Saturday, December 08, 2007

Girl Brunch

Yesterday I met the girl who contacted me because she couldn't go to my dinner last night. She just moved here from Chicago two months ago and doesn't know many people either, so she invited me to a Women's brunch that she was going to this morning. So, we coordinated a meeting on the T (she's a few stops away from me) and made our way to the restaurant.

I was apprehensive about this women's brunch. It was put on by a women's organization that's geared towards young women. I was worried that the women there would all be skinny bitches who were fake or high powered man-hating women. While there were definitely women who were fake there, I also met a few "normal" girls and actually had a nice time. I don't have much to say about it, other than there is a possibility of a get together later on with a few of us for cooking and wine, and there apparently was one a group of these women who put together a club of some sort that has to do with food and they now want me to be the organizer. We'll see about that one-most of the people I didn't like were the ones who wanted me to do this.

This week's agenda so far includes an after hours party at a museum and perhaps going to see the Nutcracker. Now, I'm off to find something to do today!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Fireplace

As you may recall, tonight was my dinner with strangers through the website I joined here in the city. After begging the members of the 30 Something group for women to sign up (b/c before it was just me and 4 men!) a girl I met during brunch last week RSVP'd. At the last minute, the park ranger flaked out saying that he couldn't come because he had to pray.

Which is totally fine. But why'd he sign up if he prays on Fridays? I dunno. He's apparently a very interesting man, as 2 of my guests met him at other events. In any case-another woman did show up-her name is very ambiguous and none of us knew her gender until she joined us at the bar.

I was, of course, 1/2 hr early. That part really stunk, because there's always the "What if people don't show up?" factor to these types of things (though I'm learning that this never happens really with this site). The first man to arrive-yup-the baldy. He's actually not a shiny bald like his picture suggests, and he's Persian and somehow, this made it ok. He wanted to go inside and wait at the bar and I hesitated-which he later teased me about when we were all done with dinner. The other man who came is probably in his mid-late 40's. A very nice man, but obvious that he thought I was pretty, and that made me kind of nervous.

All of us got along very well and had several extremely interesting conversations ranging from 400 # jelly fish to a cutting edge rapid eye movement therapy for people who are suffering from a trauma. When our food came, we all felt comfortable enough to share some-right off each other's plates. It was a comfortable and fun time and I think we all agreed that if we see each other in an event in the future, we'd like to go along too.

In fact, the chauffeur (the 40 year old) said that this was the best event he's ever been to, and the best company too. (He and baldy McPersia have been members for a couple of years) So that made me very happy. When we were getting ready to leave, the 2 men asked me if I wanted a ride home-of course I said no! After they walked away Sue-the girl I met before at brunch asked me again, but I declined and told her I would take the T. And, I'm mostly glad I did.

Mostly glad only because I got on the D train instead of the C train and had to walk the "You need to lose weight" route, which is ok, but I had on high heeled boots. (My feets hurt!)

The totally glad part was the REASON why I got on the wrong train...I was being talked to by a very cute boy. Now, what girl wouldn't get flustered by that?

I was the only person on the platform waiting for the T until he walked up, and passed me to go to the end of the dock. At this point, a light went on in my brain telling me that I also needed to be up there b/c I had to pay money instead of having a handy dandy card. So, I walked over to where he was and sort of hung back. I felt a little weird that I just followed him down the platform at 10:30 at night!

When I stopped walking he turned to me and said, "Is it like this all winter?" He was talking about the T platform and how it was caked with snow and ice. I said, "I'm not sure-I just moved here last week." He laughed and asked where I was from and I told him. He told me he was new to this particular area too and that he moved here in June.

Then he pointed to the restaurant I just came from and said, "That place is supposed to be a nice date place, I've wanted to try it, but it's not the kind of place you go alone." To which I replied, "Yeah...I felt the same way, so I invited 5 other people and made it a fun night instead of a date night." We talked back and forth about music and other things, and then the train approached.

He said, "Here's our train!" We were finishing a conversation, so I didn't think to check which train he was speaking of. (Ok, ok...I admit I was flustered. Remember, I don't do well with the direct flirt-and he was flirting.) So, I hopped on right after him and waited for him to put his money in (he doesn't have a card either!) and followed him in. 2 stops later, I realized I was going to the wrong place. Luckily, I knew the next stop well (it's where I ate Thai and Taco's..and dessert last week) so I stood up and said, "This is me" and got up.

I played it totally cool. He said that it was nice talking to me and that maybe he'd see me around again, and that was that.

Have I mentioned how much I love it here? :)

Tomorrow: Brunch with the ladies and a possible new friend and then home to decorate for Christmas!!!

Katherine-I hope this post quenched your curiosity about the dinner.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Drag

Tonight I was supposed to do laundry...instead, I walked a mile to buy a Christmas tree. For a couple of weeks now, I've been passing a tree vendor on my home from work. I never had enough cash to stop and there is also tons of traffic at that time of day. When I got home tonight, I had to park down at the end of the street which is close to an ATM. I took the opportunity to get cash for a tree, and for my dinner tomorrow.

After changing into jeans and sneaks, I started the cold walk to the tree vendor. On the way, I stopped and bought a tree stand. I picked out the tree and started dragging it home.

In a city like this, in the area I live in-I would have thought that this wouldn't have been so crazy, but apparently it was. I got so crazy ass looks as me and my little tree made our way back to my apartment-all in all, about 5 blocks. The funny thing is-it only took me about 45 minutes to walk there, buy a tree stand, pick out a tree and pay and walk back. I was very surprised, and though it may have been weird to see me dragging my tree behind me as I walked home, I found it amusing and it made me happy.

But realistically-how can a fresh cut Christmas tree NOT make you happy? The sap is still on my hands, and my living room smells so good. Without further ado, here is my first Boston tree:

It looks big because it's a close give you some perspective-it's actually a little over 5 feet tall...

After brunch on Saturday I'm going to come how and decorate the apartment and the tree-and wrap gifts. I might even bake some cookies. There're lots of things that I want for Christmas, but I already feel like I've gotten what I wanted the most...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday 13: Steak & Ice Cream

Thirteen Things I Am GLAD About

13. Hardly any traffic on the way to and from work each day.

12. That I am not color blind and that I can see and appreciate the splendor and subtlety of all colors.

11. My view of the city from my chair in the living room

10. The sound that the T makes as it stops outside my building

9. My new job with nice people and WORK!

8. That my sister and niece have a place to call their own

7. That my other sister will be closer to home and therefore, happier

6. Christmas is coming and I have most of my Christmas shopping done-and most of it was tax free! AND I get to see all of my cousins and aunts & uncles on my most favorite day of the year! (Eve)

5. Stop & Shop delivers :)

4. That though we had a snow storm and it's frigid cold out, I do not have to shovel or worry about the amount of oil in my tank.

3. The name I pulled for secret Santa (I can't wait!!!)

2. Finding the website that can potentially help me make new friends-and definitely will get me out in the city exploring new places.

1. That I love it here and feel very at home, and at peace-something I haven't felt in a long, long time...

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Late Post

First, Katherine: Nope...I wasn't near the truck that crashed and burned...thank you for checking up on me! :)

If there weren't people on the sidewalk, I totally could have gotten a prime parking spot tonight when I got home from work. In fact, I was almost into the spot (which was wicked tight) but in order to straighten it out I would have had to bump the car behind me. Like I said, if people weren't around, I would have gotten into it no problem. Instead, I parked just around the corner. I tell you, I seem to really be getting the hang of parking. Though-I haven't tried parking on a busy street yet. That'll be a whole different challenge!

As you know, I started my new job on Monday, and so far I really love it. The people there are insanely nice and I'm already 100 times busier than I ever was at my old job-which is actually disgusting, considering it's my first week here. I think I'm picking up on things fairly quickly, and though I know I have a long way to go, I think I'll have a handle on it soon. The commute is a breeze so far. No traffic either way and it only takes me about 1/2 hr if that.

On the way home tonight though I noticed that my window had fallen down into the door. That really stinks for a girl who has to pay tolls. (No, I haven't got a speed pass yet) The guy looked at me pretty funny when I stuck my hand through the little crack of the window and dangled the dollar bill at him. Oh well. I fixed it enough to feel comfy with it on the street parked, but at some point, I'm gonna have to get it fixed.

Kat: I finally saw my loud neighbor and he is indeed Asian. He's a small little fella too. I only knew it was him because as I was walking up the (5 flights) of stairs I heard his cough. I knew it had to be him. He didn't make eye contact at all even when we passed each other so closely that we could have touched shoulders. So any case, the mystery is solved! I have gotten back at him by letting my alarm go off at 6:15 and hitting it until 6:30 every morning. :)

The event website that I am signed up for is going well. My dinner was RSVP'd to by 1 other woman, and the rest are men. This is going to be interesting...I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!! Another cool thing is that a girl contacted me b/c she couldn't go to the dinner on Friday but wanted to meet me b/c she's new to the area too. She invited me to a Women's Brunch on Saturday. It's free and it's all about women in the area networking and meeting up and stuff. If nothing else, it's a good way to meet people and to get to know this girl who lives just up the block from me. It'll be an adventure!

That's all for now. I'm sorry about not posting this morning. I wasn't sure if I could post a blog from work (I know I can't read comments) so it was a crap shoot. For future reference, I can't. :) I'll try to post late at night or first thing in the morning so I won't fall behind.

Hasta la pasta!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

How is everyone on this lovely Toosdae? I sure hope you are all smiling and that if you aren't, I hope that you have someone to comfort you. Take a few minutes to answer this week's questions, and remember that though I'll read your comments, I can't respond to them until later.

1. If you could have any type of hair or hairstyle in the entire world, what would you choose? How close is that to your natural hair?

2. What tool or tools are specific to the job you do? If you are retired or do not work, what do you use on a regular basis that we might not use?

3. What do you think your most annoying trait will be when you are old? (Let's say 85 yrs old)

1. I have always wanted a head fully of wild kinky curls-like some African American women have. Though I'm the whitest white girl there is, I think it's quirky and cool. Though my hair has a natural wave to it, I straighten it everyday. It's totally not quirky.

2. Well, I'm going to choose the chef thing b/c that's obviously a bit more unique. There are lots of tools that we use that you don't on a daily basis, but I'd say the average cook doesn't use a birds beak knife very often.

3. Considering I annoy some people now when I ask, "What?" I think it'll be a loss of hearing. I have trouble with certain pitches already, and my grandfather was partially deaf, and my mother is as well. It could happen...

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Park Ranger, A Photographer & a Bald Man

What do a Park Ranger, a Photographer and a Bald Man all have in common? They've all RSVP'd to my dinner out on Friday.

They're all men. And did I mention-one of them is bald? I might not be able to eat.

To remind you all what the hell I am talking about-I signed up for this networking site here in the city where people can invite others to join them for any number of things-Brunch (like I did Sunday) Dinner, Drinks...Music. As the host, you choose the location, set the time and the number of guests it's limited to, and then you post it up on the site. People RSVP to whatever events they want and you all meet up at that location.

It seems like a pretty cool way to meet people in a city of people who don't really seem to want to be met. (Sure people SAY they want to meet new people, but they avert their eyes and stick to their own.) I have wanted to go to the restaurant I chose but didn't want to go alone-it's just fancy enough that I'd feel a little bit funny, especially on a Friday night.

So, in any case, I set this thing up, made the reservations at the restaurant and waited. Today 3 people RSVP'd. Did I mention they are all men? And did I mention the bald?

I'm sure I mentioned the bald.

This isn't supposed to be some dating thing for me. I surely hope that women RSVP to this as well, but if they don't, I hope that these men aren't the flirty type. I don't do well with direct flirts, and I will NOT enjoy myself at all if there is any of that going on.

Please-PLEASE let women RSVP...I should have thought of this possibility when I put it up there....

***Update: Durning the night, another man RSVP'd. This one is NO WAY in his 30's. Only 2 places left, and I'm not sure a woman would come now. :(


As I sit here on my new chaise in my beautiful apartment, I can see downtown Boston twinkling in the horizon. There is a cool, soft breeze rustling the curtains and my belly is full of chicken and dumplings. And, I got a parking spot right in front of my apartment when I got home from work.

Life. Is. Good.

Today was my first day of work, and overall it went well. If I haven't told you yet, the people are wicked nice. (Listen up-ask anyone that knows me...I've used "wicked" since high school.) I woke up at 6am to be sure I had time to shower, clean my car off (from snow) and drive the 25 minutes North. I was 1/2 early. The snow storm wasn't too bad here in Boston, but near work and in New Hampshire it was worse. That meant that the person who was to meet me was very late, and the person who will be training me (my friend Danielle) worked from home. And, my boss left early for a vacation day.

It's all good though. He showed me how to do a few things and provided me with a huge stack of paperwork to widdle through, which-truth be told, I milked because there wasn't much for me to do.

This isn't going to be like my last job though-where they told me I'll be busy all of the time but instead I had nothing to do but blog. I have a very good feeling about this place, and I'm very excited to be there.

First Positive: My boss is THE nicest person. Seriously, no one has a bad thing to say about him, and it's because he truly is a sweet man. He even bought me lunch today. :)

Second Positive: I already have a friend there-Danielle, who incidentally (Positive #3) used to do this job and is going to be training me.

So, first day=a success!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some blogs to read!!

(Don't forget to come by tomorrow for Toosdae ?'s!!!)

Workin' Girl

Monday, Monday...It's already Monday. And that means I start my shiny new job today! The commute is supposed to be pretty bad with snow and ice, but I'll try to drive safely. I work to the North of Boston and that is where it's supposed to snow heavily. I'm most concerned about the drive home, and where I am going to park when I get here.

I called the governor's office yesterday to find out about parking bans and such during snow storms. I found that I do not have to move my car unless it's declared a snow emergency. Nowhere though, does it define what an actual snow emergency is. So, I asked. Apparently it is 8 inches. Now, the ladies at brunch told me they've seen people get towed for 2 inches.

So WTF am I supposed to do? Not sure. I did sign up to get an email and a phone call if a snow emergency is declared. If that is the case, I have to park in a designated lot and trek it back to my apartment. I pretty much know why people sell their cars when they move here. Still on the list for a spot of my own...

So, anyway-I'm starting work today! I'm pretty excited about it because even though having a week off to set up house and to explore, I'm ready to start feeling needed again. :)

Bad news though, my friends-I am told by an inside source that though I can read blogs, I am not going to be able to comment on them. Don't think I've forgotten about you all-I'll comment on things when I get home when I check my emails...

I hope everyone who is in the Northeast is safe today!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beantown Brunch

It's going to snow in Boston tonight. :) Right now it is 27 degrees out and overcast-yet I still have my living room windows wide open. It gets pretty hot in here, being on the 5th floor and all. Yesterday I worked for most of the day on getting my bedroom all set up. I had my bed made and my books on the shelves, but my clothes were still in suitcases and on the floor. It took about 3 hours, but it's all put away. I also put all of my bathroom stuff away-I had to buy a little cabinet to house it all, and before yesterday, it was all still in a box on the floor. I am happy to say that except for the fact that I need a curtain in there (so people can't see my shadow through the window) it's all set. Pictures are hung too-that's a good feeling.

My kitchen is still in disarray. I just don't have anywhere to put some things, and I am stuck waiting until Christmas to see if I got some of the organization things I put on my Wist List, like a pot rack and a rack for my wine glasses. Until then, the pots take up a lot of space. There are only a few boxes left, and those are mostly filled with office stuff. Since I no longer have an office, or a desk, I have to figure out a way to store all of it.

Today was my ladies brunch. We met here at noon. I checked the T schedule and used the trip planner to figure out how to get there. Upon seeing their suggestion, I noticed that I could get there an easier way without making a transfer if I walked a little bit. So that's what I did. I'm not going to lie-I felt very proud of myself for figuring it out, and also, for getting it right! Just a short walk (not even a mile, I'd say) saved me about 15 minutes.

I was the first one there, which is usually the case, and I wish it wasn't. It's awkward just standing there, waiting to see if people will actually show up. I was happy that all 6 of us arrived and got along well from the start.

There were 2 girls who were a little younger than the rest of us, and I don't think I would ever be friends with them. Not because they were young-that's just a coincidence. One girl was weird in a way that I can't explain and the other was kind of ditsy. There was also a woman who was clearly about 1o years older than the me and the other 2 ladies, but she was, in my opinion, the nicest of them all.

The coolest girl sat right across from me. She was quirky in just the right way, and she moved to Boston from London. She's extremely smart but doesn't like talking about things that make her look like it, which I like. She was also kind of silly. The lady who hosted this event was also very nice. She didn't seem to joke around much though. I'm not sure if it was because we were at brunch or what, but she seemed a little more straight laced than me. We stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and had a fantastic meal. The coffee was strong and dark (just like I like my men) and my Eggs Benedict was actually perfectly cooked.

At the end of the meal, we all went our separate ways, except for the hostess and I. She was going shopping (since we were right across the street from a mall) and I was going to the T. As we walked together she told me that I shouldn't feel old in Boston-it's just where I live. She also said that I don't look 31 at all. She thought I was 25. Now-I think that's pushing it, but I still took the compliment. None of us exchanged numbers or said we'd have to do this again sometime, but we're all part of the network and will for sure meet up again. In fact, they all want me to host a dessert party in my apartment at some point, which I will happily do.

Overall, it was a great time, and I'm glad that I went. Though I can't say that I've met any friends yet, I have met some pretty cool people and had an afternoon of good food, and laughter-and really, it can't get much better than that.

Happy Sunday everyone...