Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Isn't it weird how one minute you can feel pretty and feminine and the next you can feel invisible...

Overall, people don't like the mini-burger. And a lot more people are pissed that White Castle's name (Slyders) has been ripped off. Not surprising though-women think they're cute.

It's a fact that I've seen with my own eyes-Haitian women have very large heals.

Sometimes I'm disappointed by the things I know. (This has nothing to do with Haitian women's feet).

It's scary to meet new people. Especially when they are most certainly younger and cooler than you are.

A 17 year old boy who loves my baking has won my heart. (It smell aMAZing in here-like always.)

Crack is whack.

I hate it when I can't do anything to protect the feelings of the people I care about. That, and I can't beat up the shitheads who make them sad.

Sometimes all you need is a night with good friends. And meatballs. (and 2 bottles of wine)

You've officially been accepted into the family when: 1. The pugs don't bark at you anymore 2. Katie brings you a sock. Both of these things happen.

Being sick sucks the big bologna pony. Especially when you are at work.

Kryptonite exists.

I would like to end this session with something that made me laugh out loud yesterday even though I felt like death eating a cracker:

(A survey I sent to some friends about their opinions on mini-burgers, and one funny guy's response)

Do you like them?
I suppose. I mean, it's a burger right? I think this is very similar to asking if if like Hershey's kisses. Sure I do, because I like Hershey's bars. The converse is true also: if you gave me a small tomato, I would hate it just as much as I loathe the larger ones.

Would you rather 1 large burger instead of 3 tiny ones?
I would rather just eat a burger. The problem with the sliders is that the meat is always paper thin, and doesn't really cook right, and the ratio of bread to meet seems skewed, so I always feel like I ate some meaty toast instead of an actual burger.

Are you more apt to "play" with toppings b/c they are smaller? (This one's my favorite answer)
One time, when I was five or six years old, I pretended that my peas were little army men (presumably because they are green), and I was a huge monster. I crushed them while roaring loudly. My mother slapped me. I don't play with my food anymore. That said, not really. I like sauces though. A1 on a burger is good, barbecue is awesome. Ketchup is weak - you can do better than that. Seriously.

What's your favorite kind of slider?
Uh.. there are different kinds of sliders? Oh, for crying out loud - isn't "inky dinky burger" a specific enough food category, now we have subcommittees of sliders? This offends my sense of well-being. It's a little hamburger, or if you put cheese on it, it's a little cheeseburger, so I guess I prefer the ones with cheese.

Thank you Steve for making my day!


Danielle A. said...

Ha HA! I can claim him! He's mine! Tee hee hee. :)

Not sure what you know that's disappointing... but hopefully you won't stay that way for long. :(

Brian in Mpls said...

what is your kryptonite?

Mags said...

Danielle: :)

Brian: Wouldn't YOU like to know?!?!

silverneurotic said...

I like the mini turkey burgers they have at Ruby Tuesdays. They also have a really awesome veggie burger.

Mo said...

Damn, now I'm craving White Castles...

Mo said...

(And I'm SOBER!!!)

Rocketstar said...

"Crack is whack."

-- Depends what kind of crack we are talking about, ;o)

Lois Grebowski said...

LOL at MO... We have Krystal burgers here in the south. My kids call them "rectum rockets."

I know...TMI. But I do love and crave them every now and then. And like Mo, I'm usually sober when I crave them! :-D)

I'm with you on the feminine/invisible thing...happens all the time.

big bologna pony... tee hee! Love that phrase!

Feel better soon, my dear!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you've felt like Death eating a cracker. Hope you feel better soon!

I still like sliders or mini-burgers or whatever you want to call them and not because they're cute but because they aren't sloppy and you can use a different topping on each one if you like. Of course that isn't to say that I'd turn my nose up at a big ole' huge burger overflowing the edges of the bun!

Desert Songbird said...

I don't care what anyone calls their "mini-burgers." For me there is only one White Castle. All the rest are posers.

Bond said...

WHITE CASTLES are the one and only slider/slyder/mushie/belly bomber there is!


Travis said...

Hang on...I want to make sure I have this right.

Is it balogna pony, or baloney pona?


Oh...well, maybe I'm the only one who thinks that's funny.