Friday, May 30, 2008

Are You Here Yet?

Yay for Friday!  Yesterday I was running (way) late so I didn't have time to update my blog.  Sorry for that.  Thursday's lately have been dedicated to my review of Top Chef but this week I missed all but the end-and I wish I'd missed that.  Why is ugly Lisa still there!?!?!?!  If she slips through the cracks one more week I'm going to vomit-oh, wait-I already did when I heard that she made peanut butter mashed potatoes!
The reason I missed out on the show on Wednesday was because I went to a girls night with one of the groups I joined.  I heard great things about the restaurant and because it is located closer to work than to home, I decided to take the opportunity to check it out.  (Thinking that coming up here on a weekend is not very probable with the $3.99 gas prices.)  I was the first to arrive, as usual.  I like being early, but I hate that I'm always TOO early.  In any case, it's awkward because not only do I not know the people I am meeting, I also don't know what most of them look like.  And, for the life of me, I could not remember what my hostess looked like.  Adding to the confusion, this place has an upstairs and a downstairs...
When I walked in, the host-who, I might add, was fantastically hot and European-asked who I was looking for.  (Cue the crickets.)
I...don't know?...
He was very nice about it, and tried to help me find them.  When our search came up with nothing, I went outside to wait.  After about 15 minutes I decided to go back in.  Euro-host ushered me to the bar and pointed out 2 women at the end who were with my group apparently-I have NO idea how they got passed me...but whatever.  Once we ordered our drinks the others arrived and we went downstairs to our table.
This place is super cool.  It's very, VERY trendy in it's decor and it's Martini list (they were voted Best Martini's in 2007) but not overly trendy in it's guests.  Which is cool, because I tend to feel uncomfortable when all of the people there are hip, trendy people.  Because I'm not one of those people!  In any case, families, couples, groups of friends, older was a good mix.  Our table was kind of on a platform with these neat benches (very comfy though).  It's rather dim down there but they have lights and candles everywhere and a cool screen with different images playing.  Very comfortable but cool...
I'm not a big martini drinker (I usually stick to Apple, Watermelon or Cosmo) but when you're at a place that was voted best of martinis, you sort of feel like you have to try.  I was torn between the Pomegranate Martini and the Mango Martini and ended up getting the mango one.  It was pretty good, but in retrospect I wish I tried the other one instead.  2 of the girls got it and loved it.  Though the food sounded better than it tasted, it was pretty good.  What it lacked in flavor was made up for by the ambiance and the drinks.  It was good enough to go to again-but I might try to get appetizers and drinks instead of dinner next time.  Instead of going for another martini with dinner, I opted for Pinot Noir, and was very happy.
Overall I had a great time.  Most of the girls were cool (a couple of them were kind of duds) and I especially liked the girl I was sitting next to.  She is from Puerto Rico and wants to be a fashion designer.  She realistically knows she won't do that, so instead she wants to own sort of a bohemian thrift shop but with new clothes-with designers from the area who are just starting out.  Sounds pretty cool and I think there are definitely places in the area that this idea would take off.  We talked about my catering and when the night ended she gave me her card and asked that I call her-she is interested in having a party.  So perhaps it'll be a good business connection, if not a new friend.
Time flew by-we left around 10:30, which was surprising, and it's why I missed Top Chef.  It was worth it though-a night out with interesting people and great drinks (in a cool new place) is always a fun night for me.
Tonight-my good friend (and yours) Linda from Are We There Yet? is coming to visit!!!  I'm super excited as I haven't seen her since September (October?) when Mo came down from MI.  Our plan includes Tapas (and sangria) tonight and tomorrow we're going to explore.  We have a few plans just in case the weather doesn't cooperate, so after the fun weekend I'm sure we'll both update you on what we did...Boston-I hope you're ready for us!!
What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I miss Dawson's Creek. But I won't watch it on DVD or reruns because it makes me sad that they are gone. "They"-like they are my friends.

Has anyone had liposuction?

The next line is: I want you to show me.

It's weird when your office building gets hit my lightening and you all have to go outside in the pouring rain.

Usher=beautiful voice.

I often wonder what makes someone decide not to change their clothes on a daily basis. I'm not talking about homeless people or people who have it really bad-I'm talking about people who work everyday at a well established company but come to work in the same outfit daily. What made that happen?

My air conditioner isn't being delivered to me until Sunday. Right now-my apartment disgustingly humid and gross. I am seriously contemplating showering and not drying off and laying in my bed with my fan blowing on me.

Tonight I'm going to a girls night out at a hip martini bar. Somehow, I still have trouble thinking of myself as someone how does that. It's pretty cool.

It's sad when you realize that you've let someone down.

Watching MTV's The Paper makes me REALLY happy that I'm not in high school anymore-because I was always Amanda. I feel for that girl.

My friends are wonderful. To celebrate them I would like to eat chocolate cake while wearing a 2 sided t-shirt and lingerie.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the unofficial start of summer. I had a great long weekend myself and am looking forward to a fun summer. How about you?

1. What is your favorite food to grill?

2. Would you rather swim in a lake, an ocean or a pool?

3. When you are in the sun, do you wear sunscreen? If so, what SPF do you use?

1. I know you all are going to be shocked, but it's not a hog dog (though the hot dog IS great on the grill.). My favorite is chicken marinated in lime juice, salt & pepper and garlic. Yum!

2. I really enjoy going to the ocean but have to admit I sometimes get a little scared when I hear about sharks. That being said, it is my water of choice. (Lakes are great too!)

3. When I am at the beach I do wear sunscreen. On the first day, I wear 15 I think. I know I have one that is 8, which is entirely too little for my fair skin, but for some reason, I have it anyway. Which is why when I get home, ice cubes melt before they even touch my skin.