.

I think I'm going to write a note to the janitor asking him to keep the bathroom door open at night-that room needs to BREATH!


Last night I went to a play in Cambridge with a few of girls from work. I went back and forth about going-mainly because of money. Even though it was only $15, money is still tight and rent is due today...I figured that I would skimp somewhere else until my next check and that $15 is worth a night out with new people. Plus, it was one of my coworkers play (he produced it).

The play was amazing. No. Wait. AMAZING. The talent I saw on that stage just blew me away. Truly-I've seen many Broadway shows and tons of theater and operas and those actors on the tiny, hot, community theater stage were phenomenal. I'm not afraid to say that at the end, I got a little misty-eyed. (I usually do: Has to do with knowing how proud the feel at the end of a show, from experience.)

I also enjoyed not getting lost. As you remember, Cambridge is my nemesis. Not for long though, as I feel like I will be exploring it much more in the near future. The down side, of course, is having to take 2 lines home...the red and the green.

The red line has nicer trains-wider and more spacious, no weird funky 2 level layouts like the green line. But...there are also alot of weirdo's on the red line-late at night, that is. So if the trains are very empty, I feel a little more vulnerable than I would if I were on the green line. That being said, the green line (at least my train) is always packed with the younger generation.

Last night, 5 guys and a girl got on at Boylston. They had beer keg cups in their hands and were drinking them without caring that they shouldn't be. It was pretty obvious that they weren't drinking milk in those cups and I think some of the older people on the train were a little upset about it. In fact, one old guy told the group that they were going the wrong way if they were trying to get to Kenmore (which they were). But they weren't going the wrong way.

It wasn't even a funny joke. But it's funny because the guys got all angry because they knew they'd been lied to! One of them said, "He's just mad because he isn't having fun anymore."

Huh. You know what,'re probably right. Which is sad. Maybe he was just having a bad day, or maybe he just likes to see younger kids respecting the law. If that's the case, I don't see anything wrong with it, but really-he should find some better jokes.

And what is it about college aged boys? Dressed in their dirty jeans and button down striped shirts they get so cocky. They're probably all really nice guys when they are alone-but when in a pack-they are dicks. There was a girl sitting in the middle of the steps who at first glance, just looked tired. But after a few minutes, you could tell that she was either drugged or drunk. I'm going with drugged because of the way she was spaced out-but no one got up to give her a seat, which I think is weird. Can you not see that she clearly needs to sit more than you? I'm not sure she would have taken the offer, but it would have been nice to see someone ask.

When it was time for her to get off of the train, she stumbled down with her big bag (it looked like she had just come home from traveling) and knelt down on the sidewalk. Her head was touching the pavement and she just looked like she so obviously needed help-but no one seemed to care. One girl did slow down and ask if she needed help, but when she got no answer, she moved on. Just as I was about to hop out, the doors shut and we left. I'm still wondering if I should have called the police, or if I should have walked back to where she was. I'm worried that the wrong kind of person tried to help her and she's in more trouble than she was before...

I wish people-girls in particular-wouldn't put themselves in that kind of danger.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weird Dreams...again

Holy cow! Work is SLAMMIN right now, and I love it! You may recall that the last 2 jobs I've had were very slow and boring for me because there wasn't enough work. That doesn't seem to be the case here, and I am SO happy! In any case, that translated into me not having time to post this morning...and with a tiny lull now, I thought I'd jump on to get this blog going.

It seems that I either have bad dreams or weird dreams. It's very rare that I will have a nice peaceful dream or a hot and heavy sexy dream (I need to have more of those!). Last night, I had one of my weird dreams.

The first thing that is weird is that everywhere I went, instead of walking, I did the Mary Lou Retton running start-you know, the way she ran down the mat and did a little hop before she somersaulted or cartwheeled...that was what I did, only I didn't do the gymnastics. The other weird thing is that we were in some sort of hall-I think that it was supposed to be a college because Greg was in the dream and there were lots of people around who looked like they were trying to move in. (He works for a university in CT.)

Greg, my littlest sister, Rye Bread and my Mom and I were in the middle of this room (with all of the people) at a round dining table. It was some sort of a restaurant and they made fresh guacamole right at your table. The waitress came over to start making it but she didn't have gloves on. So I said, "You're supposed to wear gloves when you are touching ready to eat food." She replied, "Good point, I'll go get some." but instead, she went to the next table and started making THEIR guacamole bare handed. So I made ours-and someone at the table next to us told me, "You should have gloves on." I rolled my eyes and said, "I'm making this for my family-I don't work here so it's ok."

At that time, I saw my friend Boner from the ball park. I ran over to him (remember, Mary Lou style) and did the fist bump thing that we all seemed to do. We were separated by too many people and were trying to hug each other, but couldn't. So I said goodbye and went back to the table. Greg was now sitting at another table (I don't blame him, my mom is nuts!) with a bunch of people who worked for the school. My mom said, "He kept getting up and disappearing!" He looked over and said, "They scheduled diagnostic calls without me-how could they do that?!" Which was weird, because they were sitting right there.

The table with the dirty handed waitress now turned into people from my work and they were defending the people that left Greg out. Greg got angry and stormed out. The chips arrived to our table at the same time, and we started eating our guacamole.

Fade to black-or...sunlight...and I woke up.

The funny thing is, I woke up mad at the people that Greg works with, and with guacamole all over my face.

Just kidding, but that would have been funny!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Night on the Common

Last night I went to my very first Shakespeare in the park. It was a lovely night, but alas, I can't report on the play because there was a very loud and inconsiderate family behind me who would not allow me to hear what was going on. I left early, and am planning on going back at some point within the next couple of days. Here are a few photos for you from the night.

All the world is a stage

The sun going down over the stage...
On the way home, my breath was taken away by how perfect and still the city looked...

I don't know which one I like better...I think it's this one below.

There are pictures all over the city about how sharks and rays are coming to the aquarium....this is my favorite ad so far, as seen in the Park Street T station.

This last photo is funny-because I posted my Wednesday post yesterday and skipped Toosdae's altogether-yet no one called me out on it! Glad to know you're all paying attention. ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sparkley birthday cards with mystical creatures on them are wonderful...just like birthday cards that arrive with hand drawn swirls all over the envelope. :)

Surprise invitations will always make me smile.

The bats in South Windsor like to help me make a point about my bad luck.

It's hard to sleep when you are pinned to the bed.

Some things are embarrassing but essential to share.

Dominoes will always be a fun game to play with my family. Phrases that have evolved over the years are, "Big ticket, big ticket!" and my favorite, "Put a penny on the pickle!"

Giving someone a present that almost makes them cry (happy tears) is one of the best feelings you can have.

After tasting the dish, I now know why the lobster is angry.

"Someones got a case of RUDE" is hysterical.

Tiny hand stapled packets of coins from a little girls piggy bank will always make me smile. For sure, one of those packets is going in the book I am making for her.

People replying to "All" pisses me off.

I got invited to a play with some of the people at my new work. Hopefully it will lead to more friends. :)

They forgot my birthday at work yesterday. When they found out (as I was walking out of the door) they felt terrible.

This is an IM conversation I had's not as funny as the notorious "Petting Zoo" IM, but it still cracks me up:

Kurt: i cant stop eating slim jims
me: LOL! What?!?!?How many have you had?
Kurt: i dunno maybe ten
me: Today!???!?!?!?!?
Kurt: it reminds me of rabbit poop in a stick
me: OMG. continue to eat them?
Kurt: yummy turds
me: You are a nut.

My Asian friend (that's what she calls herself) warms my heart. She is such a caring person-I am very happy to have met her on New Year's Eve.

Having 2 people really believe in you (enough to keep prodding you to do something they think you'd be good at) is very nice-even if it's also a little annoying. :)

So...this is what having a blog at 32 is like...

Monday, July 28, 2008

32 Down...?? To Go...

I simply can not end this day without thanking the hoards of bloggers who threw me virtual birthday parties, wished me birthday wishes and who sent people my way to say Happy Birthday-it truly brightened my day reading all of the comments and visiting your blogs. I haven't yet gotten to everyone-but I will for sure, I promise you that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all are so kind and you just make the world a better place...

Those of you who know me best, know that I was worried about spending the night alone. Sure I celebrated my day with my family on Sunday, but there's something sad to me about spending your birthday alone-unless you want to. And I am not someone who wants to. Being that I live 2 hours away from most people who would spend time with me on my birthday, I was getting myself ready to spend the night alone. But on Friday, my Asian friend (That's what she's named herself) who I met on New Year's Eve invited me to dinner. She told me to pick the place and she would treat me. I was thrilled.

I do have to say that I hate picking a restaurant when someone else is paying for me. Especially here in Boston. It's almost impossible to find a restaurant that is affordable but not cheap (in quality). There are so many places I want to try too, so it just takes me forever to pick! Finally, I came up with my choice-and was psyched that she was happy with it! It's always nice to spend time with her b/c she's crazy and funny and straight forward-but it was extra nice because we got to eat outside on this beautiful night.

On my walk to the restaurant from the T I encountered this pretty church...and because I got a shiney new camera for my birthday, I thought I'd take a picture...I have no idea what church it is, or if it's even's just pretty...

Then, just steps away, I saw this....Judy Jetson's Hair. :) I thought it was funny...not at all futuristic inside either. And here is the place we chose...I just LOVE al fresco dining in the makes me feel cool. :) Yes, I know that makes me a geek...

My flatbread "pizza" with white truffle oil and 12 year old balsamic vinegar. It was...ok.

Because they forgot my cake at work today, my Asian friend (who will now be refered to as mAf) made me get dessert...behold-Tres Leches cake with Mango Puree.

And by the way-my camera passes-big time!! I am so super psyched that I'll be able to take good pictures of my food now...

Thanks again for today everyone!!! Now it's time to find out what it feels like to go to sleep 1 year older...

Manic Monday: Storm

It's rather fitting that today's Manic Monday word is "Storm". Why? Because today is my birthday, and it seems like almost every year on this day (or the day of my party) there is a storm.

One year in the 6th grade I planned a video party and rented really cool movies and got lots of good snack foods for my friends and I. I was especially psyched because the boy I was in love with, Billy B, said he was coming. I even planned where everyone would sit so that I would "accidentally" end up next to him. I knew that it was supposed to rain but I was OK with it because we'd be inside all day.

What I wasn't ok with, was the end of the world storm that occurred while we were picking up the soda and snacks. Lightening crashed, thunder boomed and it poured harder than I had ever seen. The winds were so strong that it knocked down the tree in the front yard of our house. It also knocked down our power lines.

Which meant no videos.

To be honest, I don't remember what we actually ended up doing, but I do know that for a while, I pouted about the fact that my party was "ruined" because of the storm.

Of course, no birthday has ever truly been ruined because of the weather-but it IS funny to me that almost every year, I get rain on my that good luck, or bad? :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tiny Presents

Today I spent the day in CT with my family celebrating my birthday, which is tomorrow. I received many great presents and a yummy chocolate cake (along with dinner) but I have to show you the cutest thing ever...of course, it's from Rye Bread.

After I was done opening my gifts, Rye brought out 2 pieces of paper folded in half-both with drawings on them. One had "shapes" of paper cut out and the other had little packets that she stapled shut to conceal presents...
Yes, they are from her piggy bank.

Yes, she is the cutest person in the entire world. :)