Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I really have no idea how you all can watch this season of Big Brother. All they do is freakin yell at eat other and it's not even funny. It stresses me out just having on it-so I've decided, I just can't do it...

It's funny when someone advertises free rubber trees and instead of being the rubber plant they meant, "Rubber. Tree." As in plastic.

Persistence is the key to getting a fresh pot of coffee from the temperamental coffee maker in my office. It sucks though, when you finally get your cuppa joe and it's horribly bitter and disgusting.

Hitting the wrong button on the vending machine can sometimes make you want to cry.

Horribly bitter and disgusting coffee with Smart Food tastes a little like caramel corn. Weird. I know.

It's nice to hear that "It's not you" when it has to do with work and a not so lovely employee.

Having a 2 day migraine sucks butt.

Roasted Chicken smells so good when it's cooking that it almost drives me insane with hunger. When it's finally done I'm usually not hungry anymore...and then the smell lingers...and's quite possible that I smell like garlic roasted chicken right now.


I want to go somewhere and stay in a hotel. I miss vacation.

I am super duper psyched about a recipe I found for brunch. If I wasn't so broke right now, I'd have it for dinner tonight.

I am trying to sell my old camera-it's only 7 months old and has nothing wrong with it. People keep trying to offer me 1/2 of what I am asking-which is 1/2 of what was paid to buy it 7 months ago. Losers.

It's super cool when the dim sum man talks to me for 20 minutes about ingredients I'm curious about. I love him. Even though he was bald.


Lois Grebowski said...

I'm with you on the vending machine thing. Ain't nothing sadder than using your last bit of change and getting something you don't like.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I just can't get into BB at all for some reason. It's just not clicking with me.

Brian in Mpls said...

I hate hitting the wrong button especially if i only have change for one thing on me

Mo said...

Well, I couldn't get into last season of BB - but this season I'm totally sucked in.
Smelling like roasted chicken isn't entirely a bad thing... I'm a thigh man, myself *wink*

Raise the asking price on your camera - that way when someone offers you half price, it's more than you're getting now.

Oh, and it sounds like that coffee maker needs a couple rounds of white vinegar run through it. Yes, it will smell like you're dying Easter eggs, but after you flush it a couple times, the coffee will be worlds better!

Ivanhoe said...

Did not have a luck with selling my "old" camera either. I'm not selling it for $50. I'd rather keep it :o)
Have a great Wednesday, Mags!

Rocketstar said...

Funny, the misses and I were just discussing the exact same thign about BB. The bickering is like never before on this show. Don't these people know how to get along with other people. To win the show, you need to know how to get along and manipulate people in a good way.

they chose a bad lot this time, but there are a few that "get it".

Callie Ann said...

What can I say besides I am a BB nutt... It's a habit.. I get on the realplayer and watch the live feeds and chat with a ton of friends. We are compare notes and express who is stupid and just have a great time wasting time... LOL yep that is my life.

Other stuff I answer.. Wow really

katherine. said...

I think you need you own little mini coffee maker. smile.

FRIGGA said...

"Hitting the wrong button on the vending machine can sometimes make you want to cry."

-yes, I so feel your pain! :-0...

Linda said...

*Sniff* *Sniff*!

Yep, smells like roasted garlic chicken!

Amazing Gracie said...

I don't go to work anymore. I'm totally in love with hubman. I'm not very social and don't go visit neighbors.
The gist of this is: I watch BB so I can rant and rave about somebody!

I used to be in charge of the vending machines at my office (7 stories of hungry people), and inevitably, the stupid thing would eat people's money and they'd come to me for a refund. Just a day in the life...Fortunately, the vending company provided $20 worth of change for me.

WillThink4Wine said...

Well, I am totally with you on the roasted chicken smell, but I AM hungry when it's ready to eat! It's my all time favorite meal!

I don't do vending machines. They are evil, evil, evil.

crazy working mom said...

I so totally agree about the vending machine!

Travis said...

I love roasted chicken. My local Safeway market has fresh roasted chickens every day...those are yummy.