Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Last night I was sitting in my apartment with the windows wide open and there were birds singing right outside my window! It was so pretty-all was quiet except for the two birdies talking to each other...just beautiful! So...

1. What is your favorite sound of nature?

2. If you were a movie star and had enough money would you insure a part of your body like some people do? If so, what part and for how much?

3. Have you altered your driving habits since the gas prices have risen so much? What have you eliminated-visits, vacations, shopping trips?

1. Even though I just babbled about the lovely birdies, my favorite sound from nature is actually the sound of crickets in the summertime. (Exception: When one gets in your house and you can't find it and it won't shut up!!) It reminds me of all of the things I love about summer-fireflies, barbeque's, the beach, bonfires and s'mores and my birthday. :)

2. I can't even imagine insuring a part of my body, really-but I suppose if I were a celebrity chef I would insure my hands for a million dollars. If I did that, my bum finger wouldn't be an issue. (From the ball park)

3. Well, I would say yes. I got a new job for goodness sakes! I do drive less now-I don't visit home as often as I would like and I don't use the car at all during the weekends.


Asara Dragoness said...

1. I love the sound of rain. On the rooftop, through leaves in the woods, on the surface of a brook.. it's just a nice soothing sound.

2. I'd insure my feet, so whenever they're tired from walking around in heels, I can get a massage :)

3. We've been driving less, but that's more because my car is getting older and doesn't do trips well. If we want to do a longer drive, we have to rent a car, which costs more than just the gas to get my car to go anywhere.. so we don't do that so much.

Star8278 said...

1. What is your favorite sound of nature?

When we were kids we camped just about every weekend. I loved the late night rain on the old camper roof. These days I love the spring peepers and crickets at night.

2. If you were a movie star and had enough money would you insure a part of your body like some people do? If so, what part and for how much?

Nope. We have what we're given by God and if it was meant to last forever it would. Insurance doesn't really appeal to me, I hate having it for cars, house, etc. anyway. Its like gambling. Paying each month and rolling the dice whether you'll ever get a return on your "investment".

3. Have you altered your driving habits since the gas prices have risen so much? What have you eliminated-visits, vacations, shopping trips?

When it first got to $3 a few years ago I made a concerted effort to drive more consistently and not sooo fast. That hasn't happened lately. One thing that changed was my boyfriend bought me a 6 cyl. car so I didn't have to drive my 8 cyl. pick up truck the 40 miles to work each day. That has been a huge help.

Lois Grebowski said...

1. Ocean waves

2. My eyes

3. We've been living in our travel trailer closer to hubby's work. He typically has an hour commute and we've cut it in half!

Anonymous said...

1. My favorite nature sound is the sound a flowing brook or stream or river.

2. I'd insure my eyes. I can't imagine not seeing my children, grandchildren or friends again.

3. I definitely have cut out a lot of un-necessary driving. I try to save trips when running errands.

Brian in Mpls said...

My favorite sound is me having sex:)


I live in a metro area and work in a metro area so I haven't had to too much but I did cancel a trip to Fargo since it would be kind of expensive and well its Fargo

Ivanhoe said...

1. I just love sound of the ocean.

2. That would have to be my boobies. Ha ha ha ha ha! How about a million bucks?

3. I've been taking a train to and from work for about a year now. Monthly pass costs about a half of monhtly parking in downtown. And now I like it even more cause of the gas money that I'm saving.
Have a great day Maggie!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

the sound of a cruiseship whistle as it leaves port!

i don't think anything. my boobs are just long and empty, my ass is fat, i have too many chins... no, nothing.

we don't drive much, once in awhile we take a ride but don't think that will change.

smiles, bee

c-unit said...

why were your windows open in this heat??? AC is one of my fav sounds! hehe
1. the rain, the ocean
3.i dont like to drive anyway so i only drive when necessary anyway

Linda said...

1. Thunderstorms are my very favorite followed by the sound of a babbling brook or a waterfall. I even have one of those noise machines set to thunderstorm mode so that I can sleep at night. Of course, it's on a low volume!

2. Uh ... no ... not unless there were some major improvements to my body somewhere along the lines!

3. Not rally because I live very close to work and don't drive all that much anyway. I'm lucky in that I only usually need to fill up every two weeks or so.

katherine. said...

water....ocean, stream, river, rain. Like so many others...water.

sure. If some part of my body was responsible for my fame and fortune I would protect that revenue. why not? (the catch here is that I am not a movie star and at this point the premiums to insure my body would come really really cheap....laughing)

a bit. we consolidate errands. Fill up when we see an especially good gas price. Ride the motorcyle more often. (or maybe gas prices are just a good excuse...hmmmm)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

1. Water in just about any form, from a running brook to a waterfall. The very best of sounds is when you are anchored out and getting ready for bed and you hear the water slapping against the boats hull. You really sleep well when that happens.

2. I'd choose my hands too. I need to blog and be able to work a boat.

3. We haven't altered anything. We travel the same as we did before. We are retired, so we aren't running around everyday anymore though.

Have a great day Mags. :)

Rocketstar said...

1. A rolling stream
2. nothing
3. I am actually thinking of taking a job with an hour communte each way, if the $ is right, crazy huh?

Luv u 2 mags ;o)

Jamie said...

Do we call this Mag's Meme?

1. What is your favorite sound of nature? The Pacific in winter crashing on to the rocks.

2. If you were a movie star and had enough money would you insure a part of your body like some people do? If so, what part and for how much?

My ears. They are perfectly tuned. Not quite sure what that would be worth, but would not like a world without music.

3. Have you altered your driving habits since the gas prices have risen so much? What have you eliminated-visits, vacations, shopping trips?

Planning shopping trips more carefully with my car. Son bought a hybrid and now gas prices have risen to where the money he used to save on gas has disappeared, but he is still better off than the full gas guzzlers.

Bond said...

The crashing of waves on the sandy beach

my ears...i would hate to lose the sense of hearing..and the loss of music - whatever it took

i just try to be more practical and go to one area for my needs

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

First, I would like to say I'm alive and I miss you! Oh, and it's finally all out on my blog.

Now for Toosdae's
1) Thunderstorms are by far my FAVORITE sound of nature.
2) I think I would insure my booty like J-Lo. I have no clue why.
3) Yes. I don't leave really unless it's to work. I don't have money to do anything else anyway! Muahahaha!

Clancy in Idaho said...

1. Thunderstorms and the smells that go with it... fresh rain.

2. If I were a movie star and said body part was important to my income, then I suppose I would. Let's say my voice, and for 20 million. (I'm a movie star, right? That kind of figure is low balling it!)

3. Haven't altered a lot, but my husband plays the how-much-can-I-increase-my-mileage game. He does things like coasting every chance he gets. He drives a Nissan Sentra that we bought from my sister. She got about 30-35 mpg, but he's been getting over 40 all the time because of his games. When he REALLY wants to save, he turns the car off to coast down big hills. When he did that he got about 52 mpg! He's funny.

Mo said...

My answers are close to yours...
1. crickets at night
2. my hands
3. yes.

FRIGGA said...

WhooHooo!! Happy Toosdae!!

1. Ocean waves crashing on the beach.

2. My eyes. $-)

3. I use my cruise control to maintain a constant speed. I like it better that way, I don't have to worry about speeding! Other than that, I'm already a very thrifty person. But sometimes I just enjoy going for a drive, this is a beautiful country and the best way to see it is from behind the wheel. Dig now, pay less. Build refineries now! Oh, sorry did I let my politics slip in there? ;)

Mags said...

Jamie-I call it, "Toosdae". :)

Thanks everyone for playing this week-I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I get this many answers!!!!

Marilyn said...

1. The sound of a rushing mountain stream. That's my favorite. I like when we camp near enough that I can just barely hear it when I wake up. Then I know I'm in my own little heaven.

2. I never heard of a celebrity sign maker... (there's one guy who stars in a video I have. "Make Mo' Money With Vinyl the Legal Way". I wonder what the other way is.) I guess my hands.

3. I used to deliver vinyl and small signs all over the valley. Now, if the customer doesn't live in town, I mail small items. I don't get the face time with them but it is way cheaper.

Callie Ann said...

favorite nature sound. A river running over rocks and making the lullaby sounds of nature

Body part.. the whole thing.. hee hee hee

well, yes I try not to drive as much. Doing all my errands while only make right turns. That's the UPS way. They have it proven it saves time and money..


How is the new job going?????

Mo said...

ps: I was surprised Brian in mpls didn't want to insure his little friend...

Mags said...

LOL-Me too Mo!!!!! And I'm sure if he reads this he'll say, "It's not little"

Travis said...

I'm soooooo late...but I love Toosdae's.

1. Waterfalls.

2. I don't think I would do that. But if I were a professional athlete I would have insured my knees.

3. I hadn't changed much until recently. I did take the long trip this weekend, but I'll be more careful now that we're on our way to $5/gallon.