Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not That Greg

Maybe it's just because of 9/11 that we are over sensitive to certain things that we otherwise would take as normal, or even kind. This morning I was preparing some bills and paperwork that I have to take care of for the house. My mortgage company recently changed and instead of using the website I usually do, I decided to call to speak with them instead.

The gentleman who answered had a thick southern accent which was, admittedly, a nice surprise. (The other company outsourced to India, and I find that accent extremely hard to understand over the phone) After verifying all of my information, Greg (not that Greg) helped me through what needed to be done, and asked if there was anything else he could help me with.

There wasn't anything else, so I thanked him and prepared to hang up. Before doing so, Greg said, "You have a nice day too, Ms. Moo, and be careful this weekend if you're traveling."

When the last part of his sentence was coming out, I thought that he knew about how heavy it was raining her and that he was telling me to be careful. But then he added the bit about traveling, and it made me think, "Does this guy know something I don't?"

And that line of thinking, my friends, is a directly link to 9/11.

He was probably just a really nice man who genuinely wants me to be safe. But if something happens this weekend, let it be known that Greg (not that Greg) from CitiMortgage knew about it before anyone else.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Friday

Does anyone else think it's weird that Taco Bell is giving everyone in America a taco for every stolen base in the World Series? Well, if you don't think it's weird, let it be known that I do.

Yesterday was an exciting day. I was asked for an interview. Once that one came in, I recieved 2 other calls. One advertised that they were in Boston, but they really were not-they were actually quite far away. The other is also far away from where I wish to live, but she still wants to interview me over the phone. I'm all for that. If it gets me there, that's what counts at this point.

Also, while perusing through the apartments section I fell in love with a one bedroom that really looks like I already live there. On a whim I emailed her and asked if she had any more like it because I won't be moving until December. To which she replied, "December move in is fine with us-when do you want to come look at it?"

I'm totally psyched. Though I'm not sure what I am going to do about a down payment. But I'll figure that part out later. She hasn't written back to me since I told her when I could come (either Monday before the interview or next Saturday when I was planning on going up anyway)

Lots of you have asked about Zoe recently. Zoe is not a lap kitty. Instead, he likes to neck. And recently, likes to sit on my shoulders:

The bad news is that his "behavior problem" (peeing on my stuff) is not stopping. I've tried everything that was suggested to me and nothing is working. Rick from Palm Springs Savant suggested a project called "Dump Cat" that people swear by on the site, and all it did for Zoe was make him find somewhere other than my couch to pee-my bed!

The saddest part is that I really love my kitty, but simply can't keep him if he continues to do this. I don't know what is next. :(

I am ordering linens for the party in December and got quotes and swatches sent to me from several places. This is what $25+ per table cloth gets you:

Pretty shiny ones with patterns and sheens and major "ooo-la-la" factor.

This is what you get for $9 per table cloth:

No sheen. No wow's. Just...fabric. These are the ones I have to go with. :( Here are the colors I am ordering-I think the green for the tables and the darker maroon for the napkins. Then I'll dress the table with white and green flowers. The hall has a lot of brown and maroon so I'm opting not to do that as the main color...we'll see!

I sure hope someone tells the homeless people about those free tacos...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Mo Show CoHo...Um....Wait.

If you are not already aware, I will be co-hosting on The Mo Show with, well, Mo on Wednesday November 14. We will be talking about Holiday Menu Planning, specifically for Thanksgiving. (Sorry to my non-American readers-but you like pie, right?) In order to make sure I give you what you want, please answer the following questions that will point me in the right direction. If there is something I have left out, please either email me or leave a comment.


I now have a phone with a 617 area code. Which is Boston, just so you know...

After waiting for a half hour in the Verizon store last night I was told that there was no way to get a phone number with a 617 area code that I can eventually use full time if I move. Well, I could, but I'd have to get a contract for both phones and keep them for the entire year.

I'm not interested in paying all of that money for an area code. So I ventured over to my local Target and checked out the prepaid phone option. There were several choices, ranging from $14.99 to $99.99, plus the cost of minutes. What I needed to know though, was how the phone number was selected.

No one in the store knew. One guy actually told me that it was printed on the inside of the box. (LOL) There was an 800 number on the back of the package, so I asked if I could call that number to ask the company directly. I was told to go to the service desk.

What?! Maybe it's just because I worked for Disney, but why did I as the customer have to make the call in the first place? In my opinion, the csr on the floor (behind the electronics counter) should have made the call. But to send me all the way up to the front of the store to make my own 800 call. (My point is that it was an 800 number-I wasn't asking to call Alaska on their dime.)

But I digress...

After speaking to a man with a VERY thick Indian accent (who I had to ask to speak up at least 3 times) I learned that to assign a phone number, you pick the area code you live in and it's automatically generated. So I cheated. I looked up the phone number to Brighton and used that.

So now I have a 617 phone number for less than $40. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Giggles

It's really hard to be a hard ass when you're giggling.

Based on Katherine's suggestion below, I called Verizon to find out about getting an extra line. The guy that answered the phone was pretty much a jackass.

First of all, I could tell he was rather new. Which is ok. But it definitely made it hard to ask the questions I needed to ask. He kept contradicting himself which was frustrating me. He started getting flustered because he didn't know the answers until he finally said: "And why do you need an extra line?"

To which I replied, "Well, it's really none of your business" and then I heard a laugh coming from the office next to mine.

Apparently, it was amusing to one of the new guys that I told the rep that it was none of his business why I needed another line that he burst out laughing and in turn, made me giggle uncontrollably.

Now, you all don't know this because you know me from a blog, but when I start an uncontrollable giggle, it's hard for me to stop. Especially when I'm not supposed to be giggling. This in turn, made the new guy laugh even more, and I could no longer control myself. I had to hang up.

Needless to say, I still have no idea how to add another line to my phone, or how much it will cost. I will visit a store in person later today.

I Don't Have A Title

I went home early from work yesterday because I had a headache-the kind I used to get, and thankfully haven't had in a long time. I slept until about 6pm, got up, had something to eat and pretty much went back to sleep until this morning. I went into work late. I still have a headache.

I've been doing a lot of writing and reflecting since last week when I sold the house. It's a good thing, but there are always things that will make you a little sad when it comes to change. Especially such a big one, like this.

I'm not really ready to share them all, but know that I am ok. It will be nice to have someone else worry about a leaky roof (though she won't have to after I sink my life's savings into the darn thing!) or how to keep the pipes from freezing when you've run out of oil in the dead of winter.

I don't know where I am going to live yet, but wherever it is, heat and hot water WILL be included.

Onto the not knowing where I am going to live. Of course the plan is to move to a suburb of Boston. I've found TONS of apartments that look great and are in the location I want to move to, in the price range I am looking at with all the cute little things I want in a city apartment...and I can't put a down payment on any of them. Why? #1-because I don't have the money-we've been through that already. But also, because I've applied to every Admin job in Boston it seems and have not gotten 1 call. Which is weird. I usually at least get calls in CT. I think it might be because my address is in CT on my resume. Who knows. I'm going to call some headhunters tomorrow to speak with them directly. I know that if I stay somewhere in CT, I might not actually go.

And I think I have to.

So, please excuse me these next couple of weeks if my blog gets less interesting and I just ramble about what's happening in my life. I sure do appreciate all of your kind comments and support, and I hope that you will stick around until I have amusing stories from the city.

Later days...

Wordless Wednesday: Soxbows

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toosdae ?'s

You'll have to forgive me, but I simply can not beg for comments today, I am again too sleepy...but, here are this weeks questions, and I do hope you will play!

1. Have you ever broken a dress code rule?

2. Where would you love to play hide and seek?

3. What was your best Halloween costume ever? When was it (or) how old were you?

1. Yes, I have. In 9th grade we were participating in an exchange concert with chorus and were asked to dress up. We were not allowed to wear shorts in school at that time, and I didn't even think about that when I wore my red linen suit jacket and matching knee length shorts. I had nylons and dress shoes on, and looks pretty good, but the Vice Principal (who was NOT my PAL) asked me to put down my lunch and come to his office. He made me change (luckily I had my clothes for the weekend with me) immediately and I missed lunch.

2. If there were no such things as snakes, I would love to play hide and seek deep in a mossy forest in New England, during fall. Can't you just smell it? I picture lots of brooks and caverns and big rocks to hide behind. It almost wouldn't matter who won!

3. I've been a lot of cool things (I won 1st place almost every year at Disney!) but I think the most creative was when I dressed up as a tube of toothpaste. I chose AIM because it was my favorite. I made a "tube" out of a white sheet and put felt lettering on it. Then for the cap I used a lamp shade and for the toothpaste-a pool noodle! It looked like toothpaste was squirting out of the top. It was pretty cool. I was 22, I think.

Monday, October 22, 2007

In November, I Always Run Away

It's part of an identity I've known for so long-this being a survivor of domestic violence, blackmail and verbal abuse. I will always look over my shoulder and there will always be that fear that I will turn a corner and he will be there, waiting, smirking, telling me that I'm not good enough.

I pass the park everyday when I leave for work and everyday when I return, reminding me of how cold it is in November when you have no coat on and you're hiding in the rain. And not knowing how you're going to get away-just get away from that life, without being followed, without losing more than you already have.

It's on my mind even when it's not and sneaks up on me when I least expect it-while listening to a joke on the computer, while in the shower, in my dreams. Everywhere I turn I remember-even the wins-I remember why I had to survive, and how long I let it go on.

And as I look around this little house that has since been filled with friends, family and a better man, I still remember the before. And I may be running away again this November, but this time it is by choice and this time, I am running to a new life-not away from a monster.

Inspector Gadget

Today was an extremely long and drawn out day for me. #1 because I was extremely tired from staying up to watch THE game and the celebrations afterward. And after that, of course I was too keyed up to eyes, undone hair-I must have been a beaut.

The other reason was because I was waiting to hear about my inspection. First, let me tell you about my roof, because lots of you cautioned against me doing anything before I got the guy who did it. I simply can't do that. The closing is in a month and I am more concerned with getting out of here than paying the $3600 for the roof at this point. If I can get that shyster for some of the money later, that would be a bonus. I have talked to both my roofer (he took LOTS of pictures and is willing to write a statement about what he saw) and my lawyer (who said I can get him on breach of contract and fraud-depending on how long ago it was. (He didn't know right off the top of his head how long I could take for that one.

Now, the inspection: Only 4 things were found. 2 were considered "Major" and 2 were considered "Not Major". The first one was of course the roof. Dummies. They did ask that I put up some sort of brace (that I am told is not expensive) as well as what I am doing already. I have asked Loso how much that will cost and if he can do it. I'm also going to ask him if I can pay him for that AFTER the closing b/c I can't bring myself to ask my dad to front me even more money for this effing roof!

The 2nd major thing was that they found termites. Now, this is not as alarming as you all would think because my town is notorious for having the termites. In fact, when I bought the house, I found them too, and had the guy spray. That's all I'll have to do on that-and I'm not so concerned.

The other 2 things were the my dishwasher leaks (which it does not) and that the leg to my oil tank is bent. I told my realtor that the dishwasher doesn't leak and that I used it almost twice a week. When I got home I looked in the dishwasher and saw that he left the water in there-standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher! He didn't let it drain. No wonder it leaked! Idiot.

I also said that I am not fixing the oil tank. The leg is fine, just a little bent (I haven't even noticed it before). I'm giving this lady a new freaking roof-she can foot the bill for the oil tanks foot. It doesn't affect the tanks ability to give oil, so she and her inspector can bite the big one.

I'm not sure how my realtor will feel about that, but c'mon-I need some money to live on after!

I hated coming home to find things out of order. I know that I can't really think of this house as my own anymore, but being someone who generally knows where little things are, and how they are placed it bothers me to come home to things moved and not put back to where they were.

And for some reason, I hate that they put their garbage in my garbage pail.

Overall, I am happy with the inspection. I am surprised that there was absolutely nothing said about my basement after all the grief it's given me. Thank God it wasn't raining today!!!

Next task: Packing...I only have 5 boxes. This should be interesting.

Manic Monday: Frost

Monday's are MoMoLicious!
First off, I have to say:
Way to go RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, onto Frost:
Today would have been my Papa's birthday. He died in March of 1999 from Lung Cancer. It's weird to me that when I think of him, I remember him mostly in the spring or summer-not when there was frost on the ground. (Except for Christmas)
This weekend I felt a frost come over my entire body as I listened to my roofer tell me that it will cost another $1500 to fix the roof. When he stripped off the shingles and wood, he found yet another 2 LAYERS of shingles and MORE wood. It is illegal to do that in Connecticut. The guy I bought the house from is going to hear from my lawyers as soon as this sale is closed. (I'm gonna FROST his ass!) (I don't even know what that means)
I went to scout out the catering hall for my party in December. It's nice, but not as nice as my dad says it is. He's got this way of exaggerating the greatness of things so I should have known. When I tried putting my thermometer in the oven to test it's strength, the annoying old guy who manages the place kept opening the oven saying, "See, it's getting hot!" After 2 or 3 times of telling him "Let's just keep the oven door shut for a few minutes." I gave up.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, no frost in sight. Today is looking to be another stellar day and I'm loving the weather, but I do miss the slight chill in the air that we normally feel about now. I've made a plea to Old Man Winter to hold off on the snow until AFTER the 28th of November.
Today is the inspection of my house-pray that all goes well! I actually don't know why they scheduled it for now, considering the roof is torn apart. I guess the buyer just trusts that the roof will be done well. It will be, but if I were her, I would have waited...
Mr. Linky is not working for me today...So, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! :)

Let California Ring

I saw this over on Rick's blog, and I agree with him that this is a very well done commercial about a very prominent issue.

There is way too much hate in this world today people-loving another person (no matter what sex ((or color, or shape or size, for that matter)) should NEVER matter.)