Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Yesterday was a crazy day for my and blogging. Why? Because my blog was found by Boston. One blog linked me and I started getting some Boston traffic. Later, I check my stats and noticed that people were now coming from Boston.com. That site is HUGE. It is THE website in Boston for news. And until about 4pm yesterday, this blog was on their front page as the featured "New England Blog".

I don't know why. I don't know who did it. And to be honest, I don't much care because I was thrilled. I got about 500 hits from it, and it was super exciting to see my blog on a major site just out of the blue. So, thank you Boston.com!!! Now that I'm done gushing-here are today's questions!

1. If you were a pair of pants, what kind of pants would you be and why?

2. Have you ever been on the radio? If so, what for?

3. This question is 100% about helping me. :) If you were in a cafe reading or using your laptop, sipping a nice hot beverage what kind of baked goods would you like to be chomping on? Please be specific.

1. I would be a dark washed jean, boot cut. It's bit nicer than light colored jeans so they can be dressed up but at the end of the day, they are comfortable and traditional. (No stretch) Why boot cut? Because I've got a little flair in me too. Or, they look good on almost anyone. :)

2. I have been on the radio once. About 2 years ago I called into the local "mix" station in response to something the host said. It was regarding dating and he apparently he thought it was funny because when they went on vacation, they used that clip. It's weird hearing yourself on the radio when you don't expect it.

3. I decline answering, because I'm going to be the one baking! :)


Danielle A. said...

1. I would be a dark washed, boot cut jean with just a little bit of stretch. That's my favorite pair of pants right now. In fact, I'm getting dressed soon and I think I'll wear them today. They're super comfy, and after a couple of years are going to need replacing soon. They're getting that thigh-rub wear.

2. Yes. I've won contests on the radio 3 times, so I've been on the radio being super smart and answering questions. I've won tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls, tickets to Beauty and the Beast on ice, and a CD/t-shirt combination. The t-shirt says "Genius" and points up. Meaning I'm a genius.

3. I would have a latte of some sort, and usually some sort of brownie or cookie thing. To be totally honest, my favoritest thing so far that I've had (in my limited cafe experience) is the Toffee Almond Bar at Starbucks. If I'm on the cheap, a biscotti does the trick too. :)

silverneurotic said...

1. I would be that pair of sweat pants or pj bottoms that you change into after a long day of work/school and just want to relax. I'm not set on the color-but probably something dark like blue or black.

2. I've never "spoken" on a radio-but I have had my name announced (see my last Heads or Tails entry). That was exciting.

3. Baked goods-To be honest I don't usually order baked goods when I'm at a coffee shop (mainly because they are chains so it's not fresh goods-BUT if I were at a shop with fresh baked goods I'd probably order a blueberry muffin.

Lois Grebowski said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR FAME! Can I have your autograph?

1. I'd be a tacky pair of patch-plaid madras slacks. Slightly quirky and fun....

2. Nope, no radio... but I've been on Blog Talk radio -- The Mo Show!

3. Almond/cheese danish, sweet sue bread, chocolate criossant, a big fat eclair, a plain cake donut, pound cake...I'm an equal opportunity baked goods lover.

Ivanhoe said...

1. I would be a light color boot cut with a little bit of stretch.
2. I do not think so.
3. Banana bread (I know, nothing elaborate, but it's my favorite!)

I have little something something at my place for you.

Oh, and it's great you got all the attention from Boston.com. Enjoy it!

Brian in Mpls said...

1.) I would be a pair that looked great on your ass...

2.)Not to my knowledge.

3.) No joke if i am eating at a shot I like a toasted bagel with peanut butter and if I go at night or after work I have wine and salad or quessidillas (Yeah our coffee shop serves wine and beer it is awesome) I hate scones or muffins...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

first, congratulations on the boston blog!!! you post about boston all the time so it is only right! way to go girl! hey boston! mags rocks! bookmark her!!!!!

now to the questions:

1. pajama bottoms!
2. why yes, the MO SHOW!!!
3. warm banana bread sliced one inch thick with rough chopped black walnuts and sweet butter melting on top. (is that specific enough? ha ha)

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

1. I think I'd be a pair of well worn Levis. All broken in and comfy.

2. Never been on the radio.

3. Since I dont drink coffee or any coffee products I think my answer might differ. If I was drinking coffee I think I'd like something with chocolate in it. A big soft-baked choc. chip cookie maybe. But since I dont drink coffee, I'd be likely drinking hot cocoa in which case I'd like to be eatting something less sweet. Maybe a peanut butter cookie or a corn muffin.

Kat said...

Awesome about being featured on Boston.com. Congratulations, you totally deserve it

1. I would be a pair of brown corduroy pants. Not pretty but sturdy and reliable as well as comfortable LOL

2. That's a definite NO

3. A nice, moist blueberry muffin or some yummy Madeleines

Mo said...

1. Cargo shorts. Comfy, with lots of pockets to hold goodies picked up on the beach.

2. Hey -- you've been on The Mo Show before, too! And that's my answer, btw: The Mo Show.

3. An oversize chocolate chip cookie.
Or a blueberry muffin with crumb topping.
Or a nice slice of cream cheese danish that's so rich you have to use a fork to eat.
But miss bee's banana bread sounds good, too!

FRIGGA said...

Oh wow!!! That's super impressive and very exciting!!! You should be very proud :-)

Okay -
1. Probably Kahki slacks, I know how to be professional, but I much prefer relaxed and comfortable ;-)

2. I had a high school friend who was a cheerleader. One morning I went with her to the radio station to do a spot about an upcoming ralley or something or other...

3. It depends on my mood. I love croissants, with anything from plain to with cheese to with fruit to as breading for a sandwich. I'm also very weak when it comes to seeing chocolate cakes on display - and if the cafe serves fresh fruit I'm that much more likely to get the cake with some fruit. Brownies are good when the chocolate cake is absent :-0...

Happy Toosdae!!! :-)

Once again, congrats on Boston.com, I hope you snagged a bunch of new local readers!! :D

Liz said...

1. I would be a pair of light weight denim capris. I love this pair I have for the summer...can't wait to pull them out this year!

2. I politely decline to answer this question on the grounds I may incriminate myself. (If we ever meet (through GMad, maybe) ask me and I will tell you the story)

3. I would like to have a nice light, fluffy chocolate croissant. I also love a good muffin...coffee cake, blueberry, lemon poppy seed.

Marilyn said...

1. Light green backpacking pants with legs that zip off and big pockets... I need a new pair of those.

2. I have been on the Mo show and I won a recipe contest once for a nationally singicated radio show... On your Health. The local NPR stations here don't air it but when I lived in Wisconsin I loved that show.

Marilyn said...

3. I was interrupted by the phone and forgot 3... I like those cream cheese danish things that are really flaky. I try not to eat the very often though.

Josh said...

Just don't forget about us little people, ya hear?

1. Torn, but just a little, because I look like a nice little boy, but I do have a wild streak.

2. Yes, on a first date. It was TWIRP week at my school "The Woman Is Responsible to Pay". We ended up dating for 1 year. It was fun.

3. Hmmm. I like those... I forget what their called but the hard baked bread type things that you get at coffee shops. That or Pirouettes... LOVE THOSE!

mauniejames3 said...

1. really tight short shorts...I have great legs
2. I sang on the radio with the girl scouts about 100 years ago
3. something sinful and chocolate
gooey enough to run down my chin..

katherine. said...

1. the jeans in "sisterhood of the traveling pants" Everyone looked good in them....and they had quite the world travels...

2. once for work (city/university gig)...and several times for various shows on Blog Talk Radio. I always intend on just listening....but then suddenly find the phone in my hand and I'm dialing....

If i am actually on my laptop I want something I can easily eat with a fork. (I usually end up with a pecan sticky bun which is terror on a key board) I want something all sweet and flakey....but I gotta be able to eat it without messing up the laptop!

Mags said...

Mental note: Have Danielle call when I want to win Red Sox tickets. :)

Lois: Slightly quirky and fun sounds great!!!

Ivana: It doesn't have to be fancy-as long as it's yummy! Thanks for the award too.

Brian: Greatest answer for #1 ever. :)

Bee: I think PJ's fir you well.

Anon: I didn't know you liked corn bread. Hmm.....

Kat: That was a very strong NO-is there a story??

Mo: Ithought for sure you'd say lemon cake. ;) Great answers, thanks!

Frigga: Perfect fit-khakis!!!

Liz: I shall try to pry this story from Greg b/c you've made me curious!

Marilyn: A recipe contest? What did you make and what did you win??

Josh: I have no comment on answer #1. ;)

Maunie: You must have a great ass too. :) Which is funny b/c of answer #3. ;) Thanks for answering today!!!

Katherine: Oh how I missed you! :) Thank you for bringing up the fork subject-I didn't really think of that, and it's a valid point.

Travis said...

1. Wranglers for women, because then I could always hug a nice shapely a$$!

2. Nope.

3. Classic coffee CAKE.

Rob said...

For laptop snacking I like soft cookies or soft brownies. (No icing!) They are not sticky and they don't make a lot of crumbs. Yummy AND clean, perfect!

Rob said...

OH! Congrats on being on a major site and all the hits! That must have been awesome!

Geggie said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Ivanhoe and your E award...congrats.

I'll be back for sure!

1. PJ bottoms, because they are my uniform and I love them. When I am home, I have on PJ bottom.

2. Yes. I called in to ask Sting a question on a radio show when I was in college. I was also on "Talk of the Nation" once about five years ago as a call in.

3. Seven layer bars, or something of the sort. I love bar cookies.

Asara Dragoness said...

Bah, I'm late! Stupid work not letting me be on the computer at all yesterday :( Hello Boston!!

1. Probably denim overalls with baggy legs and a few fun patches sewn on. Oh, and probably some drawings too.. I used to be heck on my jeans when I was younger, always drawing on them, and not letting my mom wash them either.

2. A few times.. I called into the Mo Show a couple of times, and every now and again I get lucky and win stuff through contests.

3. When I go to a coffee shop, I always get hot chocolate, so because that's sweet, I like snacks that are a bit salty to go with it. I would probably get a bagel with cream cheese, or maybe a sandwich on some nice whole grain bread.

MightyMom said...

blue jeans.....you were specific. Levis (or Lee) relaxed fit, stone washed. classic cut. (I HATE boot cut jeans! my thighs are too big!!)

no thanks

geee this is hard, you want specifics again...well depends on a) what mood I'm in and b) how much $$ is in my pocket. Either some oooooey goooey chocolate cookies or pie. chocolate cream pie with shavings on top.....pecan pie with ice cream (Blue Bell please none of that artsy fartsy crap) ....apple pie.

yup that'd do me in for sure!!

Liz said...

Maggie, I am not sure if Greg knows the story...or if he does, he may not remember. It happened when I was in jr. high...ugh...I was SOOOO young and SOOOO naive!

23 comments on a Toosdae - you go Maggie!!!!

katherine. said...

I thought of you this morning....

sometimes i like to have a ham/cheese pastry in the morning (I don't know how to spell crossant....ha!)

Mo said...

Reading through your comments - I was thinking cookie bars are really good, but they're something people make at home - a really good scone, on the other hand, isn't something people make at come. Or biscotti. I think that's what Josh was trying to say in an earlier comment. My grandmother made a kick-ass dried cranberry and pecan biscotti that rocked with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee!
I think a mix of non-fork goodies (like biscotti) with some fork-o-licous decadent delights like some caramel-dripping coffee cake might be good!
So, when do we get a post on what you thought of our suggestions???

Marilyn said...

I just won my name on air. And I made a veggie pizza. Cold fresh veggie pizza things were popular at potlucks where I worked and I asked for a recipe only to find out that it was loaded with fat, so I made up my own healthy version.

Kimberly Pye said...

1. I'd be any pants with a nice butt in 'em.

2. I think so. I won something once.

3. I want pie. (Like I told you before.) But I'd also go for a big cookie. And it has to look soft and have BIG chunks in it.

Kimberly Pye said...

(And not a round, puffy cookie. S'gotta be a big flat one, but thick.)