Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toosdae ?'s

Is anyone else dreading Valentine's Day (aka "Black Thursday") as much as I am? I swear, if anyone gets flowers delivered at work, I'm going home to hide under the covers for the rest of the day. (Except for you D-Money-you're a newly wed) *sigh*

1. Do you believe in alternative medicine? If so, what aspect appeals to you? If not, why?

2. If you were to name the clearest proof that good still exists in this world, what would it be?

3. If you could trade your rump (aka: buttocks, derriere, arse, booty, junk in the trunk, or toosh-feel free to use whichever term you like best) with someone else whose would you want? Or, dare I ask who would keep their own? (I think I know 1 person who would!)

1. I do believe that alternative medicine can help several things and that for preventative measures, it is good. I also believe in modern medicine as well though, and I think that the perfect pair is using both, and not becoming freaky alternative medicine people.

2. Currently in my life I have been "taken in" by a family. They've basically told me that their house is mine and I am free to anything, anytime and if I need them to please pick up the phone no matter when it is. They are my employers and they did not have to do this-they simply are kind, trusting people who reach out to people no matter who they are. I could go on, but after spending last night baking/cooking in their home (with everyone there) I can tell you that good people still exist.

3. I would love to have my sister Flipper's ass. Her ass is, as I've told her, luscious. (It's a good one to pinch too!) LOL!!


Danielle A. said...

Thanks for the sentiment, but if I get flowers, S-Money is D-E-A-D. I have a strong dislike for Valentine's Day. I'll tell you about it later. :)

Anyways... I believe you asked some ?'s.

1. I agree with you; I think alternative medicines can help several things, but the best is a pairing of both.

2. The people that go to my church. They are some of the most loving, caring people in the world and have genuine interest in the other 200 and something people's lives that attend the church. I've yet to see any real hostility, and when issues to arise people tend to sit down and discuss it like adults rather than resorting to gossipy, catty methods of dealing with things. Plus, they are always up to help people when they need it. They are some of the most charitable, awesome people I've ever met.

3. I'd keep my own. Mostly because Steve likes it, and mostly because I can't picture someone else's ass on my short chubby body. ;)

Bond said...

1) I guess there are some benefits to alternative medicine, but discarding conventional medicine would be a mistake

2)Sure good still exists...Habitat for Humanity is a prime example

3) I like mine..tyvm and will keep it

Kimberly Pye said...

1. I'll comment, I guess, since I seem to be the weirdy. I would totally shun "modern" medicine if I could. Unfortunately, I still have to talk to "doctors" to test my blood's iron stores and to get birth control. I hate modern medicine. It angers me.

2. I don't think there's any proof that good doesn't still exist in this world.

3. Yeah, I'm keepin' my rump. Danielle put it well: anyone else's rump would look pretty strange on me. Plus, my rump is getting hotter every day.

Brian in Mpls said...

1.)As long as there is empirical evidence to support something working I will believe in it.

2.)I don't think in those term..

3.) Gene Simmons Tongue or Pounders stamania and cock

Lois Grebowski said...

1. Alternative medicine has its place alongside it's traditional/modern counterparts. When my Dad was battling pancreatic cancer, he was doing a mixture of traditional/modern medicine (chemotherapy), alternative (Glyconutrients), and prayer...His cancer was stalled for a long time, much longer than the average PC patient. I attribute that to using all tools at hand!

2. My dad. He was definitely proof of the good in the world. As for daily proof of good, the mere fact that we wake up each morning to face another day.

3. While my butt isn't the most beautiful, I'll keep mine. I wouldn't' be "me" without it!

Lois Grebowski said...

Oh, by the way -- you're tagged for a book meme... Play if you want... if you don't want to, don't worry!


Clancy Passey said...

V-day... it's a weird holiday for sure. My husband and I have never really celebrated it. Just an excuse to go out to dinner which we don't usually do because of the massive crowds in our smallish city.

This is my first Toosdae answer! I've read them for a long time... I'm excited to contribute! :)

1. Absolutely. The aspect of our bodies and our intuitive selves knowing far better what we need than any doctor can tell us is appealing to me. Also, using herbs that are not created in a lab is so right to me. I have had some great experiences with this personally!

2. Clearest proof? I would have to say look inside ourselves. We each have the CHOICE, and I choose to see, do, believe, and exude as much good as I can fit into my being! :)

3. I don't mind my current rear too much, but if I could trade, I would trade for my hot (and it was!) 17 year old rear instead of my almost 30 year old one!

FRIGGA said...

Hmmmm.... Interesting Q's this week!

1. Yes, to certain extents. I believe that the power of the human mind over the body is stronger than most people realize. Also that nature has the cure for any disease, we need only to find it. While most of the time we should trust what doctors say - not always and never blindly. They are not the end all be all of medicine and the screw up - all the time!

2. Children. The ones with the good parents. Just watch 'em for a little while and you'll know that all will be right with this world.

3. I kinda like the junk in my own trunk. It's not HUGE, but it looks great in tight jeans! ;-)

Happy Toosdae!! :D

Mo said...

I'm right with ya on the VD this year, honey...

1. Yes, I believe that natural cures (such as herbs) can work, but I ain't throwin' out the excedrin!

2. Proof that good exists in the world: your friendship.

3. Isn't coveting your sister's ass one of the no-no's in the ten commandments? Maybe they meant her donkey...

Linda said...

1. Yes, alternative medicines certainly do some good but you can't discount good ole' conventional medicine!

2. Of course good exists - just look in a mirror and you'll see it looking back at you!

3. Uhm, I never really thought about this one but if I could take the rest of the package along with the ass, I'd want Beyonce's - I think she's just gorgeous and I would love to look like her (yeah, fat chance of that every happening but I can dream, can't I?)

flipper said...

2)my friends have done so much for me these past few months<3
3)mags!!!! no pinchin!!!!

Rob said...

I really liked your answer #1.

Mags said...

Yowzers! Lots of players today! :) Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I was at a catering event.

D-Money: We talked, but for the sake of the blog: I had a feeling you wouldn't get flowers. :)

Bond: It took me a while to figure out what tyvm was. LOL...I was trying to think about what it could have to do with your ass. :)

Kutie Pye: I've met you. You're not a weirdo. The kind of people I'm talking about are WAY out there. :)

Brian: I know you don't, and also, your answer to #3, while it was amusing, did not answer the question. LOL

Lois: I'm glad that you had such a wonderful father who taught you about the good in this world.

Clancy: Yay for your first time!!! Welcome to Toosdae's. ;) And good answer for #2.

Frigga: I agree with you about the mind being more powerful than people think-that theory has gotten me through a lot. And also, I always try to throw in a not so deep question, specifically for you!

Mo & Linda: Thank you. Very much. Mo: My sister doesn't have a donkey, so all I can covet is her ass. ;)

Flipper: You're ass is luscious. But you knew that. I must pinch it. Will you be home Monday? :)

Rob: Thanks!

Amazing Gracie said...

~~~I do believe in alternative medicine! And, like you, it should be in conjunction with traditional med, too. I've have a chiropractor snap me right out of a migraine - other examples, but I don't want to take up too much room....
~~~Look into Rye Bread's eyes. There's plenty of goodness in this world! It's that we just don't hear enough about it. Everyone (mainly the media) focuses on the awful, dreadful things we do to one another.
~~~I think I'd like Beyonce's keister! Definitely a move up for me....

MightyMom said...

well, I'm new round these parts but I guess I'll weigh in... so long as you don't ask how much I weigh.

1) alternative medicine ahhhhhh....I'm real tempted to skip this question. REAL tempted. well, guess I'll jump in the deeps here. I don't shun alternative medicine on the whole, but there are a LOT of things out there that can do a LOT of harm. My biggest prob with herbals is that they are not regulated. Not at all, not by anyone. The amount of ginseng you get in 1 pill out of a bottle could be (and usually is) drastically different from the amount in another pill from the same bottle. Also, no one has studied the SAFETY of these things. There are many many herbal remedies on the market that can kill you. ephedra in diet pills is a well known one but there are many others. AND, (now you're wishing I'd skipped it huh?) most people who take herbal specifically believe that they won't hurt anything or have side effects. This just flat isn't true. If it's "strong" enough to cause any effect in your body it is "strong" enough to cause an unwanted (ie side) effect. AND ANOTHER AND there are many folk who will take herbals along with the meds their MD gives them THIS IS A BIG NONO unless you a) have told your MD all the herbals you're taking and b) have a MD who is knowledgeable about herbal remedies. Herbal remedies can have interactions with meds and can also duplicate the effects of meds. If you're taking blood pressure meds and then start taking an herb to lower blood pressure you could bottom out, easily. OK, I'll shut up about that topic and move on before Maggie bans me from all further Toosdae ?s.

2) well, if you look in my archives for a post in December titled Santa Claus you'll find my first answer to this question. My second answer would be rocking my kids at night before bedtime.

3) better the devil you know.......

I'd really like to trade with my husband, but then I wouldn't get to look at it all the time...

Asara Dragoness said...

I'm late ! augh!

1. It's not actually something I've given a lot of thought too. Though someone who used to work here recently lost her mother.. she had gone totally over to alternative medicine, and as a result, did not catch her stomach cancer until it was too late for conventional medicine to do anything about it. As for me, I trust my doctor. And I believe in making sure when I talk to them that I tell them everything that's going on, whether I think it's connected to what's wrong with me or not, because you never know.. one random thing could make a world of difference in getting properly diagnosed!

2. There was a post titled "Home" around here recently...

3. I guess I'll keep mine.. it's not that bad, and anyone else's would just look out of place!

Marilyn said...

I hate Valentines day.

1. I believe in chicken soup and yoga but I've made signs for folks that'll take your good money and shine little lights in your eyes to cure what ails you. I believe there are a lot of yahoos out there that'll take your money.

2. I'm having a hard time finding the good these days but I guess bloggers and Andy's newest clients are proof that it's out there.

3. I'm okay with my ass... its just that God put it on the front of my body. She must have been having a rough day.