Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Here are this weeks questions everyone! Jam up my comments box with your answers today, k? I mean, really-go overboard. Answer them 2 or 3 times, write paragraphs...or, just answer 'em once. :)

1. If you had your choice, what time would you get up in the morning?

2. What is one field or profession that you have never pursued, but that you think you would most likely have been quite good at?

3. What do you do at the end of your school/work day to unwind and relax?

1. I think that most days 9am is a good time to get up, mainly because I go to sleep late. If I could stay asleep until 9am that would mean I could actually wake up naturally instead of having to listen to that God-awful alarm and therefore, I would need less coffee and would save lots of money. :)

2. I did actually study to be a teacher and though I decided not to get certified after my student teaching, I think I would have been good at it-especially for 3rd graders.

3. Usually I change into my pj's and either read a couple of chapters in a book or catch up on blogs I couldn't read from work. Recently, I bought a back massager that clips onto the chair and so I've been letting that work its magic on the muscles that are causing problems with my neck. It's fantastic!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

1. If you had your choice, what time would you get up in the morning?

9am. That way I'd still get plenty of sleep even after staying up late.

2. What is one field or profession that you have never pursued, but that you think you would most likely have been quite good at?

Probably writing, and that's something I'm planning on remedying in the near future.

3. What do you do at the end of your school/work day to unwind and relax?

Listen to music and read.

Kat said...

1) 9a.m. would be perfect

2) I always wanted to be a professional figure skater or a flight attendant. I used to regret not being the latter but now I am happy.

3) Read a good book, staring mindlessly at the tv or coyzing up to my hubby on the couch.

Ivanhoe said...

1. 8:30 or 9 am sounds about right.

2. I wanted to be a back-up singer.

3. Read a book, watch TV, do some blogging or scrapbooking...

Brian in Mpls said...

1.)I would love to be able to roll out of bed refreshed at 6:00 am every morning. I wish I could train myself to only need 3 hours of sleep.

2.) Medical researcher or engineer of some kind.

3.) Glass of wine, light music and read for an hour

GMadrid said...

1. 7 am - Of course I have a choice, but my body doesn't always agree.

2. Sportscasting/writing

3. Watch TV or read

mauniejames3 said...

I would like to get up at seven (not really but my mind tells me that's perfect)

I always wanted to get into counseling...I have a bad habit of telling people what they should do anyway..

I put on pj's...they have to be very soft...take a glass of white wine (with lots of ice) and go up to my bedroom to sit on the bed...read...and sip my wine...have to be careful though, bedtime could be as early as three p.m.

Desert Songbird said...

1. I'd get up at 8:00 a.m.; kinda sleeping in, but not so late that I'd miss an opportunity for a lunch date.

2. Rock singer. Always wanted to be, never pursued it.

3. I put on comfy clothes and sit in my bed watching mindless television.

Asara Dragoness said...

1. Let's see.. I think 9-10 am would be good.. I'm usually awake until 1am on raid nights, so then I could at least get a full 8 hours of sleep before having to be up for work, instead of 5-6 like I am now.

2. I would have liked to be a book editor. My English prof. in college told me once that I should have been an English major.. and as much as I love to read, I think that would have been perfect!

3. What I do now: have dinner with my family, play on the computer a bit, try to make time to at least watch tv with the kids for a while, then drop into bed.

What I would LIKE to do (i.e. if i were still single with no kids, lol): take a nice long bath with a book and maybe a glass of wine or something, wash my hair, change into pj's, cook a simple dinner, curl up on the couch to eat it, play on the computer a bit (couldn't leave that one out), then hit the hay early with some soothing music on.

Clancy in Idaho said...

1- If I could figure out how to do it easily, like my husband does, I would jump out of my bed wide awake at 5:30 or 6:00. I love the morning and used to get up really easily when I was a kid. But something happened... college I think. That's when it got hard for me to get up in the morning. Then I got married and had kids and it got worse. Someday maybe I'll be a morning person again! But I still want to be a night owl too! I'm with Brian... I just want to be able to function on 3 hours a day!

2- I think I would be a good doula or midwife, perhaps. I think birth is the greatest thing, and I was my little sister's labor coach for her two kids. It was a great experience, and I thought I did a good job coaching! (she did both births without medication) I have never pursued it, and don't think I ever will, but I think I would be good at it.

I also wanted to be a singer or some sort of entertainer on stage. I don't know how good I'd be at it, but I think it would bring me a lot of joy, personally. Definitely won't be pursuing that one as a career, but I do love to sing! :)

3- My work day consists of playing with my children (a lot of the time it's playing referee with my children!) so to unwind I hopefully get to run to the store by myself, or my husband takes my kids to the park and I stay home and cook dinner in peace. If neither of those happen, (or even if they do!) then after they go to bed I will come and blog and read blogs, or read a book for an hour or three. *this is where the night owl kicks in... kids are in bed and I have quiet time!!

You said go overboard... so I tried to expound! :)

Happy Toosdae!

Anonymous said...

1. My ideal time to wake up would be about 7 am. Right now I get up about 6 and feel pretty good but 7o'clock would be nice.

2. I'd like to be formally trained in sewing and tailoring. I love to sew now but I have never had any formal training and some things are just way out of my ablility level. I'd love to make costumes and clothing for movies or stage.

3. I like to bake or read to unwind. After dinner when everything is cleaned up and the house gets quiet I always feel like baking. Maybe the warm, sweet, homey smells comfort me.

Bond said...

8:00-8:30 would do

Actually a Chef... I love to cook, I am good at it, I love to experiment...and i love to watch people eat what I have prepared.

Some days a cocktail...watch some TV...listen to some music....take a toke...

Bond said...

Waiting on reactions to that last comment! bwahahahahahahahahah

well I used to anyway

Star8278 said...

1. If you had your choice, what time would you get up in the morning?

9AM - Not too early and not too late to get stuff done throughout the day. Assuming that being able to sleep in that late means I don't have to go to work...

2. What is one field or profession that you have never pursued, but that you think you would most likely have been quite good at?

Photography - I take pictures everyday it seems, but never professionally. I think if I had the money for the equipment and the time to devote, I would have been great at it as a living. As it is now, the day job affords me the chance to shoot what I want, when I want and not stress over paying the bills.

3. What do you do at the end of your school/work day to unwind and relax?

Ride my bike, pull weeds or take pictures.

Kimberly Pye said...

Aw, you asked so nicely; how can I refuse?

1. I would get up when I'm totally done sleeping. But since that will never be allowed, I think 9:00 would be reasonable.

2. I could have been an actress. Or a professional orchestral musician.

3. At the end of the day, it's me an' my yarn. A husband, the couch, a snack, and TV shows on DVD will do the trick, too.

Marilyn said...

I don't want to get up in the morning... I'd much prefer afternoon. I'm up and around between 7:00 and 8:00 most days though and at 6:30 if I have deadlines to meet.

I want to be an aerobics instructor. I think, with a lot of work, I might be good at it. I love to dance. I just look like an idiot actually doing it.

Jasmine and I have been drawing and painting in the evenings... nothing worth showing anybody else, mostly neopets and cartoon characters, but we have fun.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...


brain surgeon

tv or a nap or some cake...

smiles, bee

Josh said...

1. Ummm... It wouldn't be morning.

2. Acting, cuz I'm a drama queen.

3. My daughter makes every stress that I had at work go away very quickly. I love her.

FRIGGA said...

You did say to write a lot, didn't you? ;-0

1. Interesting question! It would depend, because if I still have to put my 8+ hours in at work then I'd want to get up at like 3 am and be at work by 5 am so I could be off work by 2 pm :) But I know work would never go for it, and yes I have asked, a few times ;-) However, if work was not an issue. Say I was independently wealthy or something, then I'd want to get up probably 7-8 depending on how late I went to bed. It's more about making sure I have a good 9-10 hours of sleep so I can wake up naturally and do away with the alarm. Yes, I sleep a lot. Yes, I enjoy it :)

2. A race car driver. If my dad had me building go karts when I was 5 instead of kicking a soccer ball. Because with all those years of playing soccer and working hard and practice and running for years and years and years, I was never a good player. I mean, once I became a goalie I was actually pretty awesome, but when it comes to the rest of the game, I was painfully average. But, driving, now there's a sport I could've rocked had I put all that time and energy over all those years into driving instead. Ya, that would've rocked. Of course now, as an adult I have an open opportunity to race my car, legally, and fulfill my fantasy, but so far I'm too gun shy to race MY car and too poor to buy a car to race.

3. The very first thing I do when I get home is my volunteer work. Out here is a group called Homefront San Diego, which takes the needs of the military families in our area and then fills those needs with the donations of people in the area. So when people first call in they leave a message and I get to be one of the people to call them back. I get to talk to everyday citizens who are looking to help out a military family, who have something they want to give, but the best part is when I get to talk to the military families, the ones with low ranks and young kids, no furniture and no idea how they're going to buy their next tank of gas, or heck, they have no idea how they are going to feed their children dinner - those people are awesome and I love being the one to call them back to tell them we can help. With everything that those families have sacraficed for the rest of us, I wish there was more I can do. But this is awesome and it's an excellent way to unwind and end my work day on an extremely positive note.

Thank you for letting me chatter on and on, especially on my favorite Toodae post! :)

Travis said...

1. Probably around 8am.

2. Firefighter.

3. Watch sports, listen to music, blog, and spend time with my Lady and my kitty.

Linda said...

1. I could handle 8:00 though 9:00 is kinda nice, too!

2. Either a lawyer or a history teacher - go figure!

3. Blog!!! Or take a short nap and then blog!!!

Danielle A. said...

1. 6:00, but then I would also go to bed at like 9:30. Since that's not happenin'... I'm not getting up at 6:00. (Easily, anyways).

2. Teaching. I like working with students. Instead I sell airplane parts (you'd never know I like my job...).

3. Cook dinner, clean up dinner, and crochet for at least 30 minutes. If I'm lucky I get to read a chapter or two also. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Bond - taking a toke. Good one, V.