Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturdays R My Favorite

Why? Take a look-how could they NOT be?
Looking In:
I loved the way the light was hitting this building...
Haymarket: Look at all of the loot I scored! Purchase price? $14!! And there's more that wouldn't fit on the counter!

I also finally put up my pot rack-I did it all by myself, which I didn't think I could do. But when this girl gets an idea in her head, she gets it done!On the way home I got my favorite seat on the T-a single seat tucked into the side corner close to the door. On the second stop, a very attracted older man in a blue turtleneck sweater, dirty jeans and brown leather shoes (hey, it's close quarters) stood right in front of me and slung (slinged?) his arm around the pole near my seat. To give you a better visual, his waste was eye level for me. I noticed his nice strong hands, and his clean fingernails. I noticed he was reading a book.

I also noticed that his fly was gaping open. Gaping.

I contemplated telling him, but realized that it would be WAY too awkward and probably embarrassing for him. Instead, I put my head down and pretended to be inspecting the beets that I had in my bag.

To make matters worse, we were in a 5 minute holding pattern-meaning we weren't moving. About 3 minutes into it, Flyboy shifted his weight and adjusted his body-until he noticed that his fly was smiling at me. He quickly pulled his sweater down over his crotch and nervously held it there.

Um...dude? It's ok to zip up. I know it's embarrassing, but you KNOW I saw your zipper-it's right in front of my face. And you KNOW I saw you just pull your sweater down. So, just close it up and be done with it.

He didn't. He just kept his hand close to his crotch and quickly got off at the next stop. When he hit the platform he zipped up and turned back to me-and saw me staring!! But c'mon-I HAD to know if he'd finally close the deal.

I love the T.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Giant Cranberries Make Horrible Juice

That's not true by the way.  It might be true-but I don't know if it is.  I just made it up because I had no title-so don't hold me to it.
My neighbor still talks on the phone at 2:30am.  He started getting a little heated and then quieted down, but I was awake at that point and could still hear him talking.  I understand that he may have some people still in the country where he is from and that they may be in a different time zone-but perhaps THEY can talk to him during THEIR early mornings for a, that was his last chance-if I'm woken up one more time by him, I'm calling.  Someone like me who sometimes has trouble sleeping and who has trouble waking up every morning can't afford to have their sleep interrupted as much as I do.
Every morning when I come into work the garbage can is emptied as expected.  But the lady who does it NEVER puts it back from where it came from.  Instead, she puts it right in front of the correct location.  I don't quite understand this, and it really bothers me.  Because if she can get to it in order to empty it, she can put it back where it came from.  It's just plain laziness at this point, and I really want to write a note to her asking for her to put it back.  But I won't.
One week until I get to park in my new space and will no longer have to circle the neighborhood 16 times before finding a parking spot. :)
That deserves another :)
My feet are cold.  This is perhaps because I wore my cute ballet slipper which require I don't wear sox.  And in this sub-zero weather-that's not smart.  But cuteness counts sometimes.
My sister C-Unit and my niece Rye Bread are coming to visit me tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited.  Especially because I sit here all day in my office looking at pictures of the freakin' cutest little girl in the world and it makes me want to smoosh her.  And my sister hasn't been to my apartment since it was just a pile of it should be fun!
I still am not working at the cafe yet.  This week was supposed to be a "planning" week, but so far, it's consisted of me emailing the wife with info I was supposed to give and her emailing me saying she's working on finding a place for me to bake...even though it was already decided that I would bake at their house.  I'm excited to work for them, but if this continues, I am going to have to tell them I am moving on.  It's been too long since I've worked in a commercial kitchen and I don't want to slip into a life without it.
There's a boy here at work who always asks me to bake him stuff.  It's weird.  I'm not opposed to bringing in goodies-I often do at jobs I've had before-but I dont' think people realize that making things from scratch costs a lot of money when you're doing it on a small scale. Show me the money Pretty Boy and I'll glady make you brownies.
I'm psyched it's Friday.  My week isn't bad and I like my job but weekends are just more fun.  Plus, I think I'm going out for Tapas tonight and I love me some tapas.
I still want to make out.  Not in the hot and heavy I want to have sex with you kind of make out but the good old fashioned kissing marathon kind of making out.  People don't really do that anymore, huh?  It's always a precursor to sex now days...and I just totally said something only a girl would say, huh?  ;)
This wasn't supposed to be a randomivity post, but I guess I'm just in a random kind of mood this morning-have a FANTASTIC Friday and an even better weekend. 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Kiss

This is one of my favorite statues ever. It's called "The Kiss" and it mesmerized me in Art History in college. I searched for it when I went to the Louvre in Paris b/c I thought it was there... It also happens to be named something that I really want to do right now! I don't often get the urge to just make out, but...I gotta say, I'd really like some lips to kiss right now!!

And that, ladies and gents is your random thought for tonight...

Thursday Thirteen: Snitch

Tuesday night I was woken up by a loud screaming Asian man...yes, my "roommate".  At first I thought I was dreaming because when I opened my eyes it was pretty quiet around and the night before I had a dream that I pounded on the wall because he was loud.  It's not uncommon for me wake up scared from a nightmare or to even whimper in my sleep. ( You're freaking me out! LOL)  But after a few minutes I realized that I did not dream it and that my neighbor was yelling at the top of his lungs at someone on the phone.  It was 12:57 am.
Now most of you know that he's been loud since I moved in and I was looking into ways to buffer the wall that we share in our bedrooms.  (The other side of my apartment is absolutely quiet 99% of the time.)  I did not want to involve my landlord because I didn't want to stir up trouble nor did I want to become the tenant who complains all of the time.  So, for the last 2 months I have just put up with it by wearing ear plugs and putting a pillow over my head when he's especially loud.  Tuesday was the final straw.  Screaming like that at 1am is unacceptable (I'd argue that screaming like that at anyone at any time is unacceptable, actually) and I was no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I'm paying way too much money to live in my apartment to not be able to sleep at 1am in my own bedroom.  So I called ye olde landlord. 
He knew who I was talking about right away-which is weird to me because he has tons of apartments and he only knows me by my number.  In any case, he told me that he would take care of it by putting a letter under his door that very day and that it would be his one and only warning.  If there are anymore complaints about this man, he would be evicted.  Wow-that's pretty serious.  It makes me kind of worried that someone could do the same thing to me-even though I'm not loud at all.  But I am still grateful to my landlord for doing this because when I got home from work, he was very quiet.  And I slept like a baby...
Thirteen Things I (Hopefully) Won't Hear Now That I Told On My Neighbor
13.  Waa waaaaaa.  Wa Waaaa Waa Waaaaaa.  This is what he sounds like through the wall.  He is Asian and his intonation is just like I wrote it.  It's actually rather annoying-but that's just because if I have to hear him, I want to know what he's saying!
12. The mysterious sliding glass door sound.  I don't know what he could possibly be sliding because we don't have sliding glass doors, nor are there sliding closet doors in the building.  Not knowing what it is that he slides back and forth at midnight each night is actually rather annoying.  :)
11. A dial tone on speaker phone.
10. The sound of a phone ringing on speaker phone.  (Doesn't this man know how to pick up a freakin' phone?!)
9.  The Asian radio station with songs in an Asian language and weird rhythms.  Of course, this is played pretty much at full blast around 11:30pm or 3:30am.
8.  His friends.  It's not often, but there are times where he'll invite people over at weird times (like 2:00am) on the weekdays-and they'll sit there and just talk and laugh.  I'm not about taking away someones joy, but dude-it's 2am on a weekday.  (And also, why are you all in your BEDROOM?!?)
7.  A slamming door.
6.  His television.  At first I couldn't tell whether or not it was all the same sound-but I realized that he has two things he plays loudly-the radio and the tv.  Neither of which I can understand.
5.  Now this has nothing to do with me telling on him, and there's not much he can do, but I hope this dude NEVER gets a cold again.  The first week I lived here I almost went over to his place with some Robitussin.  I'm not sure what he's got against cough medicine, but for a man who coughs THAT much when he sleeps-he should really invest in some.
4. Farm animals.  I haven't heard any animal sounds from his apartment yet-but I'm still hoping I won't hear them in the future.
3. Gargling.  He's only done this a few times, but the way he gargles is quite annoying.  It's loud and he does it for like, 10 minutes.  I've never heard anyone gargle for that long.  And again, I pose the question: Why do you do it in your bedroom?
2.  Snoring.  I know, he can't help this, and our beds are head to head.  But I'm hoping that subconsciously he'll stay quiet so that he won't get evicted in his sleep.
1.  Asian Porn.  'Nuff said.
**I am posting this via my email and do not know if the code for Mr. Linky will come out as a garbled mess of code or if it will actually take-so, if it's the former, please excuse the mess until I can fix it later from home.  Either way, please leave a comment!**

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There’s nothing like fresh apple juice…Even when it’s squirted at you unintentionally.

Meeting readers is fun. Especially when their excitement level makes you feel like a star. J Thanks KP!

Despite what this world tries to tell us, there are still kind, caring people who believe that others are more good than bad.

Getting a letter that says, “It can be scary when your landlord loses his or her building to foreclosure.” Is scary in itself. Who sent the letter? Why did they send it? And why now? These are questions I need answer to.

It’s weird to get a whiff of beef stew wafting in from your open window. Especially when it’s from the window that faces the sky and not the courtyard where other apartments are.

How is it that someone who drinks water while others imbibe in beer and margaritas is the silliest?

I admit it: I'm addicted to the everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese from the coffee shop on the corner. I want one right now. And one for lunch. And dinner too. Holy cow they are GOOD.
I will never understand how banks can justify taking 2 weeks to fix an error that took 1 second to make.

Now I smell beef for a different reason altogether.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ha! I AM Funny! And...Nice!

It's official: I am funny! Thank you to the fabulous Julie for passing this along to moi! I don't know if this is the graphic for the award, but I'm stealing it anyway!!

Now, to pass this along:

1. Greg from We're Taking Bets one of the funniest people I know in real life, and his blog is seriously under visited. He's been away for a while due to work but will be updating soon. Take a stroll over there and check it out!

2. Claire from A Little Piece of Me is just plain crazy! And by crazy I mean hysterical. I mean-who else would post pictures of a fake sex toy lifting weights? Yeah, I know!

3. Brian in Mpls is not only hot, but he's clever and funny too! He does experiments like figuring out which temperature you should shave with or pretends to be a Target employee (first let's visit the toothpaste isle!!). Go visit-but hands off ladies-he's my Internet boyfriend!

Also, about a week ago I was given this award from The Teach:

Thank you SO much! :)

Toosdae ?'s

How is everyone doing today?! I hope you have a fantastically wonderful Toosdae (and I hope it includes answering my questions!) Remember that I can't comment back until later in the day, but know that I *can* read what your write (via email) so make me smile!!!

1. Do you have a junk drawer? If so, tell me what kind of junk you throw in there.

2. What is the last thing you regret buying?

3. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be and why?

1. I don't have an actual drawer, but I do have spots of junk-in boxes or in a corner. I hide them pretty well though...and to be honest-I have no idea what's in them!!!

2. At lunch on Sunday I ordered a Guiness, hoping that I could learn to love it like lots of other people do. I'm not going to, and I just have to accept it. I like other high flootin beers, so I don't feel so bad...besides, the margaritas after lunch clearly made up for the icky beer.

3. Besides the obvious (not having an alcoholic parent) I would change the level of involvement my parents had in my school work. They pretty much didn't push me at all and didn't check my homework or anything. I think it set me up for a lot of extra work when I got older.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Boston Buddies

I came home to find these pictures in my inbox-they are from Sunday's lunch with my new friends in Boston....I was told by the girl on the right that I'm a ham. What do you think?

Manic Monday: Date

Monday's are MoMoLicious!

This weekend was rather full for me. Saturday morning as you already know I was offered a job at a local cafe in Boston. When I was speaking with the owner over the phone she asked if I could come in to talk with her and her husband...I gladly complied, but it required me to take a ride on the T-about a 25 minutes ride...after spending a couple of hours with my new part time employers I trudged home to my apartment for a nap.

Yup. I had a date with my bed. My "roommate" (the man who shares a common wall in my bedroom) came home from wherever he's been for a month and is up to his old ways-putting music on at 3:30 in the morning and the like-which means I wake up at that time and have trouble getting back to any case, I needed to rest up because I was headed to New Hampshire to attend a Weird Al dinner party at Danielle's house. (The nap helped a little but I was still TIRED!!)

Sunday morning I planned to do laundry before meeting my friends for a nice lunch in Cambridge. Well, when I made my way to the laundry room I saw that 2 of our washers were broken, and other residents had their laundry baskets in line for the next, I made a decision to try out a local laundry mat. Ick you say? Not so much.

It's actually quite clean and overall, cheaper than using the washers in my building. The only downfall is that I can't be in my apartment while doing the laundry...

Stuck in the Mat

After my clothes were dry I went home to get ready to go here:

It is one of the restaurants that is on my list and also one that was featured on a local show here. Being that I love seafood and love a traditional fried plate or clam bake, I knew I would like this place. Having great company was just a bonus.

I started with a soup that disappointed me a bit-white fish soup that was supposed to be spicy with some dark rum in it. I thought the flavors would inspire thoughts of Jamaica or somewhere tropical-but instead it fell flat, but on a day as cold as Sunday was, it's warmth was welcomed. For lunch I had the whole belly clam platter-which almost always makes me smile. I don't eat them much (usually about once a year) but when I do, I savor the crunch, the texture and of course, the taste. It was so good that it almost made me wish it was summertime! (Shhh....don't tell)

After lunch we ventured over to Jose's-which is actually a restaurant, not a friend's house. This was the place we went for dinner a few weeks ago-their margaritas are fantastic-in fact, they are the best I've had outside of Mexico. After a few drinks we braved the cold and walked back to the T where we went our separate ways.

So, as you can see, I wasn't lying about my full weekend! I didn't get much accomplished, but at least I have clean underwear. And really, what good is having a fun new life if I can't go out to play with all of my new friends?!?