Saturday, March 08, 2008

Regional Differences

It's always neat to me when there are different names for the same items simply based on where you are in the country. So, please humor me-what do you call the following items? Please also tell me where you live (or where you grew up).

A sandwich on a long roll

You use this for groceries or while you are at stores like Target

Thirsty? Take a drink out of one of these things

Grandparents-Tell me what you call each of them separately

Round breakfast food that typically has maple syrup drizzled over them

Carbonated Beverages such as cola

Does anyone need an explination? (Thanks for the reminder, Danielle

If you can think of some other items that people use different words for, please leave them in comments. :)


Danielle A. said...

Danielle from Merrimack Valley, MA (North of Boston, about 30 miles).

Sandwich on a long roll = Sub
Store Stuff Carrier = Carriage
Water Dispenser = Bubblah (or Bubbler)
Grandparents = Nana & Grampa (or Papa)
Round Breakfast Food = Pancakes
Carbonated Beverages = Soda (though, my family from the North Shore area - Saugus/Lynn - call it Tonic).

Danielle A. said...

I also forgot to mention - THEY ARE JIMMIES!!! The round ones are sprinkles. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

grammy and pop pop (that's us)

smiles, bee

silverneurotic said...

1. Sub (though, hoagie is very popular as well, especially closer to Philly)

2. Shopping Cart or just Cart

3. Water Fountain

4. Mommom and Poppop

5. Pancakes!

6. Soda

7. Jimmies

Linda said...

Considering we're both from Connecticut this should match up but then again, I have lived all over the country so if one's off we'll blame it on that!

1. Grinder
2. Shopping cart
3. Water fountain
4. Granny and Gramp
5. Pancakes
6. Soda
7. Sprinkles (the chocolate ones are jimmies)

Palm Springs Savant said...

OK, well I'm a mess, because I gre up in Rhode Island, lived in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Diego and now live in Palm Springs. So I'll answer with my first term that comes to mind:

Sandwich on a long roll = Grinder
Store Stuff Carrier = Shopping Cart
Water Dispenser = Bubbler
Grandparents = Grandma and Grandpa
Round Breakfast Food = Pancakes
Carbonated Beverages = Coke. No matter what flavor, its called a Coke!

The last one are Jimmies, for sure.


Mo said...

Shopping Cart (NOT a buggy!!!)
Drinking Fountain
Grammy and PopPop

crazy working mom said...

I'm from Arkansas, so my answers will probably be quite different than yours. heh heh heh

*sub sandwich
*My grandparents were:
Meemaw and Pawpaw & Grandma and Pawpaw
*"Coke" no matter what flavor it is. It's a southern thing. *LOL*

kristarella said...

Perhaps Australia doesn't count since you said "where you are in the country"...

Sub (probably only because of Subway though, before that I'm not sure what we called them - baguettes maybe)
Shopping trolley
Grandma + Grandpa
Soft drink

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

1) Sub
2) Cart (though a lot of people down here call them buggies. I HATE that!)
3) Drinking fountain
4) grandma/grandpa Only I called my grandma mon petite jolie grandmere (My cute little grandma, Rocket feel free to correct my
5) Pancakes..mmm those look yummy
6) Soda. I caught the southern name for pop like my brothers and dad call it.
7) sprinkles.

GMadrid said...

1. Grinder
2. Cart
3. Fountain
4. Grandma/Grandpa
5. Pancakes
6. Soda
7. Sprinkles

Julie said...

okay...i'll give my answers and then read everyone else's....this is too cool!

1. a sub sandwich
2. shopping cart
3. water fountain
4. grandma/grandpa
5. pancakes
6. pop
7. mmmm sprinkles!!!

Do I win?

Melisa said...

Water fountain
Grandma and Grandpa
Pop (sometimes I call it soda though: I've lived in several places and I interchange!)

I've moved around to Ft. Worth, Knoxville, Norfolk, and Kenosha (WI), but now I'm again in the Chi-town area, where I started. :)

Travis said...

I'm from the pacific northwest via southern California via northern California.

1. Sub
2. Shopping cart
3. Drinking fountain
4. Gram and Grandpa
5. PanCAKEs
6. Soda
7. Sprinkles

Mags said...

Wow! What a turn out-thanks for your participation everyone!!!! Here are my answers. I'm not going to say mine are the RIGHT answers,'s my blog, right?

;) JK-great answers everyone!!!

1. I say sub but grew up calling them grinders b/c that's what CT calls them. NY calls them wedges and i stopped that the first time I ordered a wedge in CT and got a weird look.

2. Shopping cart/cart
3. Water fountain
4. Nana and Papa-though I did have a Grandpa too.
5. Pancakes
6. Soda
7. Sprkinkles

I am surprised no one calls pancakes flapjacks. *shrug*

That was fun-thanks again!!!

Lois Grebowski said...

Sandwich on a long roll = Sub, Hoagie, Grinder
Store Stuff Carrier = cart, buggy, carriage, pram
Water Dispenser = drinking fountain, water fountain,
Grandparents = up for the south it's mee-maw and pap-paw...
Round Breakfast Food = Pancakes, I was going to say flapjacks.
Carbonated Beverages = Soda, pop, coke (everything carbonated is a coke in the south).
Sprinkles, Jimmies, ants, and rain (that's what my local ice cream joint calls them).

Lois Grebowski said...

Oops! I showed this to hubby... on the pancakes he also added another southern-ism. "Hoe cakes."

That is, if they're cornbread.

Desert Songbird said...

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, born to immigrant parents. I also spent my teen years living in South Florida living amongst bohemians and Southerners.

The sandwich is sub or a hoagie.
The cart is a shopping cart.
I drink from a water fountain.
My grandfather would be my Opa. (Dutch for grandfather)
My grandmother would be my Oma.
I eat pancakes.
I drink soda.
Those are sprinkles. Or in Dutch, if they're made of chocolate, we call it "hagelslag."

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

I know I'm late...but this is fun :-) I'm from Maryland but live in Florida now.

1. Sub or a Hoagie
2. Cart
3. Water Fountain
4. I had a Granny & Granddad and then on my dad's side a Me-Ma & De-Da
5. Pancakes
6. Soda
7. Jimmies

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person on this planet that calls the last thing on the list "SHOTS" ?

Liz said...

I am from Connecticut, Manchester to be exact. I find this a funny topic as well...very interesting.

-Grinder (never heard of sub until Subway came to town)
-shopping cart or carriage were both used
-water fountain
-grammy and papa, nana and grampa
-Rainbow Sprinkles (the chocolate ones suprisingly enough are chocolate sprinkles)

For the Love... said...

South Alabama

water fountain
Edna and Daddy O'
(Um...first looked at this without my glasses and thought those were a pile of colors (crayons) without their wrappers...duh)

For the Love... said...


Would love to see one that asked how people pronounced certain words like milk, syrup, yellow...