Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Feast

I hate to use a meme for a Friday post, and maybe later I'll have something to write about-but right now, this is all I've got....
Name something you would categorize as weird.
People who like to pretend they are horses as part of their sex life.
What color was the last piece of food you ate?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?
It depends on how alone we're talking-sometimes it's a 10 and sometimes it's a 1.  Overall, for the rest of my life? 4.

Main Course:
Fill in the blank: I will never vote for a contestant in American Idol.

Describe your sleeping habits.
Sometimes I sleep like a log, other times I can't sleep at all.  Either way, I stay up too late and have trouble getting up in the morning.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Questions That Need 2 Be Asked

I was tired and sweaty; my face was bright red. Having worked a very busy service I was just ready to get home and shower. As I approached the T station I saw a couple who appeared to be arguing. As I passed them I heard the girl say, "If you continue this there's going to be a scene."

Now, this made me stop in my tracks, literally. I turned around and looked at them, sort of hovering in the shadows-I was actually trying to get her attention by staring at her. His back was to me, so I thought maybe she could give me a sign if she knew I was watching. Well, she wouldn't look over. Just as I was beginning to give up and walk away, he put his hand on her back and sort of shoved her forward. It was clear she didn't want to go where he was trying to make her go.

Mind you, this was on a busy sidewalk in a pretty nice section of town. There were people all around and there was even a police officer on the corner. But the manner in which he was speaking to her just really struck a chord with me and I felt like I needed to stand by in case she needed help.

When I saw him try to shove her along, I decided to swallow whatever social barriers I thought I should obey and walk up to them. As I approached the girl looked at me and the man turned around. I looked only at her and asking if she was OK.

She was obviously taken aback. He said, "She's fine. We're having a private conversation here." I said, "That's great. Are you going to be OK?" again to the girl. She said yes again so there was nothing more I could do. I told her that there was a police officer on the corner if she needed him, to which the man said, "They're everywhere-GOD!"

I've always been they type of person who tries to help people, even if I don't know them. But this was a little bit weird for me-in public to approach a fighting couple to make sure that the woman was OK. I guess that what really made me stop was remembering how disappointed I was in people when they didn't ask my why my forehead was cut and why the white of my eye was completely red or why I couldn't really use my left arm (even though I'm left handed) for about a week.

I remember back to when my family asked me if I was OK and I wasn't, but I couldn't tell them. I was ashamed of what was happening and for some odd reason, afraid that they would think poorly of me for "letting" it happen. What finally got me out of the abusive situation was when my gynecologist asked me a routine question-"Do you feel safe at home?"

I hesitated and my voice started to shake as it does when I am about to cry. And I answered, "No". It was the first time I admitted to another person that I was not OK, and that I was afraid. And it was easier to tell a stranger because if they passed any judgement, I wouldn't have to live with seeing their faces all of the time.

So, I thought maybe it was the same for this girl. I felt kind of silly after I walked away, but not silly enough to regret asking the question. It's quite possible that this was a simple argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend-but if it wasn't, and she needed someones hand to pull her away, I was going to make damn sure she had one to hold.

I never really minded being a silly girl anyway...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's funny when someone says, "I don't talk a lot when I'm at work" and then they proceed to talk to you for over an hour about astrology and your sign.

I like being asked if I am 21 yet. I like it even better when I reveal my real age and the boy says, "Damn girl, you look good!" (He's a cute 23 year old!)

Just in case you were wondering, the proper response to, "I don't usually sound like a dude" is "That's ok; I usually don't have herpes on my lip."

When I got lunch from Panera on Monday I had no voice at all, but obviously had to order. I mimed that I couldn't talk and then hoarsely whispered and mouthed what I would like. When I went to pick up my sandwich and tea, and guy who made it handed me the cup and said loudly, "HOT" like he would to a 3 year old. Or someone who was deaf. (You know how people tend to talk louder for some stupid reason?) I found it to be funny that he didn't get it that I had a cold.

I like it that strangers gathered to cheer on runners of the marathon. It was nice to hear the encouragement and it reminded me that you don't need to know a person to make them feel good.

Being in love is wonderful unless it is one sided. Then it is just sad and lonely.

Breaking away from something your heart wants but your brain tells you is wrong may hurt at first. But taking control of your life and trying to start over can be liberating. (And scary)

Good friends who are funny, smart, caring and trustworthy are hard to come by and are worth fighting for, no matter what you have to get past to keep them.

Dating sucks ass and I am not looking forward to doing it again. Hopefully I won't have to for long. (Wish on a star for me!)

It's hard to order from a drive through when you have no voice.

Having a friend who is only your friend when it's convenient for them is Lame. (Don't worry, it's none of you.)

It's no good when you think you found a red Starburst but you did not.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Yesterday was Patriot's Day in Massachusetts which meant I had the day off from work!! It was also the big Boston Marathon, which made for lots of extra people in the city and even though I am sick, I took a short walk up the street to see what it was all about. It was a beautifully day-perfect weather in fact-and it was fun to be in the crowd. Look at the picture below-can you see the guy dressed up in white? He was "blessing" people as they ran by. It was pretty funny...

1. What is the most physically demanding thing you have ever done?

2. Have you ever trained for a big event? It doesn't have to be a physical event, just something you needed to be very prepared for.

3. Have you ever won a medal (or a plaque)? What for, and what place?

1. The first thing that comes into mind is running stairs during volleyball in high school. It was hell. Our football field was at the bottom of a huge hill and we had to run up and down the steep steps a bazillion times to train. It's the only time I can remember throwing up b/c of physical activity.

2. I haven't trained, but I've studied. In Florida there is a test you have to take in order to continue your college education, and if you don't pass it, you have to wait. It had been a LONG time since I did some of the math required, so I had to really hunker down and study.

3. I have actually won a few, but they weren't medals-they were ribbons. Mostly for art or jewelry that I made-and they were usually first place.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


This will only be funny to people who know me in real life-and who have seen me get a little freaked out when I didn't have any on hand:

The REAL reason why I follow the rules...

As seen on PostSecret


Friday I was met by the sous chef as soon as I punched in. He ushered me out of the kitchen while saying, "We have to talk." He proceeded to walk me upstairs while telling me that I am no longer going to be working in suites.

Why? Supposedly it is because of my schedule. The very schedule that made him say, "You'll be perfect for suites!" in the interview stage. The real why? Because I mentioned that I didn't like how sexist that kitchen was. When I brought that up the sous chef while he was ushering me upstairs, he told me not to "take it personally".


So, now I work in a different kitchen, with a different chef and different customers. I was holding back tears Friday when it happened, because there was no discussion, no asking if I was ok with it. And I was embarrassed a little bit too. But the people in my new kitchen are very nice. Very nice. Right away 2 of them came out to the line and asked if I was going to be with them now...they were excited when I told them yes.

After two days of working there, I think I'll like it. Like I said, the people are 100% nicer. The only thing is, I'm not really doing anything in the kitchen. I'm just cooking food for the buffet out front. So I'm not really learning anything, but at least it's money and at least the people here are friendlier and more helpful.

So, that's it. Because I am a woman and more because I have a big mouth I am no longer in the swanky suites. Who would have thought that this company would be so discriminatory?