Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Even if a baseball game is boring, it's still amazing to be there to watch it.
I watch a food show on the travel channel and the man always says, "It just melts in your mouth-it LITERALLY melts in your mouth!"  He says this as he's chewing.  I'm pretty sure the chewing takes the LITERALLY part out, bald man.
I'm fully aware that this probably only bothers me because he's bald.
Getting stuck sitting next to a morbidly obese man during a baseball game usually sucks-but when he's keeping you warm, it's not so bad.  (He smelled good too, so that's a plus.)
I want to be someones favorite. 
I don't remember my father coming to any of my softball games growing up.  It's nice that he is able to make it to Rye Breads Tball games.  I'm glad that he is there.
It's funny how something becomes important to someone only when it affects them.
Bagel-fuls by Kraft are a great on the go breakfast for people who just can't wake up in time to cook.
I love the sound of the crunch that the cookie makes in the fudge filled and covered cookies by the Keibler Elves.  I wish they made that same noise in real life when you ate them.
When someone says, "Do you get "X" from "insert specific location"?" and then proceeds to tell me how important it is to get "X" in a timely manner it makes me want to scream.  You obviously know how to obtain "X" and if it's so very important, you can also go get it.  It's OK. 
The people on the radio said that the only reason why women in their 30's should be single is because they are fat.  I was so enraged by that because our society also believes that.  It's a shame because there are skinny women out there who don't deserve to have a dog love them let alone a man, yet they are the ones getting a chance at love simply because they wear a size 2.
I will not go back to the park next season.  Working there somehow takes a little bit of the magic out of going there for fun.  Which is odd.  Because when I worked at Disney I still went to play after work almost every day.  *shrug*


Kat said...

I love me a man that smells good (even if he is morbidly obese).

The statement you heard on the radio would have enraged me as well. Today's society is pathetic and a lot of people even believe the crap they hear in the mainstream media. For all I care they can go and choke eating soaking wet cotton balls.

Brian in Mpls said...

Bagel-fuls huh? Might have to check that out.

Bar tending at a strip club takes the magic out of that me..

Clancy in Idaho said...

You're my favorite! My favorite person that I've never met!

LOL to Kat... for all I care they can go and choke eating soaking wet cotton balls! LOL!!!! Awesome!

katherine. said...

kinda a drag about the park...

I'm catching up on the past couple lots has happened...

Bond said...

You might change your mind once the season is over..

Oh and Baseball is NEVER boring...LOL

mauniejames3 said...

It's too bad your thinking of not going back...I love baseball so I can't imagine being that close and not loving it....a fat guy who smells good...sounds interesting...

FRIGGA said...

Bagel-fuls? I've never heard of them. What are they full of?

What gets me mad about the fat vs. skinny issue is that woman's body is not meant to be a size two. For the vast majority of woman, being a size two would mean they are literally sick and need medical treatment. Woman's bodies are built to endure pregnancy, birth, and carrying children. It's not sexist, just a fact of nature. Woman's bodies are designed to have a thicker layer of fat than a man's body. It's healthy to have this fat. It does not mean obese. Obese is bad. Size two is bad. Size 12 is NOT bad. Phew, sorry to go off like that. :)

Travis said...

I'm sorry the park has lost a bit of it's magic for you.