Saturday, November 03, 2007

MI 2

Good Morning!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned. I know Vinny gets to see MATT! this weekend and that Asara & Fam are exploring New England-and Linda may or may not be visiting her mom...

Let me update you on my apartment. I declined it and asked the realtor to send my check back to me because the landlord is STILL away and not answering her calls. I am heading up to Boston in a couple of hours to look with another realtor today. I do not want to leave Boston until I have one. Of course, I will let you know!

First, there was this:

When Linda and I first met-remember? Ground beef tacos (the horror!) and tiny margaritas? Fun times with hours and hours of talking and laughing, butt being sore from the bench.

Then there was this:

A fun filled weekend where Mo, Linda and I did...well, lots. And most of the time we were acting like the picture above.

Now...there is this:
If you don't recognize the pretty lady in the middle, it's Asara from Asara's Mental Meanderings! In a trip that I have dubbed "MI 2", Asara and her (awesome) family took a road trip for her husbands birthday. Linda and I are lucky enough to live in the state they wanted to go to!!! We met at Chili's in the center of the state for a nice dinner and lots of fun...I think I can speak for Linda by saying that Asara is one of the sweetest people and she is VERY funny!

I've said it before, but meeting the people you interact with almost on a daily basis here in Blogland is amazing. Just seeing their mannerisms and the sparkle in their eyes is a great feeling, but being able to hug them and share real laughter and not just a LOL is awesome...and, as this picture below shows, the more friends you have, the better life gets...

NOT a Tiny Margarita

Have a WONDERFUL Saturday everyone!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


I was offered a job! AND it was the job I wanted!!! Yay!!!!
I start on December 3rd.

No word on the apartment yet, but I told the realtor that if we didn't hear from the landlord today then I have to say no to it and move on...I'll keep you updated!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Long Day

Long day. No job offers, did not like the lady I interviewed with so I don't want that job, but I did find an apartment. This is where I'm hoping to live...

It's fantastic and the minute I walked in I knew I had to have it. I just don't know if I can get it or not...usually they want about $4000 to move in, but I only have about half of that. So, if I eat all of the food that is in my house for a few weeks instead of buying anything and I only drive to work and back, I might be ok....hopefully the landlord will take the offer because man, it is SO my style. (Except for the kitchen-when I have more energy, I'll explain)

The apartment is only about 1 mile away from this:

Oh, and one of my chefs from school called with a lead on a catering company who is looking for some good quality chefs. He forwarded her my name and told me to email. :)

The Zig Zags

Let me first start by saying this: My neighbors suck! How can entire neighborhood ban Halloween? I just don't get it...I tried really hard this year too-I put torches out front, a bazillion candles in my windows and had my light on...NOT ONE SINGLE KIDDIE. :( Someday....

Here are some Zig Zags that are happening in my life right now:

My references have been called by both of the companies who interviewed me on Monday. I take that as a good sign.

It's very weird and also hysterical when a boy tells you his nipples are hard.

The bug guy is going to charge me effing $685 to treat the "evidence of" termites. They're not even alive! That seems a tad bit...outrageous, doesn't it?!?!

I have the disclosure from the person I bought the house from, and he checked off that the roof was FINE. He is SO going to be sued after I close. I even tracked the deadbeat down.

Originally I was planning on spending the day in Boston on Saturday looking for apartments, however, I was invited for an interview tomorrow, so I am heading up at 7:30am. 12:30 is apartment hunting. :) It's cool, cause now I have the whole weekend free...

Except Friday night. Though I am not sure if I can tell you what it is yet. ;)

I have found that going to Target at 8:30pm on Halloween is a GREAT time to shop. Why? Not only is the store a ghost town (ha haa haa) but really hot guys are shopping then. Nice.

I sold my Ukulele. It is no longer in my possession. Amazing, isn't it? Out of all the things I sold on Craigslist, that got the most inquires. Odd...

I also sold my damaged chair. However, when I put the ad back up this morning, a bitchy lady emailed me and said, "It's got a HOLE in it. No one's going to buy it." First of all, it doesn't have a hole. It needs to be patched but it's not a hole in the structure. So I wrote back and said, "Thank you for your input." Beyoch. I'm so totally going to update my ad to say, "It sold you effing beyoch." Think I'll get banned?

I bought a pretty turquoise pashmina today. :) I've wanted to buy it for weeks now, but didn't and today I decided that it was a necessary part of building Maggie the City Girl (I already have the bigger than necessary I can fit my entire attic in here black bag). I had to drive to a store farther away, but I finally got the color I wanted, and-on sale! Score!!!! I plan on wearing it tomorrow.

When I got home from the store my alarm didn't beep when I walked in. I tried arming it once I was inside (I do that just in case someone is there-I can open the door or something and it'll sound off and alert the PoPo) but it wouldn't turn on. I took Blue, my mag lite and walked around the back to find my back door open! I almost shit myself. I know that's gross, but on Halloween in the dark it's really scary. I didn't shut the door all the way when I went out back earlier.

So, there are a few things going on in my world. It's been very busy, and I'm not gonna lie-stressful. But there is an end to it in sight, and I have my eyes focused on that...please stay with me-I know I've not been the best blogbuddy with commenting, but I'm still here!

Have a great Thursday-and if you can....send me "You're gonna get a job and find the perfect apartment today" vibes. :)

It's November already-holy shit, where'd the road go?!?!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Weirdest Day - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

So, onto all the shiznit that I'm selling. I have lots of ads out on Craigslist for things like my lawnmower, my Ukulele, 2 ladders and my patio set. Those people are calling like mad! So far I have sold:

A 16ft ladder

Shop Vac

Adirondack Chairs

Patio Table & Chairs


and I gave my couch away. (It smells like cat pee)

Getting all of this stuff out of my house means talking to some weirdass people. The guy who bought my lawnmower sounded like a drunk over the phone and talked WAY too casual to me. So when he came over (it was dark out) I put my mag light near the front door and held my cell phone in the "ready to flip" position. (Police are on speed dial)

After about 10 minutes of hemming and hawing he finally took it and then proceeded to ask me personal questions. He smelled like BO and his hands were so dirty I almost didn't want to take his money. Of course, I did-I just washed my hands.

After he left I got a call on my home phone which is weird because only one person calls me on my home phone and it was a lot earlier than I usually would get calls. None the less, I answered, and got this:

Caller: "Is this Maggie?"

Me: "Yes....who's calling?"

Caller: "This is your neighbor down the street, Wayne."

Me: "Um....hi?"

I've talked to this man once when he actually rode his mower down the street to talk to me while I was mowing my lawn (with my push mower!!!). He is nice enough but very nosey...

Caller: "I just wanted to tell you dear, that the roofers covered your chimney. You're a young girl so I have to be careful here, but I don't want you to be taking a hot shower and end up dead from Carbon Monoxide."

Me: Nervous laugh "Yeah...good point-I never even though of that."

Caller: So, why're you movin? Last time I talked to you on your lawn you were happy working so close to your house and you loved it here.

Me: I just needed a change, that's all. I graduated and so this is paying off all of my debt."

Caller: How much did you sell it for?

Now, I know that he can get this info from the town, so I don't care, I told him. I also mentioned that it sold in 3 days and he was amazed.Caller: Blah, blah, blah

At this point, I'm like, dude-how did you know my last name? You took the time to look up my number and now you're calling me. I've only talked to you once in the 3 years I've lived here, and now you're calling me? We haven't moved to the phone call section of our relationship!

Me: Well, thank you for calling about that, I really appreciate it.

Caller: You know who I am, right? I'm your neighbor up the street-we talked on your lawn when you were mowing? Remember?

Me: Yup, I know who you are. It just took me a minute to put that together though.

Here's where it gets creepy (as if the hot shower/young woman comment wasn't creepy)

Caller: I'm him-we talked on your lawn. Last winter you were spreading salt on the driveway and I called out, 'You feedin' the chickens!?' (true story), and the dumpster got delivered to your house yesterday and you leave around 8am everyday.

(He said a few more things but I can't remember exactly what they were b/c he was rattling them off and I was getting really weirded out.)

Me: Nervous laugh, nervous! "Yup...well, thanks again-I'll talk to the roofers tomorrow.

It appears that Scary Boo is not the only neighbor who watches me. Ick.

Next, I get another call on my home number from a man who sounded like he lived in the Bayou. He said he was calling about the ad on Craigslist. Now-I never give my home number, always my cell and almost never put my first name I am wondering at this point how this person knows who I am via my ads. And after drunken lawnmower man and crazy Wayne down the street, I'm already freaked out.

It just so happened that it was a wrong number....but man, what a weird day...

Wordless Wednesday: Maggie, Party of One

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Getting Harder

Get your mind out of the gutter you dirty bird!

It is getting harder for me to hide the fact that I am trying to relocate to another state. Only 4 people at work know (and I suspect 1 other figured it out) and I don't want to tell anyone else just in case. No sense in losing a great paying job for nothing. Anyway, as you know, I now own 2 cell phones-my original one and my Boston one. I have them both out on my desk (where no one can really see them) in case jobs call, or craigslist people.

I'm selling a lot of my stuff. More about that tomorrow...One of my father's best friends (who oddly enough I have never actually met but he's eaten my food at the seminar) is an executive (or the owner) of a company just outside of Boston. In speaking with him today, dad mentioned that I was moving etc, etc and yadda, yadda, yadda-they wanted me to call.

When I did call, it was kind of cool because the male receptionist was a little bit of a bitch and after he asked who was calling he paused for about a minute (no lie) and said, "From where?" Now this is where I am happy that I was NOT in the office because Devin would have CRACKED up by my answer of, "From nowhere. Steve Insertbigbosseslastname asked me to call." Hee hee was cool. The job doesn't pay nearly enough so it's not going to work out, but that's not the point. The point is, when I saw who was calling I stood up, answered the phone and ran outside of the building.

That's a little odd.'s getting harder.

The Future's So Bright(on)

Don't forget to answer Toosdae ?'s in the post below!

Yesterday was LONG day, but definitely a good one. I took the entire day off from work and started the drive to Brighton, the city I am thinking of moving to. On the way up, I called one of the ladies who was interviewing me via phone and asked if I could come in person since I was going to be in the area. She said yes and so I got directions and drove there.

The interview went very well, and she seemed to be extremely interested in me. The job is in a chiropractors office and she asked me what my "philosophy" on health care was. That was the only question I sort of stumbled on, because, well...I've never philosophized about health care. Ever. In the end, she seemed to enjoy my answer, so I guess it was ok. She is passing my resume on for a 2nd interview, but I think I am going to decline it. After speaking with Danielle, the road I would take each day is always backed up with traffic, and it's already an hour commute.

From there I drove to Brighton-because I've never been there. It's a cute little inner suburb type place of Boston, and definitely liveable. I didn't love it so much though that my heart is set on that particular area, so when I meet with the realtor this Saturday, we'll talk about that. But I could for sure live there.

I drove around random streets, looked at the people, watched their interactions and window shopped (from the car) and then had lunch at Whole Foods. That was my destination, because lots of the apartments I've seen are around there and I wanted to see what the real commute would be like from there to my next interview.

It's always nice to be told that you were a bright spot in someones day. You don't often hear that from people-even the ones who are close to you-so it was nice. Everyone at this company was extremely nice and fun and I would definitely want to work there. On top of being a bright spot in one of the interviewers day, I was also told that I present myself very well, seem very confident and organized and that I have a good laugh. (That part I knew) ;) At the end of my stay I was walked to the door and told by another interviewer that he really liked my interview and that he hopes that they are able to offer me a position.

I take that as a good sign, but I've been wrong about interviews in the past. Even if I do not get offered the position however, it was overall a nice experience and made me feel very good about myself. And the commute was only 20 minutes. Not bad.

After the interview I waited for Danielle and read a little bit. We made the drive to her apartment in NH and had an extremely fun and enjoyable dinner/drinks/dessert combination. It makes me happy to have them as new friends and even happier that I will soon be closer to them!

Thanks, yet again, for all of your support everyone. It means a lot to me that you all are so confident in my success-even when sometimes I'm not. I need that. You all rock.

I'll keep you updated...have a GREAT day! (Answer my questions damn it!)


Toosdae ?'s

Welcome to Toosdae everyone-where you are one step closer to FRIDAY! :) I know lots of you are dying to hear about my day yesterday-I will update you all later once I get settled here at the meantime, please answer away!

1. What part of your personal hygiene routine is the most satisfying to you?

2. If you could drop one habit from your life what would it be and why?

3. Habits can also be good-what would you like to incorporate into your own life to make it eventually become a habit?

1. I really enjoy being a clean person so most of them are satisfying to me, but the MOST satisfying would be shaving my legs and moisturizing them. The feeling of silky smooth legs is fantastic and I love, love, love it.

2. I think it would be ordering take out. I love to cook but hardly ever do it for myself because it just seems silly to do that for one person. I find myself eating out quite a bit, even if it is just a sandwich.
3. There are TONS that I would like to become habits, but I'm going to start small and say that I would like to make folding and PUTTING AWAY my clean clothes a habit.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Think I'm Goin' 2 Boston

Hello friends,

I am taking the better portion of today off from blogging as I am hopping in the shower and driving up to Boston for an interview, lunch and then another interview and dinner with Danielle and Steve!!!!

Send me good vibes, k?


One Milllion Dollars...

I don't care what team you cheer for...watching grown men cry after they fought hard for a win is emotional...
To me, seeing that spirit, that passion-it's what baseball is all about...
Congratulations 2 the BEST team in the WORLD!!!!!!
Tomorrow's going to be a crazy day to be in Boston...especially for someone who doesn't know their way around much. :)