Monday, May 12, 2008

Manic Monday: Doodle

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I am fairly certain that at one point or another on this blog I have mentioned a boy named Peter. I fell in love with him when I was in the 8th grade and I'll admit it-I still kind of get flustered when I think about him. It was such a love that when I told my sister that I saw him this weekend she gasped and said, "YOU DID!?!?" and my mother made a point to tell me that he's in town doing a play.

Peter is a professional actor.

I met Peter in the 8th grade, as I mentioned before. The middle school-which I was in-and the high school-which he was in-did a chorus concert together. Me being the romantic dreamer that I am, fell in love with Peter the minute he opened his mouth. He's got the most beautifully touching tenor voice I have ever heard in my entire life. I knew from that moment that he would one day be famous.

You think I'm kidding? I'm not. Somewhere in my mother's attic I have a notebook full of newspaper clipping about the plays he was in. I even have pieces of paper that he doodled on when we were hanging out after drama club.

Yeah-that's right. We became friends. In fact, he's the reason why I joined the drama club in the first place. He was a senior when I was a freshman and we had chorus together. I almost threw up when I realized that he was in the class. You see, I thought that he had graduated.

Oh Peter was beautiful-both inside and out. I remember how much he loved his friends and he also loved children. I only remember him being sad once and he always made a point of making sure we were all smiling. My freshman year was ironically the best year in high school, largely because of him. We were both the chorus teachers favorite so we got to hang out a lot. I would just close my eyes sometimes and let his voice wash over me. Really, it's that beautiful-and it always has been. Even in high school, his voice was so mature and powerful.

He left for college in NY and I didn't see him again until my junior year when I played Rizzo in Grease. That was the last time I've actually talked to him-though years later I discovered that he was playing Marius in Les Mis on Broadway. Again, I almost threw up when I saw his name on the marquis and my then boyfriend (ex-husband) got angry at me because of my excitement. I can't explain to you how proud I was of Peter and how excited I was to hear his voice again.

Even in a large Broadway production with the orchestra and other powerful singers, I could easily pick his voice out from everyone else's...he's something special.

Saturday when I was driving through my home town I saw him standing on the sidewalk deep in conversation with a friend. (I was also happy to see that he was still friends with this guy!) I walked into the grocery store with a big smile on my face because no matter where he goes, he's still linked to this little town in CT and to my little chorus.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie-I was also thinking about what I would say to him if he were to walk into the grocery store while I was picking out pineapples. :) On the way back home I saw him again, still talking to his friend. I really wanted to pull over so I could tell him that even though it's been all of these years, I am so very proud of him for doing what he loves. And not only that, but for bringing so much beauty to this world. He's an inspiration to me not only because he followed his dream, but also because he does it with such passion you can't help but sucked in.

The quality of these You Tube videos is not great-but I'm super excited that he's on here and I'd like to share with you this amazing man who brought me so much joy, gave me tons of butterflies in my tummy and now, inspiration to follow my dream...

(If, by some odd reason you ever come across a clear version of him in Les Mis singing "A Little Fall of Rain" I would forever be grateful and would probably kiss your feet. Or at least make you baked goods.)


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

the utubes are not showing up on my computer, don't know if it's because it is a mac or not but i visited his website, NICE!!!!

smiles, bee

Ivanhoe said...

I hope you have a chance to talk to him when you see him next time. Have a great Monday!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Incredible voice! Love the doodle tie in! LOL! I too hope you get to talk to him next time he's in town!

Travis said...

His voice is wonderful.

crazy working mom said...

Very cool! :)

Happy Manic Monday, Mags.

Mo said...

How's this for an opening line: "I want to bear your children!"

Julie said...

Mmmmm nice!