Friday, August 22, 2008

Preppy Dip

Have I mentioned that I love prepping for parties? It's hard work if it's just one person and you're standing on your feet for a while, but I love it. This time, it wasn't so hard b/c it's a small party, but it's still a good feeling when you can cross things off of your prep list. (You DO make a prep list, right?!?!)

Homemade Marshmallows: Check!
Rosemary Mayo: Check!
Wasabi Mustard: Check!
Curried Ketchup: Check!
Red Pepper Dip: Check!
Cilantro Dip Base: Check!
Cut French Fries: Check!
Shred Cheeses: Check!

Tomorrow I have to:
1. Dip dessert
2. Cut celery (I'll probably do this before bed tonight)
3. Cook chicken (I would've done this tonight but it's frozen)
4. Make pita chips
5. Cut Plantains
6. Make Soft Pretzels

I might not get to the beach, but really, that's OK. I was born to be the whitest white girl...


bv said...

You totally made me laugh!!! I tihnk we may need to go neck to neck for the title of whitest white girl title!!! I'm iredecent!

Linda said...

List? List? We don't need no stinkin' list!

Sounds yummy!!

Lois Grebowski said...

MMMMM! Curried ketchup! That sounds totally yummy! Hot, sweet or mild curry?

Erik said...

Mmmmmmm..Wasabi covered marshmellows!!!

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with being white. I'm quite proud of my Casper the Ghost/non-tanning/burn like a lobster, Scot-French-Fin skin. At least we don't have to worry about melanoma. ;)

(BTW- Why do they always say burn like a lobster? Wouldn't it be boiled or steamed?)

Carole said...

Wow, all those dips sound FABULOUS. I wish the party was going to be at MY house! :-)

Mo said...

Preppy Dip... hmmm... I must, like totally be from the like 80's because when I read "preppy dip" I thought of turned up izod collars and little tartan plaid backpacks.
Throw three preppies in a blender, then spread on a Ritz cracker.
Mmm.... can't get much more whitebread than that!

Marilyn said...

LOL @ Mo's comment.

I wish I could go to your party.

Thomas said...

Wasaaabi! (with tongue sticking out)