Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today In Boston

Today I was supposed to have an interview for a line cook position up the street in Coolidge Corner. I got there about 5 minutes early to find the restaurant locked-not so odd. So I waited until 2pm when my interview was scheduled for and called the restaurant. No one answered. So, I waited another 5 minutes and called again. No answer. After about 12 minutes of waiting and calling, I left. The chef invited me to come at 2pm and knowing that his door was locked, he should have been waiting for me. Or at the very least, should have answered the phone.

It's rather disappointing, mainly because it is a cute restaurant and it's less than a walking mile away from my house. But, truth be told, I don't want to work for someone like that anyway...

Instead, I walked around Coolidge Corner for a while. I stopped in for a free champagne tasting where I sampled for the first time Dom Perignon. It was quite good, I must say. I've heard that it wasn't that good but I disagree. It was (of course) my favorite of all that we tasted.

Outside the wine store there were door there is a coat shop that specializes in fur coats, and I was "lucky" enough to watch them in action. (New camera-not yet good at taking pictures=blurry)Today was also Haymarket day, and I took $11 and headed to find some cheap food! I specifically wanted to get some white fish, green beans and fruit. Anything else would be a bonus in my mind. The first thing I bought was swordfish. It's practically the entire fish-that's how big it is! I paid $7. Then I got 3#'s of green beans for $1, a pint of strawberries for $1, 3 bunches of asparagus for $1 and 4 oranges for-you guessed it, $1. The oranges were the worst buy b/c just a few booths down I could have gotten 8 for $1. Oh well. Next week I'll walk around first before buying anything. I also want to get some cheese next week, and if they still have them, cherries.

After I spent my $11 I walked to the T, but not before stopping to see what was going on near Faueuil Hall. These guys were giving out free Snapple. I'm not sure why.
This girl really stunk. She looks neat, but I saw a man like this in San Fransisco and he was so still and elusive-this girl...well, she's looking at me.
And this clown...he just made me smile because he was silly...

Then I came home, did laundry and cleaning my living room. (I took down the tree) And there you have it, my fascinating Saturday in Boston. :)
PS. Last night was fun-I got called up on stage to be part of the show. Nothing more to really say about it, just that I had a great time!

Friday, December 28, 2007


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A one-winged fairy
hides on the side
waiting for someone
to let their wish slide
out of their heart and into
her hand
so she can set it free
like a grain of sand.

A one-winged fairy
has no where else to be-
her fairy friends have snubbed her,
so has her family.
Her shadow isn't balanced
and her feet are planted down-
she's the only one-winged fairy
on this side of town.

A one-winged fairy
waits patiently to be seen
so she can prove her worth to all
the others who are mean.
She knows deep down she's worthy
and that she has the right
to have a sense of belonging-
to not be afraid at night.

A one-winged fairy
can make your dreams come true
if only you'd see past her flaws
and bring her into you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Minus One

I went in to buy a belt, and came out with a jacket, pants and two shirts. (And the belt) I didn't intend on buying the extra clothes, but when I tried on the size I am accustomed to wearing, I found that they all were too big! When I tried on the next size down, they fit like a glove and boy, did I look goo-od. I couldn't resist.

The sales people at Lane Bryant don't get excited for you when you excitedly tell them that the clothes you are buying are a size smaller than you would have bought a month ago. I suppose I understand, I mean, when I am transformed into a hot skinny girl again, I will no longer have to buy their $45 shirts and $69 dollar pants. My flub means money to them.

You can't really see the color in the picture, but this is my new outfit. It's a gray suit (jacket & pants) with a crazy cool flimsy shirt with yellow and black and gray on it. I'm excited because it is the type of outfit that I can mix and match (Stacy & Clinton would be so proud!) and can dress up for work or down for, oh I don't know-a comedy show! Tomorrow night I'm wearing this top with jeans and black boots.

So yay for 1 size smaller! Oh, and to the crazy girl on the street who said I needed to lose weight-you'd better watch out, because when I become a hot sexy skinny girl, your boyfriend's gonna want me. ;)


As 2007 comes to a close, people everywhere are compiling lists-best movies, worst red carpet gowns and a plethora of others that I can not even begin to write about. This morning when I turned on my 'puter I saw a list that I thought would be funny: "Weirdest Sports Stories of 2007".

Sure enough, it was amusing but you know there is one that I need to openly post. Vinny-close your eyes...

4. Man, that bugged me

There's no other way to get around this, but in 2007 it became abundantly clear that God hates the Yankees.

How else can you explain
the plague of locusts that He sent to torment Joba Chamberlain just when the Bombers were on the verge of tying up their divisional series with the Indians at a game apiece?

OK, so they were technically midges, an insect related to the mosquito. But we're claiming poetic license in this instance.

Clearly disturbed by the insects that were swarming around his head, face and neck, Chamberlain surrendered the tying run in the bottom of the eighth inning, setting the stage for the Indians' dramatic win in the 11th.

After taking the Sabbath off (allowing the Yankees to win Game 3), God came back strong in Game 4. And while none of the Bronx Bombers busted out in unhealable sores (at least, that we know of) and frogs didn't rain down from the heavens, Chien-Ming Wang did suffer a meltdown of Biblical proportions, allowing Cleveland to advance to the ALCS.

...Yup, He smote the Yankees alright, and if anyone ever doubted the power of prayer, the proof is in the pennant.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weekly Review in Boston

Last week in Boston:

*I went to my very first hockey game ever and liked it a lot. I think I might go to another one soon. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was how excited people got when two players beat the shit out of each other.

*Found another connection. I've gone to places around the city before and am slowly figuring out how they all connect to each other. When the light bulb goes off, it makes me smile. It means I'm closer to really calling Boston home.

*Finally found Haymarket and fell instantly in love. It's crazy and crowded with vendors yelling and people shuffling money back and forth. I bought 6 lemons for a dollar and Greg got 3 pounds of bananas for a dollar. 3 POUNDS! I could have gotten a whole box of asparagus for $3 but didn't have anymore cash. Did I mention that I love Haymarket?

*Got LOTS of pastries and rainbow cookies at Mike's Pastry in the north end.

*Had breakfast at Zaftigs and decided that I shall go back for lunch soon.

This week in Boston:

*Hosting an outing to a local improv show in the north end. There will be 6 of us, and it should be a great time. This will be the farthest I've traveled by T alone at night.

*Re-arranging my living room after the Christmas tree is taken down, putting up 2 pictures, finding a pot rack and hanging my magnetic knife rack. Dishes must be done too.

*New Year's Eve in Boston with strangers. I'm a little sad that I'm going to be spending New Year's with strangers, but everyone else has plans and I don't want to sit alone in my new city while the new year rolls in. I plan on having tons of fun, regardless of who I am with.

In the works:

*Currently trying to locate the best venue to host a wine tasting event.

*Planning a get together at my place with a few girls I've met over the last month.

*Buying Red Sox tickets.


*Hockey is fun to watch live.  Although I did get a little sad at how excited the fans get when the players are beating the shit out of each other...
*When someone who knows you well says, "You're going to think it's a weird gift" they're probably right.  (But that doesn't mean it's not a good gift)
*I can see clearly now the...oh, wait.  I can't see.  That's right.  :)
*Learning new stories about you grandparents is nice.
*Toy parrots can sometimes look real.
*I stuck up for my Mother & my Nana on Christmas Eve and shut my wicked aunt up.  Then I was told by my real aunt that she wished she had the balls to do that herself.
*Overheard on Christmas Day: Don't sit on the toilet seat, it has a hole in it....That's OK, I have a crack in my butt, so it doesn't matter"
*Going to the cemetery against your will is so not fun.  Especially when you stay in the car and everyone else goes to the grave.
*I still think it's weird that people find comfort visiting bones in the ground. (Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die)
*It is HARD to lay a rug under your bed all by yourself.
*Waking up the day after Christmas because you have to work stinks-big time.
*Medicine changed my life. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Those of you who know me, know that Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. I have a large family and we all pile into my Nana's house for lots of food and laughter. It is, without a doubt, one of the only constants in my life that I still hold near and dear.

That is what Christmas is to me...

But what girl would tell you that presents aren't fun? That's what I thought. This year was a fun gift year for me, and I'm going to share some highlights. Just because I can. :)

Weirdest/Most Creative Gift: Bongers

Most Stylish Gift: Brown Suede Boots with a wedge heal

Most Practical Gift: Black TV Trays for the girl without a table

Shiniest Gift: Magnetic Knife Rack

Gift I Finally Got After 2 Year on my Wish List: Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Best Smelling Gift: Lemon Kitchen Soap

Most Technological: Cool Pix Digital Camera

Best Gift: Text Message from a Friend

I had a fantastic Christmas-but not because of the gifts. Nothing means Christmas more than family and friends, getting together and breaking bread...I hope that you also had a wonderful holiday.