Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Grand

Last night my friend Nicole came over for a dinner of Dim Sum takeaway and drinks. I hadn't seen her in over a month so it was fun to catch up. While I was here in Boston preparing for my RI vacation, Nicole was roaming around London for a couple of weeks-lucky girl! Over a couple of glasses of wine and yummy food, we brought each other up to date on our lives.

Sad news, she's probably going to move to London. What'd I tell you? Almost every friend I've ever had and liked more than an acquaintance has moved away on me since I was a little girl. Booooo!

After spending a couple of hours laughing, eating and drinking we got ready to go downtown. Nicole's friend has a band and she invited me to come see him with her. They were playing here which is just a short T ride from my apartment. Nicole's a little girl who I've never seen drink. In fact, when we were friends with the German girl (who drank a lot) she said she was "allergic" to alcohol and never drank with us. When she came over and pulled a huge bottle of wine out of her bag (that she carried on the T!) I was shocked. But what shocked me ever more was when we got to the bar, she bought me a few beers as well as a few for herself! (She insisted on paying for my drinks because she claims to have eaten more than me at dinner.)

I'm not a fan of dancing really-mainly because of the trouble I have with my face. (Since you all know about that, I might as well be honest about why I don't like to dance.) Especially with alcohol in me in a hot bar. All 3 of those things make for a very good chance that it'll happen, so I steer away from it. That being said, I love music and really enjoy being there listening to it and watching people dance. However, people I am with are usually uncomfortable with that and think I am not having a good time so they worry or worse-tend to try to stay near me so they don't feel bad. Luckily Nicole listened to me (I told her about my face before we went) and went to dance a few times. She's very silly when she is drinking! I love her. She's a great friend and I'm sad that she might be moving so far away.

Very ugly picture of me with Nicole. Mental note: never scrunch neck back to get closer to people for pictures. Causes ugly double chin effect (something I don't have in real life but if I did, I'd get me some of the best diet pills!)

The lead singer (Nicole's friend) had his wife there with him-she was awesome. We sat up front on the side of the stage and just hung out with a group of others with the band pretty much all night. After a few drinks (added on top of the drinks I had at home) I was feeling like I didn't need any more, especially because I would be taking the train home by myself and it was late.

Let me tell you-taking the T around midnight on a Friday is always interesting-but doing so when you are, ok, I'll say it, drunk, is a whole other ball of wax. The noise seems to be 1000 times louder, the lights are too bright and the smell is worse. Thankfully I had my favorite single seat on the right side of the train so I didn't have to stand. That would have been interesting. I also felt like people were looking at me, even though that was very far from the truth. I am surprised at the level of paranoia I had! Especially be the train was full of college kids who were probably worse off than me.

Overall my night was fantastic and I had such a great time. I've only gone out to a bar in the city a couple of times-and this is the first time I've been to see a live band while living here. It was definitely fun and I hope I can do it more often. Now I just have to get rid of my headache. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the nice weather-if you have it.


Star8278 said...

Your crazy lady... that is an awesome picture. You have a beautiful smile. Looks like you had a great night.

Have a great day to follow it up!!!

silverneurotic said...

Last time I drank I nearly fell on my ass in the parking lot of the bar. That was embarrassing. Thank god no one else saw me besides my friends...I can't imagine trying to take a subway while in that state.

Glad you had a good time with your friend, though I'm sorry to hear that she's probably going to be moving. At least that'll give you some incentive to save up money to a trip to London!

Linda said...

Dance? Dance? Oh hell no! I think I have two left feet - or perhaps just left ankles - and am more self-conscious then a naked woman on the steps of the Senate! Don't ask me where I came up with that from - I don't know!

Sounds like you did have a really good time last night and perhaps you'll have the chance to go out with Nicole again a time or two before she moves to London. You can use her moving as a good excuse to get together should you find yourself needing one!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Stop it with the "very ugly picture of me" commentary! You look beautiful! I thought as much as soon as I scrolled down to the pic...

Glad you had a good time... hope your fried sticks around! :)

crazy working mom said...

I LOVE to dance! I'd drag your butt out on the floor if we were to go out, for sure. :)

Oh, and sorry to read your friend is moving. Boo!