Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Luck of the Draw

During orientation I encountered 2 people who asked very stupid questions. They were so stupid that for a minute I thought that maybe they were joking and when I realized they weren't I actually rolled my eyes. Well, when I worked in suites one of the guys was part of the team. (He's actually one of the guys who was clueless who got to do more than me b/c I am a woman.) The other guy works in the kitchen I now work in.

And he's an idiot. On top of that, he's rude and has no idea how to take care of the people who are giving us a paycheck-the customers. The first time I talked to him he asked me if I watched the Simpsons. When I told him no, he said, "What are you stupid!?!? Everyone watches the Simpsons!"

Um. Not everyone, bucko.

Next, he walked out onto the line (he works in the back of the kitchen) and told us all that we're doing a great job and that he's proud of us. Now, to most of you, you're thinking, "Ok...that seems like a nice thing to do." But it's not. Because he's a jerk and he's saying it just to make us like him.

The last straw though was when he asked me for food. This is normally ok but on this day, we were so busy that I had to keep asking the kitchen for fresh fish because I was running out. I was making fish tacos and without the fish, well, you get it...

So this jackass came out from the kitchen and asked me for a fish taco. I said ok and began making him one. And then he said, "That's not a good piece of fish-give me another one."

Now to another aside-the day before he said, "I want a taco." and I said, "PLEASE". He was angry that I made him say please. See? Rude.

Back to the "I want a better piece of fish" episode. I said, "This is a perfectly good piece of fish-I have to save the rest for our customers." He went "Pfft" and said, "Forget it" and walked away.

Why is it that the piece of fish I gave you wasn't good enough for you but it's good enough for our customers? Listen jerkface loser boy-you are not our priority. We get the food that is left over. Our paying customers are more important and you are to wait for food like the rest of us. In the event that you get food before we pull it off of the line, you will take what you get because there are still PAYING customers who get the best food.


I can't stand that guy. Who says "The bomb digity" anymore anyway?


Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! I think you have the best blog rants of anyone I've ever seen! I can just see this jerk in my head and I want to punch his lights out! Hahaha!!!

Sorry you have to work with such a pig... :(

GMadrid said...

Sadly I do enjoy a good bomb diggity in just the right situation.

mauniejames3 said...

Shake it off will get over this and he will still be a big loser...I know how angry I get at stupid people on the phone..I heard hubby say to his friend..even Maun loses it with people on the phone...she won't admit it but she does..I think they will take over the do they pass tests?

Julie said...

Me being an anti-cartoon gals myself....perhaps him being a Simpson fanatic was a clue?

**ducks from all the incoming missles and runs away quickly**

Melisa said...

That post was the Bomb Diggity. LOL
(I don't really use that...but I'm sure some people do)

Hang in there! People like that will get their Karma later on...unfortunately (or fortunately?) you probably won't be in the vicinity where you can watch it happen...

Mo said...

D'oh! Melisa beat me to saying your post was The Bomb Diggity.
Must be a Simpsons thing...

Fish tacos just don't sound appealling, but this jerkface sounds even less appealling.
He needs a good kick in the coconuts.

Hope your Sunday is better!
Bomb Diggitty Dog!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Who says "The bomb digity" anymore anyway?

Evidently, people who watch the Simpsons. *shrugs*

In every single workplace, there are people like that. And there are people who are guininely nice, but really crappy them being nice kind of gets canceled out cuz you just end up annoyed with the fact they are crap employees.

Mags said...

Clancy: Thanks!!

Greg: I KNEW you'd say that. But the dif is that you say it for a laugh b/c you know people don't say it-he says it b/c he thinks it's cool.

Maunie: Shaken. :)

Julie: I'm not anti-cartoon at all-just never got into Simpsons...

Melisa: LOL!

Mo: You had to throw a Doh! in there, didn't ya?

Silver: I guess it is a Simpsons thing! It's true about being nice and crappy workers-but I'd rather him be nice and crappy than rude and crappy like he is!!!

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

Hey Mags! I miss ya! Just wanted to drop by and say hello. My blog has partial explination to my absenteeism, but as far as the jack ass goes, send him to Hell's Kitchen. Let him tell chef Gordon that. LMAO!! hahaha!

Ivanhoe said...

Hold on tight! They are a**holes everywhere. BTW: I do not watch Simpsons either :o)))))