Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baseball Night

Tonight I watched baseball. Live. At Fenway Park.

And it was the most boring game EVER. :) But I was there, it was live, and I had a great seat... This was the only ticket I didn't sell and all day I was worried that it wouldn't clear up-it rained like hell all day, right up until 6:30, in fact. Up until 7:30 I enjoyed an empty row with no one next to me. Then, a big-BIG-man sat to my left and a tiny man sat to my right. Normally, I'd be upset about the enormous man encroaching into my seat, but on this cold night, it wasn't all that bad. :)

I left at the top of the 7th to avoid the crowded T and also because it was a scoreless game at that point. I risked it, I know, but I just couldn't take it anymore. It was fun to be there and I'm happy it wasn't rained out but I wish I could see some more live games this season.

Mike Lowell was back tonight-that was fun. My heart always swells with joy when people cheer for someones return. I can only imagine how he felt...

A bad picture of me at Fenway

Incidentally, I live close enough that I was able to catch the last 2 innings at home-and was able to watch them win. :)


Clancy in Idaho said...

Fun stuff! Looks like decent seats? Sorry the game was boring! :)

Kat said...

Those are great seats. So far I only went home from a game once because they played so bad (soccer) and on the way out, in the last minute of the game, I heard the masses scream and missed our team winning. Ever since I stay put, no matter what :)

FRIGGA said...

Sorry about the rain, but it sounds like a fun outting! The rain even sounds kinda fun :-0

Travis said...

Sometimes a scoreless game can be good. Too bad this wasn't one of those times.