Saturday, February 23, 2008

Boston Silent Dance Experiment

Another reason why I love my new city...

The best was seeing the looks on the tourists faces...who are all of these people? And why are they DANCING? (And, what are they dancing TO?!)

Also, Moses led the conga line.

Overheard: "So, I hear that Moses led the conga line-did any other religious figures show up today?" (Said by a reporter to a dancer)

This was totally worth the frost bite.

(That, and the hot photographer that talked to me.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Myth Busters

Here are a few myths from the kitchen-are they fact? Or fiction? Keep reading to find out.

1. Fact or fiction: You can keep baking soda and baking powder forever.

Fact AND fiction. Baking soda will last virtually forever as long as you keep it dry. Baking powder, however, only lasts about a year. What's the difference? Well, baking soda relies on the stuff inside the batter to work, but the baking powder-well, it needs help. Baking soda has an acid in it which after time, can loose its potency. (Kind of a like a man.)

2. Fact of fiction: You shouldn't salt your meat before you cook it.

Fiction! Have you ever tried putting salt on a cooked steak before? Have you noticed how it just pings off most of the time? That's because it's already cooked and already caramelized. It's true that if you pour salt on the meat hours before cooking it you may leach out some moisture, but seasoning it a half an hour before is OK. And actually in my mind, mandatory. So, go ahead-salt your meat!

3. Fact or fiction: Lobsters scream in pain when boiled.

Fiction! Lobsters do not have the nerves in their bodies and brains in order to process the pain. Let's talk about the "scream". First, you must know that lobsters don't have the stuff to scream. Lungs? Nope. Vocal chords? Negatory. So what is that noise some of you have heard? It's air. Air that is trapped inside the shell being forced out when it's heated up.

4. Fact or fiction: All of the alcohol burns off when you use it to cook.

Fiction! Alcoholics beware! While simmering a sauce for hours will cook of the majority of it, it doesn't all cook off-but if you simmer it for only 20 minutes up to 50% can remain! And baking with it is even worse because it has to works it way out of the batter. Bottom line: BAKE WITH MORE BOOZE. :)

5. Fact or fiction: You should never cook nekid.

Fact! Two words: Bacon Grease. Nuff said.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good News

I feel better. :) Thanks for all of your comments and emails-it's amazing to have you all to cheer me up.

In other news: I got my first set of Red Sox tickets in the mail today. :)

And also, I've lost a total of 7.2 pounds.

Now tell me, how can I be sad when I know my ass will fit in my green seat at Fenway with no problems?

Black & Blue

I'm wearing black and blue today.  I didn't plan it, I didn't even realize the irony of it until I was preparing faxes earlier and wrote the date, 2/21, on the sticker.  And I wonder when I'll finally forget, when I'll finally not get flashbacks.
Today is Jamie's birthday.
This day has come and gone many times since, but it always sort of jumps out at me, making my heart stop for a second-making me pause with both fear and thanks.  Fear because I never imagined in my wildest nightmares that I would ever be beat up and thanks because I no longer am in that situation.  It still makes me sad because on that day I only had good intentions-I wanted to make it a special day for him.
I had a special breakfast of homemade sticky buns-his favorite-which he shunned.  On any other given day, he'd jump for joy, but that day, he was in a mood.  I was disappointed, but like anyone in that situation learns to do, I hid it.  I went to work and didn't hear from him at all-which was extremely odd because he had a habit of checking up on me at least 5-10 times a day either via email or phone.  I knew that something bad was going to happen if it hadn't already.  Dinner was going to be his favorite as well, and I had it started so it would be done by the time I got home.  It was, and though he was quiet and moody, we had dinner and began our evening routines.
And then he was thirsty.
This is important because it is what made him angry.  He was angry because he thought I was trying to make him sick by using an excessive amount of salt-something that was bad for him because of his medication.  Knowing that he didn't like it, I rarely even cooked with salt anymore.  I, being of sound my, knew how much salt was in the dish-it wasn't a lot at all.  In fact, the food was bland and I secretly hoped he liked it.  In any case, I stupidly told him that there was actually not a lot of salt in the dish and asked what he ate for lunch.
The smallest things set him off.
The next day no one asked me why I had a gash in my forehead and why one of my eyes was red instead of white.  I wasn't going to say anything, but if they asked...
I gave him everything he wanted for his birthday.  He made me black and blue.
For my birthday months later, I didn't get a present at all-I didn't even get a card.  All I got was a high boyfriend sitting on my couch with a bottle of tequila.  That was the last year we celebrated birthdays together.

Come back later today-if I have a break I will debunk a few famous kitchen myths for you...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


You all are obsessed with my porn.

Posting porn has it’s “benefits.” ;)

I’m just wondering-why are you stalking me? Do you NOT get the hint??

When it rains, it pours. I hate that saying, but it is so true.

Who knew? Pear & Apple crisps are all the rage in Cambridge…at least at my café.

How does thong underwear give you tail bone pain? Apparently someone else is wondering too-b/c they got to my blog by searching for it.

Having someone insinuate that they think you’re cute and they’d date you is usually nice. Unless they are engaged and have salad OCD.

Special handmade projects are fun, but also a lot of work.

Before baking, one should always: 1. Check to make sure there is nothing in the oven (like plastic tupperware) and 2. Be sure you have plastic wrap or foil to cover the baked goods once they are cool.


No, I am not going to translate.

Sometimes you just have to beg for it.

That has nothing to do with the porn (I don’t have to beg) nor does it mean you should ask for the translation (b/c you’re not going to get it!).

We have to keep our hands off of the Gyro Parts. They’re WAY too expensive to play with.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

What's up my peeps? It's Toosdae again and you know what that means!!! Question time! Answer away my friends. :)

1. If your tastebuds could be altered so that the taste of any one food would be dramatically intensified whenever you ate it, what food would you choose?

2. Have you ever listened in on a private conversation of someone you know? Did you hear something you didn't want to?

3. Give yourself some lovin'. What do you love most about yourself?

1. I think I'm going to go simple with this one, and say sharp Vermont cheddar cheese. It's a fantastic cheese and is my favorite for making grilled cheeses I love, love, love extra sharp cheese.

2. Oh, sure I have! In junior high it was all the rage to use our total phone to listen in on conversations our friends were having with the boys we liked. I did, I'm sorry to say, hear that Eddie liked my cousin instead of me. :(

3. I think what I love about myself the most is that I find great joy in making people happy-whether it's because they are sad and are having trouble finding their smile or simply because I want them to know someone cares about them, I think more often than not I go the extra mile in trying to make them smile. (I hope I succeed at least some times!!)

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday MoMo!

LOTS of love for you on THIS special day...

Here's to FUN memories, AND good FOOD.

I hope you get every wish you make from now until eternity....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Manic Monday: Two

I've been sitting by the computer for quite some time now and am simply at a loss about what to write. I tried writing something creative but couldn't. Thought about digging through boxes to find some of my old poetry but am too lazy right now. It's just that kind of day today-blah and rainy and rather glum and all I wanted to do is stay curled up in bed.

No worries-nothing's wrong. I'm just inside of my head today.

I'll be back tomorrow with not two questions, but three.

Even this is a lame post, you should still go see Morgen.

By the way, that't my smoosy faced kitty friend. :)