Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

What up Toosdae people!? It's been a long couple of sleepless nights for me, so I'm sure that I'll need a little bit of waking up while sitting at my desk at work-you know what always makes me perk up? YOUR COMMENTS! So, help me keep my job and answer away!!

1. Since you were little how many different careers did you seriously consider? What were they?

2. You receive a neighbor’s bank statement by mistake, and you realize that the envelope wasn’t sealed before it was mailed. Are you more likely to open the envelope and take a peek before walking it next door, or just seal it up without looking?

3. You’re dining alone when you hear a couple talking about plans for their next sexual encounter. Are you more likely to get up and leave or to listen?

1. I thought about being a teacher, a mother, a marine biologist, a social worker and a chef. So that's 5. (It's the outlandish ones that are more interesting, actually!!)

2. Oh, the temptation would be so great! But I don't snoop through other peoples things because I did it once in high school and regretted it. Sometimes not knowing about certain things is better...plus: I don't know my neighbors, so it's not really that juicy for me to know how much $$ they have.

3. Oh. For sure-I would listen. And I'd probably get irritated if people were making noise and I couldn't hear them! :)


Ivanhoe said...

Hey Mags! Get some sleep already, will you? Just in case you would be bored, I tagged you for a meme :o)
Here are my answers:
1. Detective and Doctor. That's it. Needless to say I'm neither :o)
2. It's a no, I'm not a snoop either. And I would probably attempt to seal the envelope before giving it to the neighbor.
3. I am listening!:o)

Danielle A. said...

1. Since I was little... I seriously considered being a teacher, working in Student Activities, working for DSS, being a mom, and selling airplane parts. That last one was pretty recent.

2. I'd just bring it over. Their financial stuff is none of my beeswax.

3. I'd stay, I'm paying for the food after all. Unless the couple were two of the waitstaff, in which case I'd complain to the manager about inappropriate behavior.

Anonymous said...

1. I considered being a hairdresser until I realized that I only liked touching people that I knew and were clean. When I got older I considered being a nurse but the hours seemed too difficult with a family. Then I just decided that the career for me was being a mom.

2. Heck yeah I'd look.

3. I think I'd listen but not because I would care that much but because it wouldn't be worth getting up and moving.

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! Number 2 and 3 are funny!

1- I really wanted to be a veterinarian, a singer, or a model (just because I wished I were pretty and lanky enough to be one!), and a mother. I vehemently swore I would never write because I hated my 7th grade English class so much, but now I want to write all the time and wish it could be more!

2- Naw... bank statements are boring! Now if it were a nasty collections letter or a bank foreclosure... just kiddin'. Honestly, I would probably just open it without noticing it's to them cuz I don't look very often, I just open. But I don't think I would intentionally.

3- LOL! (Do people talk about their next sexual encounter at restaurants? That's hilarious!) It depends on my situation at said restaurant. Am I done with my meal, or just started it? If I am done I might leave.... just started or midway through I would definitely stay! And I would for sure be chuckling to myself if I did!

Happy Toosdae!

Brian in Mpls said...

1.)I considered Researcher, Writer, Teacher, Assassin.

2.) I wouldn't look I hate knowing other peoples business.

3.) I am with you I would ask them if they needed a camera man or a third set of hands....trust me I have done it

Asara Dragoness said...

1. Let's see.. in Kindergarten I wanted to be a nurse. First through at least part of high school I was going to be a veterinarian. In college I wanted to be a doctor. I took Organic Chemistry, and that decided me that I'd be a research scientist. I've also wanted to be a forest ranger, a book editor, a computer programmer, a web designer, an artist, a singer, a musician..

2. I might be tempted, but I don't think I would. I'd probably just put some tape on it and give it to them.

3. I would be beet red, but I'd probably be listening, lol!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

airline stewardess! back when i was young that was really thought of as fun and popular, today it is a drudge job and hated!

neither, i would seal it up and drop it in a mailbox so they didn't suspect me of it!

LEAVE!!! ewww, not while i am eating!

smiles, bee

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

1) I considered teacher, psychologist, CSI, lawyer (eww), and guidance counselor. So far I'm 0/5. LOL
2) I wouldn't look, what's the point? Not like I could have any of it even if they did have a ton of money!
3) I would so listen and get annoyed if there was noise too! LOL

crazy working mom said...

1. Teacher (what little girl doesn't want to teach???), singer/actress,

2. Well, I am a nosey rosey, so I would most definitely look!

3. See answer 2...yup, I'd listen. *LOL*

Mo said...

1. I thought about being a teacher, a mother, a marine biologist, a social worker and a chef. Oh wait, those are YOUR answers... I'll go with Porn Star, then.

2. I can't gather up enough muster to look at my own bank statement, much less someone else's.

3. Listen. Take notes.

Marilyn said...

1. Artist, teacher, field biologist... actually, in one form or another I have been all of those. I considered being a physician for a while but decided I'm not cut out for it.

2. If they are loaded I'd just feel bad and f they are broke I'd just feel bad, so I think I'd pass on looking it over.

3. I'd listen.

FRIGGA said...

I know I'm late, but oh well - here are my answers:

1. My first career aspiration was to be a Care Bear. After that I wanted to be an Astronaut. Then a Chemical Engineer. Then a Teacher. Now, I hope I will have a career as a Stay At Home Mom - but that's more in the eventually, as I can't do that alone. :)

2. Neither. I wouldn't peak, but it's not my place to seal it either. :-0

3. Listen. Oh totally listen. And if they didn't want to be overheard they would choose to talk about it at a restraunt.

Travis said...

Sorry to be so late!

1. I only remember three things I wanted to be...a Marine, a football player, and a fire fighter.

2. I would seal it up and not look at it.

3. I'd listen, especially if I wasn't finished with my dinner. Chances are that if they aren't lowering their own voices, then they don't care who hears them.