Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not So Sunny Saturday

Today I had every intention on spending the day on a blanket with a book on Boston Common. The day, however, began with a rather ominous looking sky and so I decided instead to stick around closer to home in case it rained. Instead of heading for the T, I hung a right and walked to a cute little corner up the street.

One of the many cool(idge) things about this corner is the plethora of murals around. Here are a few that I passed on the way to my destination...

Along the way, I passed this gas station and thought immediately of Linda and her new Pain at the Pump meme...notice the price of 3.89 and 3.97. This picture was taken around 11am.

The skies started looking darker, so after breakfast (where I sat outside near the sidewalk and witnessed a homeless woman steal a sweater off of a chair that someone was saving. She got caught by the lady who owned the sweater.) I walked back home and took a little rest. When the sun came back out, I ventured up the street again in hope of catching a sunny spot to read my book. When I passed the gas station again about 2 hours later, the price had risen!

Bastards! Overall, a nice day. I spent the entire day roaming around exploring farther than I'd ventured here before. I visited a wine cellar and walked out with an $11 bottle of Pinot Noir (which I'll try later on) and also managed to snag a $10 sweater in a pretty blue color. I also found small basil, parsley and mint plants and happily brought them home with me too. While I didn't get to feel much sunshine on my face, the weather here is pretty and I enjoyed my late lunch of pizza & a Greek salad (from the Upper Crust) in a cozy little spot where I could read and people watch.If you look closely at the picture below you can see protesters-they're on the corners holding rainbow "peace" signs that say something like, "Pay for our needs not the war." and "Bring our troops home NOW!" I personally think the exclamation point at the end of that statement isn't very peaceful, but whatev...
I don't know what this church is called. I would have gone over to take a picture of the sign but, well...remember that homeless lady that stole the sweater? Well, she was there. Which is fine, except that I saw her 2 other places before this and I was starting to get paranoid. So I snapped the picture and went quickly on my way!! Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. I have a friend coming up in the late afternoon so perhaps before dinner I'll try to curl up in a sunny spot and let the rays refuel me for a while...thanks for coming along on my Saturday trip!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Actually, You're Average...

Tonight I met my friend Nicole for dinner and drinks after work. We are trying to get together about once a month and being that I live in Boston and she doesn't, it's harder to do than you'd think. None the less, we manage and tonight was the night.

We chose a restaurant that was close to where both of us would be. The menu looked pretty good and I was excited to try a new place. As per usual I was the first to arrive. I walked into the place and looked around then made my way to the waiting area-where 5 servers were sitting around talking to each other.

Not one of them even looked at me.

I sat down and waited for Nicole to arrive and when she did, I stepped up to the podium and asked to be seated. I was told it would be 5 minutes. Which is weird. Because there was almost no one there.

Once seated we were greeted by our quirky waiter (who's voice changed every time he came to the table). While he was telling us about the specials, he was pouring olive oil over hot pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. Immediately I knew Nicole wouldn't like it-and looking at her confirmed it. I asked that when he came back with our drinks (Pinot Grigio for me and water for her) that he bring another plate without the cheese.

15 minutes later, we were still waiting. Finally, I waved down another server and asked him if he'd find ours. Thanks to my freakishly sensitive nose, I immediately smelled that he was smoking. While we were waiting for our drinks and oil. As soon as he saw me he realized that he forgot all of our stuff and went to get it. problem. I'm a little miffed but I'm with my friend, I am about to get a nice glass of wine and the food will be good. No worries...

Nicole and I chatted and laughed while we ate. The time came for dessert and because they had small little bits for $2 I chose to get a lemon cheesecake. It arrived in a tiny martini glass (so cute!) and our waiter told me it was free for forgetting the oil.

Nice touch-I am now happy.

And then he brought our check. so we thought. Upon further inspection we realized that it was in fact another tables check-which they had already signed and tipped out. Once again, I flagged down our waiter and told him that he had given us someone else's check. He ran away (literally) and came back with another check. This time, it was ours, but there was only one. Before we even ordered water, we asked him for 2 checks. Now was irked. This guy was just a mess up and I felt like I needed to say something. Because Nicole is a new friend I asked her if she would mind if I talked to a manager. She told me that she did not mind at all, and so I asked to speak with someone in charge.

When the manager came over, I explained that from the beginning (not being acknowledged) to the very end (not having separate checks) and also the fact that he had been smoking instead of getting our drinks. Before I could finish, the manager interrupted me and told me he was sorry. He told me that he was sending the waiter home and that it was unacceptable. Then, he took our check and told us that everything was on him.

I was shocked. Usually when you mention the service the manager gives you a free drink or something. But knowing that it was our first time to the restaurant he took the opportunity to change our minds. He didn't have to do it either, which is why I know that in a few months, we might go back. He mentioned that he was new there (about a month) and that he appreciated our comments. Then he asked if we wanted anything else, on him of course.

We didn't ask for anything more, but I still think it's amazing that he paid for our meal and asked if we wanted anything more. Oh! And he asked what our names were. A little weird, but also nice...

There's really no point to this story other than to say how happy I am that there really are people out there who still care about customer satisfaction. And also, to say YAY! for free dinners. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Being sick with a cold is one thing-but having tummy trouble is a whole other monster-because with a cold you can lay down and sleep or even function normally. With tummy trouble...well, you pretty much have to stay in the bathroom. Until your tummy decides to be better.

GASX commercial: "Your son Rip is online line Toot." almost made me pee my pants b/c I was laughing so hard. There's something about a fart that is just always funny for some reason.

It's not just because I went to culinary school that I don't want you to put back the lime you just squeezed with your dirty hands back into my container of fresh unsqueezed ones. It's also because it's gross. Also, I don't subscribe to the "Once you graduate from culinary school and start working in the real world you don't worry about things like that." mentality. In fact, it's people like you who give the culinary field a bad name.

I had a cute boy use the line, "You had me at hello" the other day. Too bad he just wanted my chicken fajitas.

Which always reminds me of my Papa when he asked the waitress for chicken faginas.

I have a fun 2 weeks planned. I love that I finally have somewhat of a social life. It's so new and exciting!

If 1 out of 10 fingers is bad, it is inevitable that the bad one is the one that will be pulled by a boy who is trying to play silly games.

It's hard not to make a big deal out of someone saying that they'd go somewhere they have always said they wouldn't go to. I'm not saying that it's not NICE, it's just hard not to be shocked.

Little House on the Prairie is still one of my favorites, even though now when I watch it, I recognize how bad the acting is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Hey everyone! I'm still flying high and feeling good from last night's flirt fest (starring me!) so not much can get me down right now...but that doesn't mean that you should skip over today's questions. I hope you all have a great day!
1. What is your favorite novelty ice cream treat?
2. What is a song that you love to hate?
3. If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera is there anything you would change about your habits?
1. I really enjoy the creamcicle and then the toasted almond bar.
2. Ok. Don't laugh, but I really love MMM Bop by Hanson. I know. I know...and that's why I love to hate it.
3. I would buy pretty pajamas. I tend to wear lots of t-shirt and cotton pants around the house and I feel like if someone knocked on the door right now, I'd want to look a little prettier. So...that's it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fresh Guac

He didn't even want one taco but he took it anyway. And then he came back. 8 times. At around the 3rd or 4th taco he started staring at me from across the room and when he caught my attention he'd smile and point to me as if to say, "Have one ready for me when I get there."

Of course, I did. And he'd disappear again into the crowd. On trip number 8 he actually yelled, "Heyyyy! Taco lady!" and he winked. When he came over to me he said, "I don't want to keep calling you taco lady-what's your name?"

I told him and he told me his. And then I said, "Yeah...I don't like 'Taco Lady'. It makes me feel like the lunch lady."

And then he said: "You're way cuter than any lunch lady I've ever had. I never would have left school if my lunch lady looked like you."


So, I think that from now on I will wear a baseball hat and my whites out to bars. Either that, or I will walk around with my fresh made guacamole-because he wasn't the only boy to flirt with me tonight! (But he was definitely the hottest.)

Why don't real life boys (not at work) try to win me over like that!?!?

Manic Monday: Play

Monday's are MoMoLicious

It may have been the third grade but I am not entirely sure. It's not registering in my memory which teacher we shared for the one year she lived in Connecticut probably because most of my memories of her do not revolve around school. In my memory, she will always be the curly red headed girl with a flat face and blue eyes whose nails were perfectly groomed. She was also one of the first girls to break my heart.

She came into my life as quickly as she left and with her easy Louisiana accent and her mysterious family life she intrigued me almost instantly. Her father was a pilot in the air force and was rarely home. Along with her mother and younger brother, she moved to my sleepy little town to live with her grandmother in the big white mansion on the hill. I don't know how it happened, but almost immediately I was invited over to play.

Again my mind has eaten the details of exactly what it was we did that day-but whatever it was, we became best friends almost immediately. From that day on until the very day she'd leave, we were inseparable.

What I do remember is playing hide and seek in that old mansion-in the hidden rooms and slaves quarters or in the old time phone booth that was built into the formal entrance. I remember sitting in a steamy bathroom together until we couldn't breath just so we could clean our faces like they did in a spa-or jumping on the huge trampoline that her father won on Wheel of Fortune.

Besides playing in the creek down the street, jumping on the trampoline was our favorite past time. For hours we'd pretend that we were in the Olympics and we'd try for the perfect 10. We'd sing Whitney Houston songs while lying on our backs until the stars came out or we'd try to jump as high as the roof of the barn. (Never happened.)

She was the kind of friend who was so silly she'd make you spit milk out of your nose because you were laughing so hard. She had all of the best make up (for a kid) and didn't mind sharing. And, for a kid who still wet the bed, she was the girl who'd die defending your secret, even when people knew she was lying.

And then she moved away.

The year before I had lost another best friend, so I knew about the heartache already. But I didn't realize that the more you love someone, the more it hurts to lose them. It was a tough lesson for my little 3rd grade heart and I was heartbroken for the entire summer. I spent most of the time alone in my back yard wishing she was still there and learning how to amuse myself.

And just as I figured it out, I met my 4th grade friend.