Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Having a 2nd New Year's Eve is a blast with 2 silly friends and lots of champagne. Especially when you're sharing good news.

I like it when I make people proud. Except when I make them hate me too. But making them a little jealous gives me a tiny smile. ;)

Hen in a pumpkin is funny on Hells Kitchen.

I need a signature dish! I don't have one and I need one. I have no idea how to get one. Any ideas?

I might possibly have the best boss in the world-considering he's letting me change my hours so I can work at the park.

Getting a card in the mail for someone who cares about you is really a fantastic feeling. When you get 2 in one week-it makes you want to do cartwheels.

For the first time in 6 years I will not be able to make Rye Bread a special birthday cake and I won't be at her birthday party. My heart is broken.

Boys, close your eyes for sec: Only have a cycle once a year makes that one time utterly painful and horrific.

Ok. You can open your eyes again. :)

Sometimes you just need ice cream.

It's sad when men don't step up when they should, especially when it's regarding a baby.

I don't have DVR. I thought I did, and now I won't get to see the shows I love anymore.

Did anyone get pranked yesterday?


Danielle A. said...

YES. One of the people that work with us in Reynosa told me she was pregnant. I got all excited for her 'cause I bet she's an awesome mom to her other kids... and... she's not pregnant. :(

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i think your signature dish should be cake! call me if you need any help eating it, okay?

smiles, bee

Brian in Mpls said...

This is how you get a signature dish I actually looked this up a while ago.

1.) Create a menu

2.) Let people order what they want

3.) What ever you sell the most of is what your signature dish is.

I guess the theory is that consumers can go any where for x but if they come to you for x you must make it better then anyone else. For me I usually have a people with the masses picking but oh well...

Mags said...

Ya, but I don't own a restaurant, so that method won't work for me Brian. :(

katherine. said...

on Ryebread's birthday.... a gift certificate instead for you and her...a special day or outing....with a special will be much more memorable for both of you

FRIGGA said...

A signature dish? That to me is a bit of a personal decision. It has to be something that you enjoy making and eating. And it helps if others like it a lot lot lot too!

No, I didn't get pranked yesterday. Next year I want to put some time and thought into pranking others though - it's just fun stuff! :-)

Rocketstar said...

I think your signature dish is the dish that you feel is your best, that everyone will go bonkers for.

Clancy in Idaho said...
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Clancy in Idaho said...

What does hen in a pumpkin in Hells Kitchen mean?

As for signature dish...I guess I sort of have one myself... just among family and friends... but that's just cuz it was something I made up that my husband LOVED and then my hubby told everyone they should try it so people wanted me to make it for them... so maybe that's how? (Like I know!)

Sorry about the one yearly cycle from hell. That's gotta really suck. :(

the teach said...

Mags, didn't get pranked. Why don't you do a cheesecake of some sort as your sig dish? Just suggestin' :)

You deserve the "You Make My Day" Award! Congrats!

Lois Grebowski said...

Sorry to hear about your painful single cycle...Personally I think those are overrated...I prescribe chocolate, red wine, fritos, cake, and steak. (HUGS!)

A signature dish? What does everyone ask you create over and over and ask for with real gusto?

I'm sure Rye bread will understand. Give her a raincheck.

Kimberly Pye said...

Hm... How 'bout this: You just cook me a bunch of stuff until I decide which one should be your signature dish? :)

Travis said...

No pranks for me...didn't play any and didn't get played. This is a good thing.

As far as a signature dish - is there something that people you've cooked for ask you to make time and again? Maybe you could start there to develop something.

Take heart regarding your programs...most of them can be seen online these days after they air. And you know the Bravo ones repeat at all hours.

Amazing Gracie said...

My mom took chef's classes back east during WWII (the BIG one!). She was absolutely divine in the kitchen! She made Lobster Thermadore and Lobster Newberg that make my mouth water just thinking about it. Sad thing is, I'll never have it again - not like that.
One of her chicken dishes I make frequently and so do my daughters. It's super simple and has become "Marian's Chicken" in the recipe books, so I guess that is her signature dish!
Since you're on the coast how about some new daring crab dish?

Julie said...

But Mags...can you do a cartwheel?

Nope, I rarely get pranked..but that's a good thing.

Most shows are online honey.

C-Unit said...

What weekend can we come to visit? You can make her cake then. Maybe we can all come up so it will be like a mini fam party???