Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Tonight I was supposed to meet up with a group of people from my group but I couldn't find them! I arrived about 15 minutes early because the hostess said she'd be by the bar at that time, but obviously, she wasn't. It's always weird going into a restaurant for one of these things when you can't find the people right away, because the host tries to be helpful and I end up feeling stupid. Why? Because I don't know these people,'s just awkward.

I was disappointed because I'd really like to meet some more people and it's always nice to go out and socialize. Because I was already out, I decided to walk across the street my favorite Dim Sum restaurant to get some yummy dinner. The owner is really cool-he used to be a cab driver but when he saw that he had some franchise opportunities he enlisted his cousin and they started cooking. It's so good.

I walked home, got changed into my sweats and ate dim sum. Overall, it was a nice relaxing night, but I still wish it had gone as planned.


Desert Songbird said...

Bummer! Although your choice of dim sum was an excellent alternative. Can you pass some over, please?

Thomas said...

In an alternate universe, you met them and are getting together with them again today.

FRIGGA said...

That is a bummer... But kudos to you for trying. I know I'd be intimidated walking into a place to meet people I had never met before.