Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Have My Own Voice, Thanks...

To Whom It May Concern:

During her speech in St. Paul on Wednesday night, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin purported to speak for women, small town residents, and everyone who isn’t a member of the “Washington elite.”

Sarah Palin is an intelligent, well spoken woman, but it must be made clear:

We don’t want a country in which women who are raped are refused the right to choose abortion.

We don’t want a country in which religious dogma is taught in public school science class.

We don’t want a country where gay and lesbian citizens are discriminated against.

We don’t want a country where books are banned from public libraries.

America is strongest when we are united, not divided. When our Constitutional liberties are respected. When our politicians rely on ideas and opinions instead of distortions and attacks. The challenges we face are too big to be reduced to name-calling.

Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for us.

If Sarah Palin doesn't speak for you, either, click HERE to sign a petition and join the movement to speak for ourselves.

From People for the American Way

***UPDATE ***

I'd like to say something here.

I consider myself to be an informed voter. I've taken polls, read up on candidates and watched speeches. I know the issues that are important to me especially abortion, education and equal rights.

Sarah and her party do not have the same beliefs as I do on these. This is a fact. I am not hating on her, not saying anything hateful, I am simply standing up for what I as an American who is allowed to have my own opinion can (and should) do.

This doesn't make me stupid, hateful, uninformed or a bad person. Having different beliefs is different than saying hateful things and being uninformed.

In fact, I think I posted here that she's an intelligent, well spoken woman. She is and I admire her for running and standing up and fighting for what she believes in.

So why can't I do the same?


Travis said...

I appreciate that this is issue based, unlike some of the small minded and superficial stuff I've been seeing around the bloggosphere.

Callie Ann said...

Yes, Issue based is good.. All these points you have mentioned I agree with... All 4 of these points yes, I agree with... We all do speak for ourselves... My question is What does this petition do? What is it that they are doing with it in the end.. What is the motive.. I realize it's we speak for ourselves.. but where does it go and do after it's collected all its signatures??? I am not trying to be small minded.. just don't quite understand the end result... enlighten me girl friend.. It's a cute picture of you

Thomas said...

Love that look of concern on your face, Mags. I'm with you all the way.

Rocketstar said...


Mo said...

Great picture of you - highlights your gorgeous eyes.
She doesn't speak for me, either, by the way.
But I think you already knew that.

Amazing Gracie said...

Mags, I do love you and I recognize your right to feelings...
But Sarah Palin does speak for me and Obama doesn't.
Please check on some of these facts first - it would be like me believing that Obama is a Muslim!
I offer my views in love, only....

Erik said...

Amen sista Mags!! I like how all they did during the RNC was to pick on Obama for being a "community activist", when McCain's campaign says that it should be mandatory to "serve the community."

I rarely watch "The Daily Show", but if you get a chance, check out the show from Sept. 4th.... LMAO

Erik said...

Sorry, forgot the link..

Ivanhoe said...

She doesn't speak for me either. I signed the petition, too ;o)

Marilyn said...

I'm with you on this. As conservatives go Palin doesn't seem too bad on the surface. She didn't actually push her religion too much in office, but in the end I would much prefer a candidate that didn't even pretend she wanted to take away our reproductive rights and put creationism in the schools.

Obama is the only one I've heard even mention gay rights.

Desert Songbird said...

I signed.

the teach said...

That's great, Mags! I couldn't let the e-mail go so I sent my pic out to everyone! I'm so glad a number of people responded! :)

Anonymous said...

She doesn't speak for me either and I appreciate you sending this out! I signed!


Mo said...

Mags, I love your *update*
You're right, Palin is an amazing woman, but her views are totally different from mine. That is not "hate" that's just a fact.
Speaking of facts, all of the statements in the Palin petition are factual.

Mags, I think you're a brave, strong amazing woman to post this.
Love you,

FRIGGA said...

Sarah Palin DOES speak for me! I find her to be an amazing inspiration for all woman who want it all.

Why are you voting for Obama? (Not trying to stir up trouble, but since you have the button I am curious!)

Sue said...

Signed the petition. I actually was planning on voting for McCain, until he picked Palin. I really don't like her, and now not really sure what I am going to do.

Clancy in Idaho said...

McCain, Obama... It's a choice between bad and worse, in my opinion.

I am not familiar with Sarah Palin, so I'm not sure of the issues at hand. I do agree that raped women should have the choice to abort, but I don't agree with abortion other than that.
Way to stand up for what YOU believe, Mags! :)

The Mad Hoosier said...

Just so Sarah has someone correcting the facts, or at least stating things stating her side of things here: She never banned books...she merely asked "what if" questions of the librairan. She never said that creationism needed to be in classrooms, she said it would be nice, but not even necessary. She vetod a bill, which because of her veto, allowed gays and lesbians that were state workers to have benefits for them and their significant others. I believe your statement on abortion is accurate about here...she is a pro-lifer; pro-lifers believe that life begins at creation and that innocent life must be protected....even if it comes from incest or rape. I understand your opposing view, I do, I just wanted to state the why on her stance of babies created from rape.

All the statements above can be verified at, an independent fact checking website meant to debunk myths about all kinds of politicians.