Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sometimes people are brought into your life to remind us that we need to define ourselves-that others don't and can't do that for us.

When you ask someone to be straight with you and they lie it's sort of hard to be sad that you're not friends anymore.

I'm covering for the mean girl at work this week and it's great. My 2 gals are out of town and it's been slow. Having the extra work makes the days fly by.

I'm dying to tell someone that I've decided to bring my chocolate fountain in for snack day. They want me to blow them away-they'll get it. I just have to figure out what else to make.

I just got my lease renewal in the mail today and my rent is going up $25/month-which seems crazy because if I leave, they'd charge the same as I'm paying now. I don't want to move but I'm looking at a couple of cheaper apartments up the street on Thursday. If I stay here, I have to give up my parking spot. Not sure how I'll adjust back to that but at least I can walk to work or take the T.

One catering job has now turned into 3 or 4. Same amount of people, just a little bit higher class food in a more intimate setting. I like that better anyway.

I found a really cool program that prices my recipes out for me in about 2 seconds but the software is over $100. So I'm just putting tons of stuff in while I have a free trial.

I continue to be amazed at the fact that I like salmon now. Yesterday's dinner was Mediterranean Salmon with brown rice and broccoli. Fantastic!

I also decided to get soy chocolate milk. I figured it's chocolate milk so I won't drink it all of the time (over doing soy might be bad) but I'll benefit from having some in my diet.

I can't get rid of my cough. And I feel bad because I cough at night and my new neighbor is super quiet-I know he can hear me because I could hear the other guys coughing. Wish I could stop it, but even medicine isn't working.

I have to make a dentist appointment. My left front tooth is 1/2 fake b/c of an unfortunate accident involving an icky boy and a 10 foot slide in elementary school and it's starting to feel like it's crumbling. It's been well over 20 years since it's been done, so I'd say it's been a good run.

I'm going to an interesting film/lecture tonight at a local museum. It's about what life would be like if you'd made other choices. Should be interesting...I'll blog about it tomorrow if I can.

I can tell you from experience that brandy does indeed help you stop coughing. It also burns the shit out of your throat and makes you sweat like a bastard. But I'm not coughing!

I'm very thankful for my true friends-both close to home and far away. All of you make my life brighter.


Thomas said...

You make my life brighter as well, Mags. Have a wonderful day! :)

Brian in Mpls said...

On a side note similar to the reciepe software do you know of any program that lets you enter the contents of your fridge and gives you meal ideas?

Mags said...

Thank you Tommy! :) Sorry!!!

Lois Grebowski said...

Brian, try Mastercook.

OOH, a chocolate fountain for snack day? how cool is that?

Congrats on the catering jobs!

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

Thanks for the facebook was sweet and put a smile on my face :-)

We'll def have to chat soon and try to plan my trip to Boston next year :-)

FRIGGA said...

My Mom swears that wine will help a cough or sore throat... I don't know how true it is, but I never argue with her. I figure if it doesn't help with the cough it'll at least help me not care as much about it :-0

Oh, and that lecture you're going to sounds very interesting!! I hope you do tell us about it tomorrow!! :)

Casey said...

Wow, lots of thoughts there!! First, please bring your chocolate fountain to my house whenever you feel the need to share it. We had one at our wedding but I was too worried about spilling it on my dress so I didn't partake...

I just came from a dentist appointment, not fun. It seems like ever since we hit 30, my husband and I are going to the dentist every other month. Grrr.

Hope that cough goes away soon!

lala said...

*gag* i hate brandy! my mom makes "homemade" cough syrup with moonshine whiskey though :). she puts a shot of whiskey in with a tablespoon of honey and a dash of lemon juice. it makes it more tolerable, at least.

except that my little brother will fake a cough to get some of that homemade cough syrup! haha :)

Marilyn said...

I'm going to remember that about brandy.

The chocolate fountain at work is going to be so cool. I can't wait to hear about it.

Linda said...

Now, now .. I said I thought the brandy might help - not cure you completely! Plus if you drank enough, you wouldn't care if you were still coughing!

flipper said...

lol....RI last year = me buzzed 1/2 the time, not by choice, but b/c i used the brandy for my cough med! lol....but yes it works!