Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Last night while I was compiling these questions I heard fireworks somewhere in the city. Usually the building directly next to me blocks my view (as was the case on the night the Celtics won). But last night, I had a clear view-I'm not sure why there were fireworks on a random Monday, but it was neat to see them flying high above the city...from my living room window. :) Day one of my new job today-I probably won't get to a computer until I get home, but I'd LOVE it if I saw LOTS and LOTS of answers in my comment section!!

1. What's your favorite kind of bread? What do you like to spread on it?

2. Whatever your position on your belief of God, if you found out beyond any doubt that you were wrong, how much do you think you would change how you live your life?

3. You’re cleaning house and you find pornography: would you be more upset if you realized that it belonged to your spouse, your child, or your parents?

1. Well, I basically love most bread-but my favorite for eating before a meal is a rosemary foccacia, already oiled and seasoned. And by accident one night in the kitchen after service I found out that fresh honey from a honeycomb is a fantastic spread for it!

2. I think it would change my life significantly. Right now I believe in God and often cast my worries in His direction, and put a lot of faith in knowing that everything will always work out as long as I believe. Without that, I don't know how I would get through the hard times.

3. Well, considering I live alone, I'd be mighty shocked!! But if I lived with any of the people mentioned above, I would have to say I'd be most disturbed if it were my parents porn. I know they're human, but...ick.


Asara Dragoness said...

Good morning!
1. I like just plain old white bread, with strawberry jam :)
2. I would say probably not that much. It would be harder to live here knowing there wasn't anything else after, but I'd still be the same person for the knowing.
3. I have to agree with you there.. if my parents do that sort of thing, I would MUCH rather not find out about it!

Asara Dragoness said...

p.s. good luck today, you'll do great!!!!

Danielle A. said...

1. I have this thing for raisin bread to the point where I try not to buy it because I'd eat the whole bag. I LOVE raisin bread... with butter. :)

2. I don't really know. My views have shifted over the last few years pretty significantly, but I've always had some sort of a belief. Likely I would just accept it, struggle for a bit and then learn how to live. But really I have no idea how life would change... this sounds like a good late night conversation starter. :)

3. OK... pretending I have kids and Steve and I live with my parents for a second (just for illustration purposes), I'd have to say my kids. So young, how did they get it, how the heck to I approach this, etc. etc. etc. Steve and my parents are adults, so I can give them a hard time about it but kids are a whole different situation.

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

1. Definitely this Asiago and Chive bread from a local Italian Market, it is yummy warmed with some butter! Good thing I have some at home.

2. I think it would be difficult to deal with at first, however I think I would live my life the same as I do now and follow my strong family values and morals and just being a good person in society.

3. I would definitely have to say my parents, as Mags put it "ick"

Rocketstar said...

1. REAL French bread with butter, mmmmhhhhhh.
2. Not at all. If there is a God (which no evidence exists that one does exist ;o) ) then I would have no worries, I am a kind monkey.

3. Kids are too young, parents are gone, so I guess my spouse for not sharing it with me!

heather said...

1. Whole wheat sourdough that is really sour with real butter ( i know really bad for me)

2. I do not think it would change much. I live being the best person i can be.

3. Since i live with a male roommate, my 66 year old father and two 14 year old boys... this is an interesting question. But seeing as how just yesterday i found porn on my laptop, that belongs to one of my 14 year olds.... i have to say the kids porn bothers me more. Some chica from Chicago sent my boy topless photos of her. I had to explain to both boys that even if she sends them it is still child porn and can get mommy in LOTS of trouble.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh that's an easy one. hands down hard crispy roll right out of the oven with sweet cold butter. i love the hot/cold in my mouth at the same time. and it's usually only good for one bite, but oh what a bite! ha ha ha

not at all, i live the best i can either way...

i have found all three. *puke* i triple HATE that stuff.

smiles, bee

Lois Grebowski said...

1.Banana bread slathered with Plugra butter...

2. I'd probably live the same.

3. I'd be furious....

Clancy in Idaho said...

Interesting set of questions today...

1- I have too many favs... but two of them are cinnamon burst bread from Great Harvest bread store, and Amish friendship bread that I make at home.

2- That's hard for me to even imagine. I know I wouldn't be going to church on Sundays, or worrying about trying to read and understand scriptures... but I might even still do that, cuz there is just darned good information in there for living a wholesome life. I don't think a whole lot would change really. I guess I would stop praying too....

3-All three would disturb me, but my kids would be #1 on the list, then hubby, then parents.

FRIGGA said...

Happy Toosdae!!! I wish super uper duper good luck today, I hope you love your new job!!

1. Favorite bread? That's almost like having to pick a favorite cheese!! How about a least favorite? That's easy, any that has raisons in it. Everything else is basically: :0... more please!! I love love love bread!! :0...

2. It depends on what position was the correct one. If I find out that I'm wrong and there really is only 1 God and that 1 God wants me to shave my head and ride a unicycle across America to worship him, then ya, I'd do that. But somehow I'm doubting that's the case! ;)

3. Hmmm... If it were my parents I'd be pissed because why would they stash that stuff at MY place? How'd they get it in? And if it were my spouse I'd freak out because having a spouse would be news to me. Along those lines if I found it were my kids I'd have to be committed because forgetting I have kids is something only an insanely crazy person would do... :0

Ivanhoe said...

1. European rye, seedless (grew up on it, you know :o) Used to have it with Nutella as a kid, now butter and marmelade will do.
2. I don't think it would change anything...Maybe I would just start praying harder ;o)
3. I don't think my mother ever saw any in her life. Don't have kids but would freak out about it. I know where my and hubby's stash is ;o)

Bond said...

1) Bread is my downfall... White toast with peanut butter; Crisp warm italian bread with butter or roasted red peppers or some of my gravy spiced up hot; black bread with cream cheese...see what i mean? my downfall

2) not at all...what would i do decide it was all not worth it?

3) spouse..only since they did not share - child..been there done that ...we talked, he was a teenager...he was curious - parents...why did they leave it at my house?

Anonymous said...

1. Favorite bread with spread is Rye toast with warm melty peanut butter.

2. My life would not change at all.

3. I would be most upset if I found it belonged to my child. I know kids are curious but it would obligate me to have a very uncomfortable conversation.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

1. Warm San Francisco French bread with butter. Yummy.

2. I don't think it would make any difference at all.

3. I would be more concerned finding it belonged to my child. It would be an age appropriate kind of thing for me. Minors, if I ready this question right, don't need to be viewing this type of thing.

Linda said...

1. Any kind of bread straight out of the oven with melted butter all over it is fine by me but if I could only pick one kind I'd go with a nice crusty sourdough with butter!

2. The short answer - probably not.

3. Okay, so you're saying it's definitely not mine?? Kidding, just kidding! I'd have to say my parents as that would just be too strange and sick and disturbing.

Mo said...

1. biscuit with butter and honey

2. no, I try to live as a good person, not restricted to a Judeo-Christian set of beliefs

3. I still can't get over that Miss Bee found all THREE! I've only found one of the three... and since I don't have kids, it wasn't the Monk, that leaves dear old mumsie... eeewwww!

Marilyn said...

1. Sourdough

2. No. I live by the motto: be nice. I think I would even if I knew there was no God. I'd be depressed a lot more though.

3. Jasmine's is the only one I haven't found. Andy's at least started a nice discussion. Dad's was creepy. Jasmine's will bother me but I'll get over it.

Marilyn said...

I forgot, I like real butter on that bread.

Star8278 said...

Better late than never...

BTW congrats on the new job, sounds awesome.

1. What's your favorite kind of bread? What do you like to spread on it? Does Bagel count? I love a plain bagel smeared with plain creamcheese

2. Whatever your position on your belief of God, if you found out beyond any doubt that you were wrong, how much do you think you would change how you live your life? Not all that much, what gives a faith it's strength is belief. Even with proof you can choose to believe what you've been taught and nothing will change.

3. You’re cleaning house and you find pornography: would you be more upset if you realized that it belonged to your spouse, your child, or your parents? As long as it was run of the mill, naked boobies kind I don't think I would be too freaked, unless it was my kid's and he was under 15.

Travis said...

GAH! I'm so late!

1. I like toasted country potato bread with peanut butter.

2. I can't think of anything that would make me change. My faith is in myself.

3. I don't think pornography should have anything to do with children.