Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When reading a "Beer makes me poop" bumper sticker you should make sure there is an adequate pause between your current story and your discovery of said bumper sticker. Otherwise, it just sounds like you're making a really weird confession.

Some people can be insensitive without even knowing it.

I have opinions. So does everyone else. As long as none involve murder, rape or theft, we should be OK if these opinions are different. That's the beauty of America and in fact, it's what keeps things interesting and growing.

Monday I logged in over 5K steps and yesterday just under. I tried upping the number before bed, but being that I drove to CT right after work and got home at midnight, the walking was kept to a minimum.

Boys like boobs. And they can talk about them all night long.

It's weird, I know, but my right hand gets sniffed by men. (This has happened on more than one occasion with more than 1 boy.)

Overheard at a little pub in CT on someone's 50th birthday:
"Do you think gynecologists can tell it's been a long time since you've had sex?"
"Well...usually the fact that I'm weepingsobbing gives it away."

Yes. I said one of those sentences. And no, it wasn't the 2nd one.

On my drive back to Boston last night I heard lots of great songs that never get played during the day. The best one was "In Your Eyes' by Debbie Gibson. Boy do I remember wishing I'd get asked to dance when that song came on. I never did get to slow dance to it. Maybe someday.

The cuter and nicer a boy is, the more crude things they can say and get away with it. The proof is in the pudding. CT.

Putting "Do Not Eat" on a Tupperware container at work only stirs up more curiosity. Lord only knows how many people peeked at Linda's cupcakes before I got them to her in CT.

It's nice to be called hot. Even if it's indirectly thru a text message thru a friend. Especially when you don't have big boobs.

This is my favorite picture of Linda & I. (Taken last night)

I even like it in Black & White...

However this: also fantastic. Why? C'mon! Look at Linda!! She's "silly" with beer!!! (And also, it's got a handsome paramedic in the picture!!!)


Linda said...

This has got to be my favorite "Randomivity" post of yours - evah! And I, too, really like that picture of us!

Now as for the "weeping", even though I had was being pretty silly after my 2nd beer, I actually recall the word being "sobbing"! And it's sad but true!

Thank you again for coming all the way down to Connecticut bearing delicious cupcakes and making my birthday even more special just by being there - I had a great time and it wouldn't have been the same without you there. You are one of the warmest, truest, nicest people I know and the sender of that text message was right - you are HOT and don't ever think you aren't (and I mean that in the most loving, non-gay way possible!).

you, Mags!

Marilyn said...

Yay for cupcakes! Yay for cute (but Mags, he's bald!!) paramedics!

My hubby is a leg man. This is sad because I do actually have a nice set of boobs and my legs are not so nice.

Rocketstar said...

I always feel wierd about putting my food into the work "fridge". I

Ivanhoe said...

You made Linda's day :o)
Yup, my hubby is a boob man. I heard just about everything there is about boobs (and Pamela :o)
Have a wonderful vacation, Mags! I hope to hear all about it soon.

Lois Grebowski said...

yes, you are thankful it's not my kind of hot (as in hot flashes...LOL!)

opinions, ice cream, and pizza come in many flavors -- that's what makes being human so great!

Mags said...

Linda: You're right-it was sobbing!! I switched it out. And also, it still makes me cry with laughter. You're a funny, funny girl.

Marilyn: He's not completely bald and for some reason, I found him cute. Perhaps it's b/c he wasn't shiny bald? Or it could have been that he was in scrubs!

Rocket: It's not so bad here, but I thought it was funny b/c people came over to me and asked if I was going to put them out!!

Ivana: It was fun! And we'll be sure to update you on vacation.

Lois: Thanks! You're a looker yourself. ;)

Callie Ann said...

Wow, what a fun random....

Mo said...

What a HOT pair of lovely ladies!

And the Linda head peering over the scrubs shoulder made me giggle.

Oh - at first I typed "cheese" - is that Freudian or am I just hungry?

Travis said...

Speak your opinions I say. You've been one of the more rational and reasonable people I've read for several weeks now.

And it sounds like you had some party!

Thomas said...

I also love Debbie Gibson's "Lost In Your Eyes". In fact, I heard it this afternoon while taking a walk (I was listening to a CD of love songs). That one always takes me back to '89. :)

Carole said...

You are so funny - I really enjoy reading your blog, I added you to my list of "can't miss" blog bookmarks. Rock on! :-)

Erik said...

I think I'm still crying of laughter from that gyno-joke/statement/confession...LOL

As far as guys loving boobs, that's not necessarily true! I am not a boob-man, nor a leg or butt man. I take into account the whole package including personality. But I do like curves, so I guess that includes legs, butts, and yes - boobs...

Seriously though, it was nice to meet you in person, and whoever texted you is right, you are hot!! >;)

crazy working mom said...

I do love this photo of you and Linda as well. :)

This post made me crack up. I saw Beer makes me poop in your sidebar right over the Obama sign and wondered what the heck was up with that!!! *LOL*