Friday, October 12, 2007

Tequila Drinks

This is not a paid ad...

Yes, I just did a paid post about The Tequila Guy. Yes, I am writing about it again. Because the recipe link kicks ass. I am in the process of figuring out my bar for December's big catering gig. Of course, there will be classics: Wine & Beer (I was told "LOTS of this") but also tequila for margaritas and other alcohols for mixers. I am fairly certain that I will have 2 featured martini's as they are the "in" drink at the moment...I'm trying to get a good Christmasy flavored one, and then maybe like a Cosmo...we'll see.

Back to the point: There are TONS of cool drink recipes using tequila on this site. I particularly like the Matador: 2 oz. Tequila (how could it bad?) 1 oz. lime juice, 4 oz pineapple juice and ice. I am not kidding you when I tell you that my mouth is watering as I type the ingredients.

I was also drawn to Tequila Mockingbird-mainly because To Kill a Mockingbird is my most favorite book. I'm not sure I would like this drink though, because it's minty. But, I'm willing to try it out!

Shady Lady also sounds yummy. (Now that's something you don't often hear a straight girl say!) It's 1 oz Tequila, 1 oz Midori, 4 oz grapefruit juice, ice, lemon slice & a cherry...though, I wouldn't think that the cherry would come with this drink!

The point is-this site is pretty darned cool, and if you like mixing drinks or you entertain a lot-you should check it out.


Tequila is one of those drinks that people often warn you about. I know at least two people who have stories about tequila that involve waking up on a beach and not knowing how they got there. Unfortunately, these are also the people who no longer drink tequila.

My love of tequila began in college. My very first tequila shot is forever immortalized in pictures and when I look back at it, I smile. Part of my lure to this powerful liquor originally was the pride that I could handle it. But later, I grew to love its flavor.

Tequila reminds me of vacation, of kicking back and relaxing on a beach until I am sunburned and happy. Perhaps this is where my love of Mexico, Mexican food, and the Mexican people began. But tequila is much, much more than this, and many people have never tasted truly delicious and high quality tequilas.

The Tequila Guy is a highly informative site all about tequila! If you are like most people and don't know much about it, there is an "About Tequila" page. There are even links to recipes, chat rooms and news! This is truly the site you want to have bookmarked during this Tequila Renaissance. Don't get left behind-tequila is where it's at.

House for Sale!

Thank you all for your well wishes regarding my house. I've had lots of people:

A) Tell me they are curious about what my house looks like

B) Tell me to declutter and clean

While I know this is extremely accurate advice, I also don't think I have to worry about it. For the most part, I don't have clutter around and only had 1 spot in my house with personal pictures, and they have been removed. So, without further ado, here are some pics of my place. I do not yet have a picture of the new outside (painted & updated front deck) nor do I have a picture of my kitchen yet...Ching is coming over Monday to take some more...

Anyone need a house in CT? :)

Invest in the Best

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Working from home is a dream for many people today, especially for parents of small children. The cost of daycare is on the rise, and many parents are opting to leave their office jobs to stay at home. Of course, this leaves modern families with only one income, making it hard for them to make ends meet. Before Courtney Raymond Consultants, a mother's only options were Tupperware parties-but that is about to change.

Join the more than 5.4 million people who made the decision to work from home and call Courtney Raymond Consultants today.


As of last night, I officially have a realtor-you know him as Ching. Ching is of Asian persuasion but I did not make up his nickname-this is simply his last name, but fun, just the same...

Ching came by after work last night and when he walked in, he took off his shoes! Perhaps he grew up in South Windsor, I dunno-but it struck me as odd, but also very considerate. So Ching walks in and tells me that he had been in my house the last time it was on the market-prior to when I bought it-and he remembered it being all new inside.

This was a good sign. I have done many upgrades to my house and I think it is cute and clean and except for a few minor things, in move in condition. We took a tour of my tiny abode and then sat down to talk business.

First, Ching does not think I should paint the bathroom. My bathroom is a pretty shade of blue, but on the dark side. It's a large room, so I took a chance, and I really liked how it came out. He said that because I have all white (cabinets, sink, mirror, toilet and shower/curtain) it brightens it and makes it look modern. Good!

Then I told him about the basement. This is the area of my house that severely concerns me, even after he told me not to worry. He brushed it off as "just another basement" and told me there is no problem, just clean up the debris down there and it will be fine. Yay! I hope he is right.

Ching and I talked a bit about the market, and he showered me with graphs and numbers that explained trends, sale prices and days on the market...he then asked me how much I think I should put it up for.

I said $149,000.

He said, "I think you are very low"...then showed me more graphs.

After some talk about the roof (it's older and could use replacing) we decided to list my house for $159,900. If I replace the roof (which I am) he believes he can sell it for close to the sale price. If not, he thinks it will be more like $150,000. Either way, to be honest, I am very happy.

I paid $120,000.

If my house sells, I will be able to pay off this mortgage, my culinary school loan and all of my other debt minus my car payment and my Sallie Mae student loan. That would make life one hell of a lot easier on me, and also-could help me in my quest for a younger, hipper city. (Boston)

I asked Ching about the market and he, yet again, pulled out statistics. He showed me that the market in our area has dipped for homes in the $200K-$300K range, but for houses in my range (starter homes) they have remained the same.

Of course, this is great news.

So, this weekend I have someone coming to clean up my yard and haul away the debris, I am cleaning my basement and painting trim and doors. Loso will be by to give me a written quote on my roof, and within 2-3 weeks it will be started and finished.

Hopefully Ching and Loso can sell my house!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have had a handyman for about 2 months now and up until today, I had never seen his face. Loso always comes to my house during the day, finishes his job and leaves. I then come home, inspect it and put a check in my mailbox-which he picks up the next day. It's a very trusting relationship.

I spoke of voices in my earlier post today-and Loso has a very nice voice. He is polite and prompt and I always pictured him being tall and sturdy with light brown hair and green eyes.

Hey-he's a handyman-what girl wouldn't like a hot handyman? Puhlease!

So anyway, today Loso came to fix a leak in my roof and I was home. I was excited to be meeting him in person so I could put a face to the name, and the work. I was also, of course, hoping he was hot.

Well...Loso es not so hotto.

I wouldn't say he's an ugly kid-yes, he's young-which surprised me because he sounds a lot older. (Opposite of what Colette said about me-funny) He's just Nor is he the kind of person you could come to think is hot after knowing them for a while. He's short, and skinny and has a face that is scantily clad with little stubbly hairs. I don't even know what color his eyes are, but I can tell you that he keeps his hair VERY short-which leads me to believe perhaps he's balding prematurely.

I gotta tell ya-if Loso loses his hair, he's outta here! I don't need no scary baldy* on top of my roof! (Oh yeah, he's fixing the entire roof-but I'll tell you about that tomorrow)

So, alas, I do not have a hot handyman whom I can stare at while he sweats in the sun...but man, can he paint!

*No offense to anyone who is completely Mr. Clean bald. I may like you as a person, but the bald men kinda freak me out a bit...irrational, I know, but sadly, it is true...


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On Another Note...

For today's first post, click HERE. But here's a bonus post for ya, because I loves you baby!

Morgen has posted another lovely post about his trip...this time, it covers our trip to the beach. Stop by and say hi to him and take a look at the pictures of our fun's one of me being silly and showing off our Iggy's bag (which is filled with yummy fried goodness, of course!)

There is also a picture of someone wearing fairy's a must see. ;)

On another totally random note, we just had a fire drill at work. I haven't had a fire drill since my sophomore year in college-which is the last time I lived in a dorm. (That technically might not be true about it being the last one-but I may have dreamt that. I'll have to check.)

In any case, I was on the phone with the travel desk trying to book flights to Vienna for MONDAY...last minute overseas trips are hard to book. She had me on hold when the drill began. So I waited for as long as I could (someone came in and yelled at me) and hung up.

On the way out, I walked to the nearest exit like I'm supposed to and was stopped by a large handwritten sign that said:

This exit blocked by thick, heavy smoke!!

We are the kind of company that has security passes and a homeland security person on site-yet we have ghetto signs for our fire drills.

At least it stopped raining...

The Sound Of A Voice

My last boyfriend told me the very first time we spoke on the phone that voices were very important to him-as are laughs. (He also recently told me, incidentally, that if he didn't like my voice he wouldn't have talked to me more than a day!) Though many of you may find this extreme, I tend to agree with him. (No funny joke here-I agree with him a lot!)

But why am I talking about this today? Where did this random thought come from? Well, let me tell you...

Meeting Linda and Morgen made me realize just how much we all do not know about each other. Sure, we may know intimate details of each others lives and perhaps some of you have come to care about the bloggers you call friends. (If you are not a blogger-think about any online situation-especially online dating.) The thing is, there are a hundred things we do not-can not know until we are actually sitting side by side in the same room.

Through modern blogging technology, a lot of us have heard each other's voices for the first time. The first call I made to The Mo Show I had tons of emails saying how much people loved my laugh. Last week, one of my favorite readers Colette told me that I sounded different than she thought I would. (Thankfully she said I sound YOUNGER than she thought!)

I saw a one legged man the day I was picking Mo up from the train station. Now, it is not very common to see this anymore (better surgeries and prosthetics) and it took me aback-I suddenly got a bit nervous about whether or not Mo-or any of you for that matter-have physical characteristics that you have just not shared. Either way, it does not matter a hill of beans to me, it's just something that we could never know.

I've digressed a bit here, but the main reason I thought of this was that when Morgen was here this weekend, Zoe, my boy cat with a girl name, sat with Mo more than me! Perhaps it's a boy thing, or simply that he was a different person and Zoe knows I'd still be here when Mo left. But whatever the reason-Zoe hearts Mo.

And last night, while I was listening to The Mo Show, Zoe was meowing like mad! He walked into Mo's room and back in to me-utterly confused at why he could hear his new friend but not see him! This strange call from within my ZoZo amazed me-showed me that the human voice is so important in relationships-even if the relationship involves a four legged friend.

Most of you have heard Morgen's voice because of his show, The Mo Show, so you know that he has a nice calming voice and a wonderful laugh. But if he sounded like a jagged hag, I'm sure that Zoe would not have talked to him for more than a day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

These Are The Moments...

I thank God that I'm alive, These are the moments
I'll remember all my life

~Thank you

Celebrity Makeover

Every woman I know has wanted to look like someone else at least once in her life. Whether it is a friend or family member, or a celebrity, they have mimicked fashions, makeup and hairstyles. Every girl would, at some point, like a celebrity hairstyle-but without the work!

I recently had a FREE Virtual Makeover. Signing up was easy and playing was fun! Take a look at one of the looks I tried on:

Rachel McAdams

Getting my celebrity makeover was a piece of cake! I simply uploaded my photo, modified the alignment by moving a few dots they provided and voila! I was ready to play with makeup, hairstyles, hair color and even accessories. I was very impressed with the overall accuracy of the placement of makeup and hair-especially on my lips! Typically, makeover software is just a tad bit off making you look more like a clown than a sexy diva!

Because it is so easy to use, I played around a bit more than I should admit! At first, I changed my hair style, but left the color brown, like I wear it naturally. I added lipgloss and eye shadow that I would never have the guts to wear in real life, just to see what it looked like. Thank goodness for this program, because I instantly saw how horrible it looked!

The last change I made was to my hair color-being someone who has always had very dark hair, I chose to go blonde. Upon changing the color, I noticed that if I looked quickly, I looked like my little sister, Flipper. So, just for fun, I modified my style like hers, and this is what I came up with:

If you squint really hard, it kind of looks like her, right? Well, at least I can leave the blonde hair to her thanks to my virtual makeover. Stop by and check out the Makeover Gallery today!


With offline donations, I only need $110 to make it!

Ok, everyone...the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk is THIS SUNDAY and I have not yet hit my $1000 goal. I am SO SO close...please help me reach that goal...if you have not yet donated, click the button at the top of the page (or in the sidebar). If you already donated, thank you!


A Thirst Like None Before

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It wasn’t until 2am that I fell into bed, barely managing to pull off my black high-heeled boots. The jeans, dark blue with long slimming lines, could stay on. I had already peeled off my blouse in haste when I walked in the door-the way only a single girl who’s had too much wine could do.

It lay on the floor in a heap.

My sheets felt cool on my skin and I sunk down into the comfort of the only thing I knew was still mine-my dreams. They were fitful that night though and I tossed and turned, spinning sheets around my body, mummifying myself, preserving my restlessness to perfection. That night seemed to last forever.

As dawn approached I woke with a start, grasping my throat in pain. Never before had I felt such an urgent, calling need for water. I tried to swallow, but my mouth was so dry that I couldn’t even will my throat to go through the motions.

Realizing that I had on only my jeans, I stripped them off and tossed them aside as I ran into the kitchen. Naked, cold and thirty, I filled and emptied my glass three times before my mouth was once again moist.

Awake now, I made my way into the bathroom, knowing that 3 glasses of water would soon call me there anyway. Without thinking, I flipped on the light on the way in. Its piercing white rays blinded me, making me stumble and trip on the bathroom rug. Allowing myself a minute to adjust, I sighed deeply and stretched my legs, readying them for their task of getting me off of the floor. Using the sink for balance, I steadied myself as I stood.

Unable to shake the strange sleepless night and the intensity of my thirst, I splashed cool water on my face and neck. Reaching for the towel, I glanced in the mirror. What I saw in its reflection would forever change my life.

What do you think “I” saw?

*Update*I'm sorry, I should have told you that there is no right answer...I haven't finished it on purpose-I am curious what your brains make up.*

Wordless Wednesday:Strut Your Stuff

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monopoly Money

Today I contacted a realtor. Well, that's not true, he contacted me because a friend of mine works for a local real estate company and recommended him...but these are mere technicalities.

Ching, as I will now call him, will be stopping by on Thursday evening to take a look at my house so that we can come up with a game plan. Hopefully, he'll be as successful as he has recently been in my area. The last house he sold was only on the market for 4 days-and this was just a few blocks away from me.

Cross your fingers y'all (I've been hanging out with Bee and Tisha too long!!), I need this house to sell! I am sure that most of you are wondering what my plans are if I'm able to get out of this house-to be honest, I don't 100% know. I would like to move to Boston for its notable restaurant scene, it's culture, ambiance and abundance of young single people. But being faced with this in reality now (what if my house DOES sell in 4 days?!?) I know that it will take a bit more planning.

My guess is that if my house sells by the end of the year, I will look for a 6 month lease in an apartment around here and begin a real search for a job, location and all of that jazz...

But first things first-let's get this house sold Ching!

Things I will be doing between now and Thursday:
1. Painting a ceiling
2. Dusting
3. Closet Clean up
4. Painting trim on the windows in my living room
5. Possibly painting doors

This weekend I will:
1. Clean my basement (ICK!)
2. Possibly paint my bathroom if Ching thinks I should
3. Yard work
4. Clean my gutters
5. Clean the siding
6. Replace carpet on stairs to my basement

I need a cheap handyman.

Toosdae ?'s

It's Toosdae again and you all know what that means! It means that my fun weekend with Linda and Morgen is over and I'm a bit sad today. 8( Plus, I'm having the worlds worst morning! Can you please cheer me up? Answer my questions, k? Pwease?

1. Would you rather browse through a bookstore or a music store? New or Used?

2. What would your most perfect breakfast be? Would you make it, or would it be made for you?
3. What family member do you take after the most? Does anyone take after you?

1. I think this is a rather obvious answer to those of you who know me well-a bookstore, hands down, and defiantly new. I know that used books are hugely popular, and perhaps someday I'll concede, but for now, I'm selfish and love the smell of a new book and the crack it makes when I'm the first to open one.

2. My most perfect breakfast would be one that is made for me, believe it or not, by someone who genuinely cares about me and wants me to smile. It would for sure involve creamy coffee, orange juice, perhaps some lemon cake (I'll share the recipe soon) and a bacon and cheese omelet. Rye toast would really be killer too...and if I can be in my pj's, that would really be over the top!

3. I don't think I really take after a lot of people in my family at all. I've always been kind of the one who does things first, I think...but if I had to pick someone, I would say my Aunt Sue, who is my most favorite Aunt of all time. In terms of people taking after me, I think that both of my younger sisters display some of my silliness and also quirks-and Rye Bread is following right along!

Monday, October 08, 2007

2 Words: Empty House

*sigh* My fun weekend is over and I again have an empty house as I just brought Mo home from the AmTRAK station. I had such a wonderful time with Linda and Mo this weekend, that I really don't even know where to begin...Meeting Morgen was of course the highlight of the weekend-and adding Linda (who I've met twice before) just made it that much sweeter.

Friday afternoon Linda arrived and we drove up to Springfield, MA to pick Mo up at the train station. Immediately, it felt like we'd all been friends forever, and I for one, did not feel any of those awkward "I just met this person" moments. We came back to my house for a dinner of appetizers and laughter. On the menu: My famous Artichoke Dip (NOT asparagus, thankyouverymuch!), cheese and crackers, crab Rangoon and spanakopita. For dessert I tried a new recipe for Maple Creme Brulee, and seeing the two of them scarf it down, I knew it was a hit. We all stayed up for hours just chatting and laughing until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer, and retired for the evening.

Saturday morning I made a breakfast of fresh Lemon Cake, Herbed Shirred Eggs and toast. Again, my heart leap with joy as both Linda and Mo expressed their approval. Cooking for my friends and family, as you all know, is one of my greatest joys in life, and being able to do so for these two special people was really a treat for me.

Our day was then spent in Essex CT, a small town near where I grew up known for being quaint and pretty. Afterwards, we took the ferry to Gillette Castle and took a very amusing TOUR, as we LEARNED alot about the ACTOR. Check out Linda's detailed and amusing account of our day by clicking HERE. (You'll understand the CAPITOLS if you read her) Speaking of capitols, on the way home we stopped in CT's capitol city and looked around the intricate capitol building, while Linda told us all about it as she recently took the tour.

I am sorry to report that I do not have gossip about these 2 lovely bloggers-as I know some of you were looking for dirt. What I can tell you about Linda, is that she is extremely funny and very smart-she seems to know everything about everything-and not in an annoying know-it-all kind of way.

After our long day, we headed home for dinner-which I was psyched about. I made Beef Wellies, mashed potatoes, garlic string beans and a madiera sauce. For dessert I had apple pie and bread pudding-neither of which came out to my liking, but I was assured that they were good.

Linda had to work the next day, and so she left Mo and I that night to head home. Sunday Mo and I went up to Rhode Island to Scarborough Beach and walked along the water watching little scuttle birds run from the waves and wind surfers do amazing tricks. Next, we ate at Iggy's Doughboys Clam Shack and moved onto the Point Judith Lighthouse where we learned that someone in the Coast Guard owed another guy $20. (I am sure that in a couple of days, Mo will have pictures if you'd like to stop by.)

Mo & I then made our way to Linda's house where we met the lovely and talented Amanda. She is a doll and just as funny as Linda is. I know she is going to hate this, but she's so cute!!! I loved her instantly. Linda, Mo and I headed to Mohegan Sun Casino for the penny tour (ha, ha, ha-pennies!) and a concert. We saw America, who honestly, I had no idea who they were until they started playing and then I recognized some of their songs.

Our night ended and Mo & I again left Linda to head home. We went to bed immediately after our long day and slept in late...

Now MoMo is on the train, and I again have an empty house...

There is no gossip about Mo either guys, I'm sorry. He's just as sweet and cute in real life and he is who he is on his blog-except in person it's ten times better because you're with him!

The only picture I have of this weekend is one I just stole off of Linda's site-this is Mo and I last night at the casino...

Mo promised me that I will get more pictures when he gets home-so I'll share them when I get them. Now, I am happy to have had a wonderful weekend, but sad that it is over...